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Getting Pregnant After Failed IVF

by Neeta
(Calcutta, India)


I have few questions to ask....Please help

1)My Age is 37 Female

2)My problem is that I am not producing good number of eggs (at the most 3 - 4) which are also of low quality. I have gone through IVF with my own eggs but was not successful. My husbands Sperm is good.

3) Recently last month I have gone through Donor Egg IVF, but again it has failed.

Please guide as to what remedy should I take. Will herbal medicines help.

Looking forward to a solution




Hi Neeta,

I would recommend the Improve Egg Health Kit.

This should be taken for at least 2-3 months to make sure egg quality is optimal.

I would also recommend doing the fertility cleanse for at least one month before doing the Improve Egg Health Kit.

The fertility cleanse is great in detoxing your uterus and your liver to ensure healthy hormonal balance, toxin elimination for healthy ovulation and implantation.

If your husband's sperm is good and you can conceive naturally these kits will help you prepare for a healthy conception and pregnancy. If you have to go through IVF, it will ensure that the eggs will be healthier and that implantation will be successful.

Another natural technique that will also help you increase your chances of conception is Self-fertility massage with castor oil therapy. This DVD teaches you how to perform self-fertility massage at home and how to stimulate fertility through acupressure points and reflexology.

It is designed to help increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs and stimulate oxygen-rich blood to reach the ovaries in order to support the body in making healthy follicles and eggs.

When done in conjunction with the Improve Egg Health Kit, it helps increase blood flow to the ovaries and this blood rich of essential nutrients (from taking the herbs and supplements) will reach the ovarian tissue nourishing the production of healthier eggs.

To summarize:

1st month Fertility Cleanse.

2nd month Improve Egg Health + Self-fertility massage DVD

3rd month month Improve Egg Health + Self-fertility massage DVD

4th and beyond continue until pregnancy is achieved or until IVF starts.

NOTE:Do not take any herbal remedies while on fertility treatment.

Let me know how you do.

Fertility Blessings!

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by: Kathy

Hi Maria,

I have a similar problem. I was supposed to go through IVF but it failed due to poor egg quality.

Can you try to conceive while on this program or do one have to wait until after the 4 months?

Also, how would I know it is working?


TTC After Failed IVF
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Kathy,

While on the fertility cleanse, you should not try to conceive, but you can while following the Improve Egg Health program. It will take 3-4 months for egg quality to improve. If your recommends any testing wait until the 4 months, but you can try to conceive naturally if you want to.

It is also OK to do self fertility massage while trying to conceive. If you chose to do castor oil packs do them only up until ovulation, as the heat is not suitable during pregnancy. Studies have shown that high heat from saunas and hot tubs can damage the embryo.

The best way to know if this is working is by using a fertility monitor like Ovacue.

This monitor will tell you when you are about to ovulate 7 days in advance because it measures the estrogen surge that correlates with your saliva electrolytes changes 7 days before ovulation when the dominant follicle releases high levels of estrogen in the blood stream indication a mature egg is on its way (this is such an important news for most women with poor ovarian reserves or who have PCOS).

Ovacue is useful for those who have been diagnosed with poor ovarian function as it will definitely tells you if you ovulated each single month. It also helps you determine when to stop doing castor oil packs as you are ovulating.

After doing the fertility cleanse and beginning improving the health of your eggs with the Improve Egg Health Kit, you will notice a more regular ovulation cycle with a positive peak fertility day bu using Ovacue.

How To Use Ovacue
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Look for the dark blue days!

About a week before ovulation occurs, Ovacue will identify a Cue Peak. This advance
notice of ovulation will give you the best possible chance of conception. Once the Cue Peak is detected, the calendar will give you possible fertility to high fertility days with light to dark blue colors.

Look for the pink day!

When the vaginal sensor is used, Ovacue tracks changes in the electrolyte levels in the cervical mucus, which allows the monitor to detect the switch from estrogen to progesterone dominance that accompanies ovulation. When this shift occurs, you will see a sharp increase in the vaginal readings. This is identified as pink day or ovulation.

If you decide to get Ovacue, make sure to get the vaginal sensor as well because this is what you will need to confirm ovulation.

The Ovacue fertility monitor and the vaginal sensor are commonly sold separately, but I do recommend to use both. Most women who chose not to get both, eventually decide to add the vaginal sensor as it really helps in confirming ovulation. I strongly recommend this for anyone who is not sure if they are ovulating or taking fertility drugs or supplements to stimulate ovulation. This is an excellent way to know if the treatment is working.

I believe you can get the entire bundle here.

Fertility blessings!

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