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Getting Pregnant After Recurrent Miscarriages

by Tahira Amjad

My first pregnancy of 2 months resulted in miscarriage, then God gave me a cute baby girl. After one year I had an early miscarriage of six weeks. Now after 3 months I am again trying to be pregnant but with no positive results. I am much worried.

Another thing is that I cannot conceive in natural ways. I always take medicine for getting pregnant. Please, guide me for natural and healthy pregnancy.

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Sep 17, 2011
Natural Treatment For Early Miscarriage
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

My first advice is to follow a fertility detox. Read my article on how to do a fertility cleanse to help the body prepare for healthy conception.

Also, it would be very useful to chart your cycle. This will help determine when you ovulate. Download my FREE Guide to Fertility Charting And Natural Conception.

Having early miscarriages often relates to low progesterone production due to poor pituitary function and short luteal phase. Herbal remedies like Fertile XX, containing Vitex can be very helpful in regulating the pituitary gland, balance the hormones and stimulate healthy ovulation without the need of fertility drugs.

Many alternative practitioners recommend to apply natural progesterone cream during the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent miscarriage.

If you have access to a homeopath near you, I would recommend making an appointment and talk about your history of recurrent miscarriage. There are many useful homeopathic remedies that can help restore balance and prevent recurrent miscarriages due to constitutional weaknesses.

For example, Sepia is a very good remedy often employed in these cases. Other homeopathic remedies can also be utilized. The homeopath will take your case and be able to decide the best remedy or remedies for you.

Fertility Blessings!

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