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Follicle & Egg size less 07mm

by Rajeev Singh

My wife eggs size is 07mm max after more than two years of treatment.

Dr. says that size is not increasing.
How can she get pregnancy?


Hi Raieev,

It is clear that your wife's ovaries are no longer responding to stimulation with medical drugs. She is either suffering from polycystic ovary or follicle depletion.

A normal ovary will contain a number of follicle at different stage of maturation. At ovulation, the dominant follicle should reach 18mm in diamete, when it is about ready for ovulation.

It is possible to improve follicles size and egg quality through natural therapies, like homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine. It is important to consult with a qualified professional that specializes in alternative medicine to obtain an accurate analysis of your wife's health and specific situation.

He or she will ask important questions regarding her menstrual cycle, diet, life style, emotional well-being, etc.

The most important aspect of boosting fertility naturally is to eliminate toxins causing hormonal imbalance. When the follicles remain small, the eggs cannot mature and be released during ovulation. This can lead to policystic ovaries, anovulatory cycles, delayed ovulation, irregular cycles, and short luteal phase preventing pregnancy.

I would recommend reading this article about how doing a fertility cleanse helps release excess estrogen and toxins from previous drug treatment.

In order for the ovary to begin producing healthy eggs, it is vital to follow a fertility diet rich in foods that stimulate ovulation like Maca, Royal Jelly CoQ10, etc.

This article clearly explains how to improve ovarian response naturally.

Fertility Blessings!

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