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Fimbrial Contrast Loculation


I am 37 and TTC for 8yrs and HSG showed fimbrial contrast loculation with spillage. Please explain in a layman term for me.


An HSG is done to determine if the fallopian tubes are open (patent). In this case, the X-ray will show “spillage” showing that the dye can go through out of the fallopian tubes and spills into the pelvic cavity.
If there x-ray shows no spillage, the fallopian tube can be obstructed. In some cases though, the fallopian tubes can spasm as a result of the dye causing irritation. This can be a false positive, in which the fallopian tubes are opened by there is no spillage. In this case the test needs to be repeated.

Loculation of the fallopian tubes can mean that there are adhesions causing the fallopian tube to dilate as the dye forms like puddle. In this case the HSG can suggest the presence of peritubal adhesions when loculation of spill is noted.
When the egg is released by the ovary it is captured fimbriae of the fallopian tubes.

Adhesion formation in this area can make this more difficult, but not impossible. Conception can theoretically still occur depending in the case.

Adhesions are scars present on the outer surface of the fallopian tubes. These adhesions can also twist the fallopian tubes casing infertility.
Please note that the HSG can only indicate a potential problem. In most cases there is not real issue. Talk to your doctor about your specific diagnosis.

There is no conventional treatment for adhesions of the fallopian tubes cause by pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), chlamydia infections, endometriosis and pelvic toxicity.

Natural health offers a number of therapies that can help decrease scar tissue and help heal peritubal adhesions.

Learn more about a natural approach to blocked tubes.

Fertility Blessings!

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Patent of the Tubes
by: Anonymous

GOOD DAY madam, thanks for being there. Please, I have been trying to conceive for the past 11 months, am 28+ and my hubby is 34. Out of curiosity to ascertain the cause of this prolong delay and the discovery of free fluid in my pouch of Douglas, I decided to undergo a laparoscopy but no fluid was found when its performed, my gynaecologist said the fluid must have been follicular fluid due to ovulation then, however he suggested after the laparoscopy that I should go and do HSG (because he couldn’t pass a dye through the tubes during the laparoscopy, I don’t know what that means though) for the patency of the tubes. But am so scared to go through that again because of the very painful nature of the HSG as confirmed and a radiographer said he should have advised for HSG first before making me go through laparoscopy. At this point, I'm confused on the steps to take again, please advice. Thank you.

Reply To Patent of the Tubes


From your descriptions it seems like the doctor could not determine that the tubes was open during laparoscopy, so to make sure he has recommended doing a HSG. Your doctor must have had a good reason to recommend the laparoscopy before the HSG, you need to ask him. What was the result of that? Did they find any endometriosis? If the only thing that needs to be checked is if your tubes are open and no fluid was found, you are probably fine after that.

If you are concerned about doing a HSG talk to your doctor and ask if it is really necessary. Also, ask your doctor to clearly explain what the laparoscopy surgery revealed about your reproductive organs. For example, ask if they found endometriosis and if the shape and structure of the fallopian tubes is normal

In the meantime the FallopianWise Kit can be used as preventive measure to support the health of your fallopian tubes. If your doctor will allow you to wait 4 months before doing the HSG, you could do this natural treatment first to increase your chances of having clear fallopian tubes net time they check with the HSG.

Fertility Blessings!

loculation of fimbrae
by: Tinu

I was married for a year now but did not get pregnant. the doctor advised me to go for hsg scan and he found out t hat my fimbrae is loculized in both side. Please advise me, what is the best way for me to get pregnant. He said ivf.



Most doctors recommend IVF because they are not aware or did not believe alterative methods work. It is up to you to decide what you want to do.
If you feel that you want to give natural health a try before resorting to IVF, I would recommend learning more about the The FallopianWise Kit, which was designed to help the health of the fallopian tubes. The best way to use this kit is to do a fertility cleanse and use the kit for 3-4 months before having another test.
The results depend on what is the cause of the blockage.

Many Blessings!

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