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Getting Pregnant After 40 With Homeopathy

by Karen
(South Africa)

I have an unexplained infertility. Tried Fertility treatments which failed, now I prepared to try Homeopathic treatments? Please advice which treatment would be applicable to me.

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Homeopathic Treatment To Get Pregnant
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Homeopathic medicine is very effective in treating unexplained infertility because it addresses not only the physical, but also the mental symptoms.

The reason for unexplained infertility can be many. These are the ones that I have identified happening most often:

1. High toxic overload.
2. Emotional trauma that has been suppressed related to sexual abuse.
3. Pelvic infections related to Chlamydia and Candida.
4. Bad timing of intercourse.

I will go over all of the above briefly to give you an understanding on how using different homeopathic techniques can help address unexplained infertility. Each woman is different and each woman needs individualized treatment. Your homeopath will use a similar or different approach depending on your case.

The homeopathic fertility program can be very effective in treating unexplained infertility. Not all homeopaths use this approach, but I found it helpful in most cases especially when no real cause of infertility can be identified.

1. Detox

A fertility detox can be accomplished either by using herbal remedies or low potency homeopathic remedies. The aim is to support the liver, kidneys and uterus to release toxins that can affect ovulation, embryo implantation and embryo development.

2. Emotional trauma

Emotional trauma is a very important, but often untreated cause of unexplained infertility. If a woman had any form of emotional trauma, it cannot be left untreated because mental trauma has serious effects on a woman's health. A classical homeopathic approach or Bach Flower remedies can assist these type of cases.

3. Pelvic Infections

Pelvic infection and inflammation are the leading causes of unexplained infertility. Homeopathic remedies can be specifically selected for this. For example Syphilinum, Sepia, Medorrhimun, Thuja, or Borax can help. Of course other remedies can also be used depending on each case.
Your homeopath will be able to detect what remedy you may need based on your medical and family history.

4. Bad timing

This one has nothing to do with homeopathy, but many women who seek homeopathic care for infertility are also shown how to chart their cycle and when to have sex in order to conceive. Most of the time, they discover that they did it wrong all this time, even when using ovulation predictor kits. Homeopathic treatment should always be associated with fertility coaching and education. This also helps detect hormonal problems that do not show up on medical tests and other menstrual cycle imbalances most conventional medical doctor miss.

If you are not charting your cycle you should start now, download my FREE Guide To Fertility Charting And Natural Conception.

Fertility Blessings!

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