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Fertility Vitamins and Minerals

Did you know that taking fertility vitamins and minerals can double or even triple your chances of conceiving?

Many couples who are trying to conceive do not know that the lack of important "fertility vitamins" can decrease fertility and make it harder to achieve conception.

If you are having difficulty conceiving, discover which important fertility vitamins and minerals you should be supplement your diet in order to increase your fertility and achieve healthy conception. Please note that fertility vitamins and minerals are very important during the pre-conception period, but taking them should not replace healthy eating habits.

Here is a listing of the most essential fertility vitamins and minerals man and women need to take on a daily basis to increase fertility and have a healthy reproductive system:

Learn Which Fertility Vitamins And Minerals Increase Fertility

Vitamins and Minerals



Folic acid









Flaxseed oil



Vitamin B6

up to 50mg

up to 50mg

Vitamin B12

up to 50mcg

up to 50mcg

Vitamin E



Vitamin C



Vitamin A





















Vitamin D








500 mg

Fertility Supplements Enhance Fertility in Men and Women

Learning more about the benefits of each individual vitamin for fertility in women and in men is a way to understand why vitamins can help you increase your fertility. Don't forget to make sure your diet is also rich in them.

Folic acid: leafy green vegetables, whole grain cereals, yeast extract.

Zinc: meats, seafood, whole grains, dairy products.

Selenium: meat, fish, nuts, wholemeal flowers.

Vitamin B6: fruits, vegetables, lentils, meat, fish

Vitamin B12: meat, fish, eggs, dairy, seaweeds.

Vitamin E: wholegrain cereals, brown rice, wheat germ, oats, quinoa, almonds, sunflower oil and seeds.

Vitamin C: berries, oranges, apples, papaya, lemons, broccoli, cauliflowers, kale, Brussels sprouts.

Vitamin A: egg yolk, butter, milk, fish oils.

Beta-carotene: red, orange, green vegetables, carrots.

Fatty Acids: salmon, sardines, linseeds, flaxseed oil, olive oil, walnuts, and almonds.

Iron: red meat, liver, eggs, spinach, dried figs, black strap molasses, beats.

Iodine: seafood, sea vegetables.

Vitamin D: sun light, oily fish, cod liver oil, eggs.

Calcium: milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, wholegrains, legumes, leafy greens, sea vegetables.

Fertility Vitamins for Men and Women

When choosing your fertility vitamins, make sure you get one that is specifically designed to increase fertility in men and women. I recommend learning more about fertility vitamins and minerals from Fairhaven Health Fertility Products because they are all natural and doctor designed. These are high quality fertility vitamins that can help increase male and female fertility in a fairly short period of time as they address important mineral and vitamin deficiencies related to infertility.

These formulas are all-natural and include both scientifically validated herbal ingredients and essential vitamins. Their synergistic action has been designed to promote reproductive wellness, support fertility and optimize your chances of conception.

Other Important Supplements For Fertility

Your fertility vitamins and minerals can be taken in conjunction with other supplements like:

Fertility Vitamins And Minerals In Fertility Tea

Designed by Amos Grunebaum, MD, an internationally recognized fertility expert, Fertility tea is the only herbal tea that offers a complete spectrum of fertility-enhancing ingredients, like chasteberry (vitex) and red raspberry leaf which have been shown to aid in conception and be safe.

This conception tea offers a comprehensive blend of organic and wildcrafted herbs that are both safe and effective for women to support healthy conception. It is also important to notice that fertility herbal teas also provide important fertility vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, etc.

Fertility Vitamins And Minerals For Fertile Mucus

When you are trying to conceive it is important to have lots of healthy fertile cervical mucus to support sperm during conception and ensure that fertilization of the egg takes place.

Fertile mucus keeps the acidic environment of the vagina alkaline similar to that of the spermatic fluids. If male sperm can stay alive longer, your chances of conceiving increase. In order to make cervical mucus your body needs Vitamin C, L-Arginine, and calcium.

FertileCM is a supplement that was specifically designed for women who have poor cervical mucus. It increases the amount of fertile mucus that keeps the sperm healthy longer. It also supports implantation preventing miscarriages.

By increasing vascular blood flow to the uterus, FertileCM has been shown increase endometrial secretions and help strengthen the uterine lining for implantation of a fertilized egg.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil also helps the body to regulate fertile quality cervical mucus production. In addition to the omega-6 fatty acid GLA, this supplement also contains Vitamin E and the antioxidant selenium.


CoQ10 is short for CoenzymeQ10. This compound is a not per se a vitamin, but it has been recommended for infertility because it has vitamin-like qualities. It is an excellent anti-oxidant and it can be used to boost both male and female fertility.

The major studies on CoQ10 and fertility have been done on egg quality and sperm health.


Maca is another excellent nutrient that can be used by both men and women to enhance fertility and treat hormonal imbalances.

Studies in men have shown how maca, when taken consistently for a period of four months, resulted in significant increases in sperm count and motility. Studies in animals have shown how Maca has the ability to stimulate the production of sperm. Man can also use Maca to increase libido.

In women, Mace is used to support hormonal balance, even if Maca does not contain hormones. Maca supports the entire endocrine system and helps balance the ratio between estrogen and progesterone helping increasing progesterone levels if estrogen dominance is an issue. Maca, also helps decrease symptoms of premature menopause is women under 35.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a known tonic for men, women and children. In couples who are trying to conceive, Royal Jelly can really help to promote hormonal balance, stimulate immunological function, treat mineral and vitamin deficiency leading to poor sperm and egg quality.

Many Blessings!

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