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Folicle Is Not Getting Rupture

by Saniya

I have done two follicle studies, but follicle is not getting rupture, but it keeps getting larger. What is the reason please suggest.

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Follicles Not Rupture
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

In most cases non rupturing follicles are related to hormonal imbalance, wrong food choices, stress and lack of certain vitamins and minerals. Talk to your doctor about a complete fertility check up and ask explanations that concern your case. Your doctor should be able to tell you which hormones are out of balance in your specific case simply by looking at the test results.

In general non rupturing follicles and due to the formation of smaller follicles, functional ovarian cysts and polycystic ovaries. All these condition can be transient and are easily treatable using alternative medicine.

If the follicle/s do not rupture they may continue to grow and become cystic. A cyst may form and if too large, surgery may be necessary. I am sure your doctor will explain all this.

You do not want to attempt pregnancy with this cycle, wait until your period comes. Before trying to conceive, your doctor your perform an ultrasound that confirms that everything is fine.

I would recommend getting the Ovarian Cyst Book to find out what important things you can do naturally.

Fertility Blessings!

Follicle not rupturing
by: Anonymous

That was informative. I too suffer same condition. Been doing follicular study for 5 cycles now. I would like to know if weight loss can help in increasing hcg levels.


Weight loss may help the body overall ability to maintain hormonal regulation.

Following the PCOS diet and doing fertility yoga are ways to help maintain the hormones in balance.

Doing a fertility cleanse is always a great way to help the body lose weight and eliminate toxins that affect the hormones.

If you suffer from ovarian cyst, the OvariaWise Fertility Kit is another way to support your body.

All the best!

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