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Fibroids and Blocked Tubes

How come my uterus tends to grow bigger just before my periods?(about 18 weeks on palpation), then after my periods its not even palpable. Can I still get pregnant naturally with both my tubes blocked? Can self fertility massage help unblocking them? I had myomectomy in 2006 but think the fibroids are back. What is the best herb to take? Is there any hope for me?


Getting pregnant with both Fallopian tubes blocked is very difficult, but there are ways to unlock them using natural techniques like self fertility massage Castor oil therapy.

The changes in your uterus are most likely related to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, often related to estrogen dominance, where higher levels of estrogen are present with lower levels of progesterone.

Fibroids grow under certain conditions related to your diet and your life style. Maintaining the health of your uterus is so important when preparing to conceive.

The UterineWise Kit can help support a healthy uterus while suffering from fibroids. It is very important that you avoid substances containing xenoestogens and avoid eating commercially grown animal products during the first half of you menstrual cycle because they contain synthetic estrogen.

Avoid cooking you food in microwave ovens especially avoid warming your food in a microwave within a plastic container. Do not drink or eat from plastic. Avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners, additives and MSG in food.

Usually a fertility cleanse is beneficial in assisting the liver to eliminate effectively these xenoestogen. We are all subjected to their action, men included.

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Blocked Tubes, Endometriosis, Fibroids and 9 Failed IVF
by: Shervin

I am 37 years old woman I got married 8 years ago and I have infertility problems with blocked tubes because of endomethriosis.

The endometriosis is located especial in my right ovary I had cysy of it that the doctor took out. I also have low ovarian reserves and my ovaries don't have good quality eggs and fibroids.

I had 9 times IVF, one was successful (7 th times) but the embryo heart did not beat although my HCG titer was 604 and I had miscarriage.

My husband faced low motilty sperm problems. Our doctor gave him clomiphen for 6 month then letrozole and his problem solved while using these medicines.

Now after 9th times I get upset and exausted and my fibroids get bigger due to IVF hormone shots and as they are submocous my doctor want to remove them within next days and Now I use letrozole 25, so please advise me is there any way for except IVF to get pregnant with homoe pathy treatment.


Hi Shervin,

Your situation is complicated because your tubes are blocked. If your tubes remain blocked you will not be able to conceive naturally. The first step is to help our body eliminate excess estrogen that stimulate fibrids and endometriosis growth and then help your fallopina tubes to unblock.

If the fibrids are too large, removal may be necessary. Your doctor should be able to evaluate your situation and advice you on yor best choice.

If you decide to remove your fibroids, consider that they may come back if you do not remove the condition that initiate everything: estrogen dominance.

There are no garantees that a natural approach will help you get pregnant naturally, but it can help your situation in such a way that you can have a successful IVF and carry a baby term.

Because you had already 9 Unsuccessful IVF, your body is probably overhealmed by all the amount of medication you have been given. The best way is to follow a fertility detox for at least 2-3 month while doing the FallopianWise kit protocol to help hopefully unblock your tubes and balance your hormones.

To improve the quality of your eggs I would recommend the OvaWise Kit protocol. This kit contains all the fertility foods and herbal remedies your bdy needs to make healthy eggs once again.

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

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