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Getting Pregnant After One Ovary Removal

by Jillian
(Maysville, GA USA)

I just had surgery five days ago, removing my right ovary. Am I producing any eggs and can I get pregnant now like tomorrow?


Hi Jillian ,

The answer to your question is yes! You can potentially get pregnant as long as your other ovary is working fine.

One ovary is sufficient for the production of hormones. Women who must have one ovary removed, will experience no changes in their menstrual cycle and women with one ovary continue to ovulate monthly and can conceive a child.

Please, do consult with your doctor before deciding to get pregnant and ask if there are any risks or complications related to your particular situation. Also, ask your doctor about the recovery time for this type of surgery. I believe that 2-4 weeks is required.

I would recommend considering to take a couple of cycles to heal and get stronger in order to be able to get pregnant again faster.

The trauma of a surgery like this may cause your body to need some time to recuperate. Please, honor this time if you feel that you need to.

The only issue I would be concerned about is scar tissue and adhesions as a result of this surgery.

This can be healed naturally with enzymatic therapy
like WobenzymN and homeopathic remedies like thiosinaminum 6CH (taken 3 times a day for 4 months).

If you have any pain and bruising from the surgery arnica montana 200CH homeopathic remedy and bellis perennis 200 CH (taken 3-5 times a day for a week ) can help reduce pain, swelling and the bruising of surgery.

These remedies also stimulate the natural healing process of your body and help you feel better soon.

You can find homeopathic remedies at your local health food store or homeopathic pharmacy or online.

Since you have only one ovary left, it's important produce healthy eggs as your ovary will be working twice as hard to reach the level of hormone required to run your cycle. Also, it is possible to experience irregular periods after ovary removal surgery until balance is reach once again.

I would recommend the Improve Egg Health Kit.

This kit is designed to help increase the health of your eggs in preparation for conception. It provides your body with vitamins, minerals, herbsm amino acids, fertility foods, and nutrients to help your ovary make health eggs. It also supports hormonal production and balance, while providing critical antioxidants to help protect your eggs from free radical damage so they will have the best chance for fertilization.

Fertility Blessings!

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