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Getting Pregnant Age 38 and Partner Had the Mumps

by Don

I am been trying to get pregnant for past year partner had mumps at 18 I am 38 was on depo 2 years ago notice my body is changing like my breast are getting smaller don’t understand why periods are heavy, moods are bad what could be happening to me ?

Mumps and Male Infertility

Hi Don,

The fact that your partner had mums when he was 18 could be factor in his ability to get you pregnant only if both testicles were affected. This is very unusual, but needs to be investigated by talking to your family doctor and ask for a semen analysis test, just to make sure his sperm count and motility are fine.

You should also talk to your doctor and ask for a complete fertility testing and hormonal testing as you are exhibiting a series of symptoms, which could be connected to hormonal imbalance. The only way to know is to test and then you can find the most suited approach to your case.

If you want to get pregnant, begin by charting your cycle. This will tell you if you are ovulating regularly, if you produce enough fertile cervical mucus and if your luteal phase is long enough for embryo implantation.

Also begin following the guidelines of the fertility diet to support your body in achieving hormonal balance.

Many women after 35 enter what it is called the perimenopause period, which is approximately 15 years before menopause. During this time hormonal fluctuations are more common and this may lower fertility if not corrected. Naturally this is done through herbal remedies like FertileXX.

Fertility Blessings!

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