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Getting Pregnancy After Tubal Pregnancy

by Roli Singh
(Sitapur, U.P., India)

Will I be able to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy after removal of left ovary, ovarian cyst and right tube opening (for removal of right tubal pregnancy)?


Hi Roli,

Yes, you can conceive naturally if you have a working right ovary and a working left tube.

Provided that you are ovulating regularly and that your tube is clear and not blocked, you can get pregnant. The body has the ability to adjust to the missing organs and facilitate pregnancy.

After suffering from a tubal pregnancy, consider that it will take at least 3-4 months for your body to heal completely.

The following protocol can help women heal from tubal pregnancy:

Month 1: Fertility Cleanse Kit
Month 2 and 3: FallopianWise Kit

The fertility cleanse helps your body eliminate any debris in the uterus and stagnant blood left over from your previous pregnancy and also helps cleanse your liver and balance your hormones.

This gives a new kick start to your mentrual cycle to begin ovulating regulalry once again.

The FallopianWise kit contains herbal remedies as part of a protocl that used different self-help techniques you can do at home to help decrease scar tissue (often the cause of tubal pregnancy).

These therapies are self-fertility massage and castor oil packs. When done together massage and castor oil helps eliminate and reduce scar tissue in the internal organs like fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus.

After surgery, the possibility of scar and fibrous tissue formation is always possible. Using these natural therapies will help heal your reproductive organs faster and prevent inflammation to occur.

The FallopianWise kit, when done before getting pregnant for least 3 months helps you make sure you remaining tube is clear before conception. This will prevent having another tubal pregnancy.

You can find more information on this protocol here.

Make sure to have a very healthy diet, eat food that support ovulation like anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables, maca, bee pollen, royal jelly and avoid foods that increase acidity in the body and mucus production like dairy, soy, wheat and hydrogenated foods. Do not eat fast foods.

Many Blessings!

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