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Getting Pregnant and High Prolactin Levels

by Elizabeth
(Lagos Nigeria)

Can high prolactin levels cause infertility? My prolactin is high, can that stop me from getting pregnant?

Answer: Getting Pregnant and High Prolactin Levels

Prolactin is secreted by your pituitary gland and it is also produced by the endometrial cells in your uterus. Prolactin is generally released in order to stimulate milk production. It increases during pregnancy and it remains high while a woman is breastfeeding.

When the levels of prolactin are high (hyperprolactinemia) ovulation and menstrual cycle regularity will become affected. Women with high prolactin levels may also experience galactorrhea, which the discharge of milk from the breast when not pregnant or breastfeeding. Another effect of high prolactin levels is decreased sex drive.

Prolactin inhibits two hormones necessary for ovulation: follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). When you have excess prolactin, ovulation is not triggered by the ovary. Women with high prolactin levels will experience anovulatory cycles that cause sub-fertility or complete infertility. Prolactin also causes irregularities of the menstrual cycle and is associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in some cases.

High prolactin usually results in low progesterone which makes your luteal phase (the second half of your menstrual cycle) shorter.

A short luteal phase also impairs your ability to become pregnant by prevent implantation of the embryo causing early miscarriage.
Your luteal phase should be of at least 10-12 days in length if you want to stay pregnant. If you do not know how long your luteal phase is, you should begin by taking you basal body temperature (BBT) every morning before getting out of bed.

This is called Fertility Charting. Charting your cycle is very important if you want to conceive, because you need to know exactly when who are going to ovulate and if your cycle and hormones are in balance.

What Causes High Prolactin Levels?
1. It's important to point out that certain medications, particularly antipsychotic can be responsible for high prolactin levels.

2. Some very rare cases of high levels of prolactin are caused by a pituitary tumor, which is due to the proliferation an growth of the cells that secrete prolactin. This cases hive really high values of prolactin and should not be confused with "high prolactin" levels as it pertains to fertility. I just wanted to point this out, in case you were worried.

3. Another important cause of high prolactin is hypothyroidism and this often goes hand in hand with irregular cycles, anovulation and infertility.

4. High stress levels are also related to high cortisol levels and high prolactin. In general high prolactin is not the only symptom,
it comes with a set of symptoms often unique to each individual, by nonetheless all caused by a common culprit: high estrogen.

5. Most high levels of prolactin are related to hormonal imbalance caused by toxicity due to hormonal disruptors in your water, food, and in your environment. Toxicity affects the liver and the liver inability to release excess estrogen from the body leading to a condition, known as "estrogen dominance."

Estrogen Dominance & Infertility:

Toxins in your body affect the following hormonal conditions all causing infertility:

1. Low progesterone, DHEA, and pregnenolone

2. High cortisol, growth hormone and prolactin

There are many things women with high prolactin levels can do in order to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Herbal remedies can be very effective in lowering high prolactin levels in many cases.

Vitex For High Prolactin Levels:

Vitex Agnus Castus or Chaste tree berry is used because it acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands by increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) production increasing progesterone levels.
Vitex can be very effective in treating hyperprolactinemia (high prolactin levels) and luteal phase defect.

Vitex should be taken for 3-6 months in order to see results in lowering prolactin levels, increase the luteal phase, treat PCOS, and normalize the menstrual cycle.

Clinical studies have shown how women with high prolactin levels and irregular cycles were able to normalize their prolactin levels using a vitex compound remedy. Menstrual irregularity are also treated successfully with Vitex.

Vitex is a well tolerated herb, very gentle, very mild and safe if a woman gets pregnant (even if it is recommended to take once you have a positive pregnancy test). But it should not be taken at the same time with hormone replacement therapy, dopamine, birth control, or fertility drugs.

Many fertility herbal remedies have Vitex as main ingredients and can be very effective in helping women getting pregnant because Vitex action is on the pituitary gland stimulating the release of LH hormone.

Increasing levels of LH cause FSH to decrease leading to lower estrogen levels and higher progesterone. When progesterone goes up, luteal phase increases and pregnancy is supported. The LH surge also causes ovulation.

Studies have shown that Vitex has the following properties:

1. Normalize high levels of FSH and prolactin

2. Increase LH and progesterone secretion

3. Regulation of the menstrual cycle

4. re-establish ovulatory cycles

5. Increase fertility and pregnancy rate within 3-6 months

Herbal Remedies For High Prolactin & Infertility:

I recommend herbal remedies like to help normalize prolactin levels.

This remedy contains all the necessaru herbal ingredients to promote regular ovulatory cycles.

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for Getting Pregnant and High Prolactin Levels

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Low Progestrone, High Prolactine and TTC
by: Anonymous

Goodmorning , I am writing from Nigeria. I have being married now close to 4yrs without achieving pregnancy and I have done various kind of test and the test stated low progestrone and high prolactin. I came in contact with your website online. Pls I need your adivse because the doctor told me to be on parlodel for months to achieve pregnancy pls wray advices what to do cause I read that the Natpro cream is in Nigeria how can I located the place to purchase it.

Thnks expecting your rely soonest.



Sorry, I am not aware of NatPro cream. A great natural progesterone cream product is also Fertilica Natural Progesterone Cream and I am not sure, but they may ship to your country.

High Prolactin
by: Anonymous

I went to see my doctor, when I had the symptoms of pregnancy for a month. After that I had my menstrual cycle and my doctor told me to go for hormonal profile the doctor told me that I have high prolactin she recommend Parlodel I use it and I did not get pregnant.
What I do?


Parlodel is a medical drug that modulates the secretion of prolactin from the anterior pituitary gland working as an inhibitor factor.

If you are taking this type of drug you cannot take alternative and natural remedies at the same time.

Talk to your doctor about alternative natural approaches to high prolacin levels. For example, vitex agnus castus herbal remedies has been used by alternative practitioner to address high prolactin, high FSH and low progesterone. Most herbal remedies like Fertile XX contain this herb. This remedy contains important herbs that help support ovulation and regulate the menstrual cycle and the hormones in a gentle and natural way.

Fertility Blessings!

High Prolectin Adenoma
by: ritu

High prolactin caused me recurrent abortions.
I had multiple abortion due to high value of prolactin.
My prolactin is always 50 or more. I asked many doctor about surgery of pituitary adenoma but he said no need because my tumor size is less then 1cm. But medicine couldn't control the prolactin level.


Prolcatinoma or prolactin-secreting pituitary adenoma causes irregular periods, infertility, absent periods and milk production in non-pregnant women. Small tumors or microadenomas are usually treated with drugs initially and surgery is used as a last resort.

If it is small and the doctor does not recommend surgery you could try alternative medicine like homeopathy, herbal medicine or acupuncture.

For example, talk to your doctor about doing cycles of natural progesterone cream applications or use the herbal remedy vitex.

Fertility Blessings!

High Prolactin
by: Elsie


I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 7 years but have not succeeded. I have ran several tests and it was discovered that i have high prolactin and low estrogen levels. My doctor recommended parlodel for treatment but after reading about its side effects, i decided not to take it. I will rather take alternative medication but do not know which one to buy. Please kindly advise on the alternative medicine to buy.



Herbal Remedy For Hormonal Balance
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Elsie,

Hormonal imbalances are the major causes of infertility.
Progesterone and estrogen need to be balanced at different times during the menstrual cycle. For example:

1. When both estrogen and progesterone drop, your period will come within 48 hours.

2. During the first half of the menstrual cycle, estrogen increases and reaches its pick just prior to ovulation and then it decreases gradually. During this time progesterone is low.

3. After ovulation progesterone increases and it will stay high during the entire second half of the menstrual cycle.

Other important hormones regulate the menstrual cycle, fertility and pregnancy and increase, peak and decrease at specific times during the menstrual cycle. What makes a woman fertile is the ability of the endocrine system to maintain these complicated orchestra of hormones.

The herbal remedies I described early have the important role to support the body to do just this.

To increase your fertility and to regulate your cycle, FetileXX is a very effective remedy for most cases of infertility cause by poor hormonal balance.

It contains herbs such as Vitex agnus-castus (Chasteberry) to promote hormonal balance. Vitex has been reported to lower high prolactin and high FSH levels, while supporting ovulation and progesterone production.

Cimicifuga racemosa (Black Cohosh) has become well known for its beneficial effect on hormone functioning due to its phyto-estrogenic properties. It is known to balance estrogen levels during the menstrual cycle.

In addition, Eleutherococcus senticosis (Siberian Ginseng) is used in this formula to improve sexual function, support the adrenal glands decreasing stress.

FertileXX should not be taken at the same time as fertility or hormonal drugs. It begins to produce regulatory results after 3 to 4 months of regular use depending on the severity of the hormonal dysfunction. It should be stopped during the menstrual period and once pregnant, it should be discontinued.

This herbal remedy is sold by Native Remedie and is specifically designed for women who are having trouble getting pregnant as a result of hormonal issues.

Fertility Blessings

Irregular Menses or Hormonal Imbalances
by: Amy

For 4 months I did not see my period, but after taking premolut N it came but lasted for 3weeks & 4days after taking drugs. What can be done to end this misery? Cos I don't want the menstrual flow to repeat itself again as it has done in the past before now, Thanks.

Herbal Remedies For Delayed Menses
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Amy,

PRIMOLUT N is used to treat dysfunctional uterine bleeding, relief of primary and secondary amenorrhoea, timing of menstruation, and endometriosis.

Its action has an inhibitory effect on the secretion of gonadotropins in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

This drug should help you. Talk to your doctor if your periods does not regulate after being on this drug.

At that point, ask your doctor if a more natural approach like FertileXX would be able to help you.

FertileXX contains Vitex, an herb known to regulate the pituitary gland decreasing high levels of FSH and prolactin regulating the mentrual cycle. This herbal remedy cannot be taken in conjuction with conventional drugs and synthetic hormones.

Many women, who has used Fertile XX, have found create benefit in regulating the mentrual cycle.

Read FertileXX Testimonials.

Many Blessings!

No Ovulation
by: Ogey

Please I need your help! I'm 30yrs old in 2yrs in a marriage without any conception. I do have irregular menses with no sign of ovulation. Please what can that take that will solve this without any sign effect. Even if its a herb or a food/fruit whatever. Tanx alot

Herbal Remedy Vitex
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Ogey,

Vitex agnus castus has been scientifically studied for its properties of stimulating the pituitary gland in re-establish regular ovulatory cycles.

I would recommend the herbal preparation called FertileXX, which contains Vitex and other herbal remedies specifically formulated to balance the hormones and stimulate ovulation. You will need to take this remedy for a minimum of 3-4 months in order to balance your hormones and regulate your periods. This is the time your body needs to make new eggs from the antral follicle to the mature egg at ovulation. So, please make sure to give it the necessary time. Vitex is very safe and has no known side effects. It can be taken for long periods of time up to 18 months without concern.

Fertility Blessings!

High Prolactin Levels
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

I am not familiar with the product you mentioned, so specify the ingredients and provide more info.

As far as trying to balance hormones naturally without prescription medication, when high prolactin levels are the culprit, a product containing Vitex can help.

You can try FertileXX, which is a fertility formula contains Vitex agnus castus, an herbal remedy known to help lower high prolactin levels and balance the female hormonal system and establish regular ovulation cycles.

Vitex is one of the most powerful herbs for women’s fertility and menstrual health. Vitex supports hormonal balance in the body by having an effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, correcting the problem at the source.
Fertile XX should be taken daily and away from meals, 10-15 drops of vitex extract 2-3 times a day except during menstruation.
However, unlike powerful hormone drugs, vitex works slowly to normalize the body. Maximum benefits are often achieved after 6-12 cycles with vitex.

Vitex should not be taken in conjunction with other hormonal prescription medications and products containing progesterone. It usually works well with other fertility herbs and teas. Talk to your doctor if in doubt.

Fertility Blessings!

was on parlodel,but stoped.Am now using fertiliy blend
by: Anonymous

Am from Nigeria, Lagos State, have been married for almost 3yrs now. I was told have high prolactin last yrs June, but got pregnant last yrs august but due to my Doctors carelessness I lost d pregnancy ,am back on parlodel but have stooped, I am now using fertility blend. I didn't see fertile aid to buy here in Nigeria, my Q is fertility blend ok? I am having a cycle of 27days and my luteal phase is 12days, is it normal to have cramps wen ovulation? My husband always notice my body tempt rises wen ovulating is it normal? Then my last Question, what can I use for me to have fertile mucous in my cervix. Thank u!


Fertility blend should be fine.

To make more fertile mucus, read my article on how to increase fertile mucus naturally.

Having a luteal phase of 12 days and a menstrual cycle length of 27 days is fine. Body temperature increase during ovulation is absolutely normal.

Lear how to chart your cycle by taking your basal body temperature by downloading my free guide to fertility charting here.

Fertility Blessings!

How To Take Vitex
by: Maria Gioia Atzri

If you have irregular periods Vitex can help you regulate your cycle. The best Fertility formula with vitex is Fertile XX as this formula contains also black cohosh, which is used in herbal gynecology to support healthy periods. Black cohosh reduces inflammation of the uterus and congested pelvic conditions, like uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis.

Vitex stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more leutenizing hormone increasing production of progesterone during the second half of the cycle. Vitex may help with PMS, missed or delayed periods, heavy or frequently occurring periods an hot flashes during peri-menopause.

Herbal remedies containing Vitex should not be taken in conjunction hormonal medication. Maca is fine.

To balance the hormones, Vitex extract should contain 0.6% Agnuside.

Fertility Blessings!

When to start taking FertileXX within my cycle
by: Anonymous

Dear maria,
I am actually a nigerian and have been married for 2years 10month, I just discovered your siste yesterday. I have high prolactin and pcos while my dh has a low sperm count. Today is day3 of my cycle and have just ordered for fertile xx and xy. My question is can I start immediately I get them and not minding to wait till the first day of my next cycle? But hubby can start His own as soon as we get the drugs. Thanks your site it's been really INSPIRING. God bless u.

When to Start Taking Fertile XX and Fertile XY


The best time to begin FertileXX is right after your period is over no later than day 15. Your husband can begin anytime, just live you suggested.

I know you will notice improvement in your cycle within the first couple of cycles.

Most women notice easier periods right away, improvements in the lenght of the luteal phase within three months.

To regalate your hormones it will take a bit longer if you suffer from PCOS, depending on the level of your imbalance, but in the end your efforts will play off.

Fertility Blessings!


Recurrent Miscarriages
by: Anonymous

What herb or medicine will you recimmend for one who has had 2 miscarriages and ready to try again.


It is important to understand what could have cause you to have two miscarriage. This will tetermine the best herbal treatment for your case.

The most common causes of miscarriage are:

Hormonal imbalance
Luteal phase deficiency
Genetic or chromosomal disorders
Immunological factors
Thyroid disorders
Insulin resistance

If your doctor has not found any cause, this protocol can be easily applied to help prevent miscarriage in the future.

Prepare for Conception, take 3-4 months before trying to conceive:

1. Follow the fertility cleanse for 1-2 months.

2. Eat a very healthy diet avoiding all process foods. Only eat organic fruits and vegetables and organic meat that have been grass fed. Avoid hydrogenated foods and artificial sweeteners, coffee, smoking, alcohol and regular tea.

3. Add fertility foods to your diet. The best way to do this is by having a fertility smoothie every day in the morning. This helps increase the quality of your eggs and prevents DNA mutations.

4. Do self-fertility massage at least 3 times a week.

5. Take supportive herbal remedies like Pregnancy Prep and Conception Tea.

Fertility Blessings!

Thanks so much. u are doing a great job.
by: jenny

I have high prolactin and low progesteron and my doctor gave me parlodel for high prolactin and inject me primolut deport for low progesteron. I am afraid because from what I read primolut is for people that have bleeding. Advice me Will it cause me anything since I am not bleeding. What will I use to correct this problem.


Hi Jenny,

I encourage you to ask this very same question to your doctor and voice your concernes because your doctro knows your case, your medical history and will be able to tell you how this drug will affect you. In general, this medication can be well tolerated and most women do not have side effects. If, you notice any changes, then go see your doctor.

Many Blessings!

Fibroid Treatment
by: Bazhi

I have been married for 13 years now and no child,I was told that I no fibroid but now I have fibroid and cyst and we don't want an operation, please do you have any herbal remedy for it's cure?



Hi Banzhi,

If your fibroid is not large it can be treated naturally. Most fibroids decrease in size with natural treatments after about 4 to six months. This methods are worth trying before going for surgery.

In order to treat fibroids naturally, it is important to:

1. Increase blood circulation to the uterus.

2. Decrease high estrogen levels in your body due to excess estrogens present in your environment, food and water. Estrogen fuels the growth of fibroids and cysts.

3. Create hormonal balance (estrogen and progesterone)

4. Eliminate toxins which lead to the formation of tumurs.

5. Support the immune system

I would recommend learning more about the UterineWise Kit. This kit has been designed to help maintain healthy uterine health to prevent the formation of fibroids. It can help shrink small ones or prevent large one to come back after surgery or fibroid cauterization (better option for women who want to conceive).

Many Blessings!

6months without a period can I use fertility XX
by: Anonymous

Really loved the fact that you have shed a lot of light on prolactin issues,pls I want to ask can I use fertility XX if I have not had a period for 6 months. Thank you!


Fertile XX can help restore regular mentrual cycles in women who suffer from missed periods due to poor hormonal regulation. The main herb in this formulation is Viyex that acts directly on the pituitary gland and supports regular hormnal balance right at the root cause of the problem.

Do not take Fertile XX if you are taking any coventional medication like lupron or fertility drugs.

Fertility Blessings!

DUB, annovulation irregular menses and hyperprolactinaemia
by: Anonymous

I've been having irregular mentrual period, DUB, annovulatory menstraual cycle. I'v tried various medications lyk primolut N, birth control pills nd clomid 4 ovulation bt my problem keeps on recurring.2 mnths ago my test result revealed I was havin high prolactin which I think mayb due to the primolut n I was takin. pls what do u think cud help solve my problem. Thanks!


Not all women respnd to allopathic drugs. In fact, sometimes some of them may cause more hormonal imblance in the end.

The best step would be to follow a fertility cleanse to eliminate the side effects of these drugs.

Please, read my article on Fertility Cleanse. This articel describes why a fertility cleanse is so important in women who are preparing for pregnancy.

Many Blessings!

Thank u so much for your answer
by: jenny

Pls I want to know what next to do bc after writing my case on the primolute I took I started bleeding after twelve days of my period. I told my doctor he now gave me injection to stop the bleeding. Then the bleeding stoped but my period have not come since then. I don't want to continue with my doctor bc I went for ultra sound I found out that I have fibroid and left ovarian cyst. Pls, advice me. Should I take vitex?


Hi Jenny,

Vitex is an excellent herb that helps support regular ovulation and balance the hormonal system.

To help with fibroids, I would recommend doing castor oil packs.

If you have ovarian cysts and are trying to conceive, consider using the OvarianWise kit.

Fertility Blessings!

how can i get the herbal medicine in uganda
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have been married for 3yrs and no pregnacy. I have high prolatin levels with absent periods and have failed to concieve. I tried to use cabergoline but I got severe side effects how can I get the herbal medicine in uganda.


Cabergoline is a potent dopamine receptor inhibitor and is used to manage prolactinomas that cause high prolactin levels. If you suffer side effects from this drug, talk to your doctor before stopping it.

Herbal remedies, like Vitex have provide compelling scientific evidence in the treatment of high prolactin levels.
This Article may be of interest to you.

Look for a good herbalist in your area that can work with you in solvig this issue.
Fertility Blessings!

I want to conceive
by: Anonymous

Am having irregular cycle and at times milk lick out of my breast. My prolactin level is normal but I have been ttc for over a year now with no success. Pls, tell me what to do?


Irregular cycles are a possible sign of poor hormonal balance. Consider taking FertilAid Vitamins to support your attempts to conceive. This fertility vitamins contain Vitex and other herbal remedies to support your cycle .

Having a milk discharge from your breats can be caused by many factors, not just high prolactin levels. If you have irregular cycles, low progesterone levels can also be a problem. Most women esperience painful breasts before the menses. If this is your case, consider asking your doctor to investigate about fibrocystic breast disease. This is a begnin breast condition that is related to hormonal imbalance. Vitex and other herbs can help in many cases.

Also, are you tracking your cycle? Do you know if you ovulate each month? This is very important when targeting love making to achieve conception.

If you are not tracking your cycle, I would recommend using Ovacue.

Fertility Blessings!

I am a man suffering from high prolactin
by: Selvamani

I am a man I am suffering from high prolactin secreasan by pituary glang. My doctor prescrip medicines first three months it is ok. no head ache. but after that that allopathy medicines are not accepted my body. unnessary symtoms devoped. than hypo thyroid started. ED STARTED. LIBITO SECREASING STOPPED. TYPE 2 DM STARTED. BUT STILL I TESTED PROLACTIN IS WALWAYS INCREASED. MRI scan normal so i want lowering prolactin by natural ways kindly help me.


Hi Selvamani,

I assume that by saying that your MRI is normal no prolactinoma was found. This is a good news because what is causing your problem may simply be poor testosterone levels and overall hormonal imbalance. Of course, talk to your doctor to invesigate further on this matter.

Herbal remedies can surely help.
I would recommend learning more about FertileXY to help balance the hormones.

Fertility Blessings!

No menses after D&C
by: Anonymous

Hi am 29 years. I did a d n c September 2012 which result of no menses till date. Did hormonal assay text and discovered I have low progesterone for luteal phase. Pls I want to know if vitex is recommended in my case.vs i can't wait to menstruate n get pregnant.pls.tx and Godd bless u.


Have you had a an internal exam to rule out adhesions as a result of the D&C? Ask your doctor to do an ultrasound to mamke sure everything is all right. Not having your periods after D&C can be hormonally related, but in rare cases, D&C can cause complications (endometrosis, infections, adhesions, fibrosis, etc), which need to be rulled out. It has been a long time now since your last mentrual period. Ask your doctor to investigate further.

If this has already be done, your lack of menses is possibly just a result of low progesterone levels that can be helped with Vitex.

It is Ok to start taking Vitex, even if you do not have a mentrual period (make sure you are not pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test).

The best combination is Vitex and Black Cohosh.

Vitex is a great fertility herb because it lengthens a short luteal phase, increases progesterone levels and helps decrease higher than normal levels of FSH. It also helps prevent miscarriage, PMS and endometriosis.

Black Cohosh is used by herbalists to treat amenorrhea (absent periods) and delayed periods. Back cohosh also helps treat perimenopause or early menopause due to hormonal imbalance.

A good product with this combination is FertileXX.

The recommended dosage is 15 drops three times a day. Once your period comes, discontinue FertileXX during your period and begin again after the period has ended. Continue until you are able to conceive.

FertileXX also contains Eleuthero that promotes the health of the uterus, aiding fetal implantation after conception.

Once you have a positive pregnancy test stop taking this remedy.

If you are taking any medications, talk to your doctor before taking any herbal remedies.

Fertility Blessigs!

Miscarriage six times within 2yrs
by: from nigeria

I have had 6 miscarriages within two years.The doc said ‎its high prolactin and low progesterone and it always happens when its 8,9 or 10 weeks. Please, I really need your help on what kind of remedies I need.
Thank you.


Vitex is the herbal remedy that can help both lower high prolactin levels and increase progesterone levels. Studies have shown how Vitex needs to be taken in high doses to stimulate the pituitary gland in reducing high prolactin levels.

Studies conducted by Dr. Roemheld-Hamm, show that the effects of Vitex on prolactin levels depend on the dose administered. According to these studies, low doses of Vitex result in an increase of prolactin, while higher doses may reduce prolactin levels.

In my opinion, This may explain why, Vitex does not work in all cases. Probably each case needs to be adjusted to the most optimal dosage. This should be an individualized process.

In general, each woman will need about 300 milligrams of standardized extract 2 to 3 times a day.

Vitex can be taken as a liquid remedy or as dried herb in capsules. Whichever form you chose, make sure it comes from a reliable manufacturer.

Most women find that Vitex taken as liquid mother tincture to be stronger in action. The recommended dosage is 90 drops in a glass of water, once a day.

Miscarriages in the first trimester are often related to low progesterone levels. Supplementation for three months with natural progesterone creammay help prevent a miscarriage. Talk to your doctor about using natural progesterone cream during early pregnancy. I would recommend working with a naturopath near you.

She or he may also prescribe homeopathic remedies to help you. For example the homeopathic remedy Sepia helps strengthen those women who have habitual miscarriages in the first trimester.

Many blessings

No periods for 2 years now
by: Maria

Hi I'm 24 years old. Was on birth control bill then stopped and been trying to concieve for 2 years now with no luck. I have had no periods for 2 years now and found out that my prolactin level is 328 , and been on brocompoctrine ( parlodel) for a month now and my prolactin level are down to 164. Can I ovulate now or my levels should go down more? Also, can I use vitex with bromicriptine? And how long should I be on medication to have normal prolactin level and be able to conceive?


Hi Maria,

It is best not to take Vitex together with Bromocriptine or any other drug of dopamine antagonist action.

Since your levels of prolactin are coming down do not stop taking this drug and follow the advise of your doctor. Ideal levels of prolactin for non pregnant women are less than 29 ng/mL or 700 pmol/l or mIU, whichever scale it has been used to test your values.

Ask your doctor to explain your values to you.

My advise is to use Ovacue Monitor to help determine your ovulation and help you get pregnant.

Monitoring your fertility is key when TTC with high prolactine levels because you want to know if the drug is working in your case and you want to take each opportunity to conceive as your prolactin levels are coming down. In some cases they will stay down as long as you are on the medications, in others they will go back up regardless of the medication. Most women do get pregnant as the levels decrease. That's why you need to take advantage of this right away.

This drug has side effects, so doctors will not keep you on it for long periods of time.

Many blessings!

Do I need to use parlodel again
by: Anonymous

Great job.
Before I had my first child I was diagnosed with high prolactin and my gynaec prescribed parlodel, I got pregnant the following month I started the drug. I am trying to get pregnant again and I have had feelings of being pregnant but my cycle came later and later, which maybe a sign of early miscarriage (just thinking). Do I need to take parlodel again to be able to get pregnant?


Most women who have high prolactin levels will tend to have them again, but not necessarily. Your doctor will test your prolactin levels and decide what to do.

Having longer cycles with heavy periods may indicate early miscarriage, but it can also indicate hormonal imbalance. I would recommend talking to your doctor and run some test. This will help you have a better idea of you situation.

If everything is well, you can simply supplement your diet with fertility vitamins, like FertilAid to boost your fertility naturally.

If your doctor prescribes parlodel, do not take FertilAid vitamins as they contain Vitex.

Many blessings!

High prolactin with lactation
by: olamide

I have been experiencing lactation due to high prolactin, severe headache and breast pain especially when I want to meastuate. My question is which drugs can I use to help with the symptoms and I have been trying to get pregnant also.


Hi Olamide,

Talk to your doctor about, which drug can help you. If your levels of prolactin are really high, your doctor will prescribe the correct dose for you.

Many blessings!

Just A Bit Of Info...
by: Emma-Jane

Hiya I'm 24 Years Old And have High prolactin , I Take Cabergoline and have done on & Off For The Last 2 Years I Juse Want To Ask if its ok to Take Cabergoline and Agnus Castus TOGETHER ......? Please Reply Love Emz ❤ Xx


Hi Emma-Jane,

Cabergoline is a dopamine antagonist drug and should not be taken with Vitex angus castus.
Vitex like Cabergoline acts on the pituitary gland. Cabergoline inhibits the activity of the pituitary gland, decreasing the secretion of prolactin, Vitex has a more regulating action on the secretion of luteinizing hormone and prolactin. Vitex stimulates luteinizing hormone production, indirectly decreasing high FSH levels, increasing progesterone production and supporting the corpus luteum during the second half of the cycle.

Many blessings

I want to conceive
by: Anonymous

Good day ... I am Susan and I had a miscarriage 3years ago and since then am not pregnant yet. And water is coming out of my breast. And I went to the hospital to see a doctor and he told me to go for text Hormonal Assay which I did. Fsh 8miu/ml (4-20) LH 12miu/ml (4-20) prolactin 33ng/ml (6-24) and progesprogesterone 5.5ng/ml (5-36) and I was ask to go for another test again HSG and I don't want to go thru any textagain... What can I use instead of going for that test again...


Hi Susan,

The HSG test will show if you Fallopian tubes are blocked. It is really up to you if you want to have this test done or not. Maybe ask your doctor why he or she thinks you need this test done and if you can try to conceive without doing it.

If you are concerned about the health of your tubes, I would recommend the FellopianWiseKit.

The fact that you have water coming out of your breast indicates hormonal imbalance. Your prolactin levels are slightly high. In your case, Vitex may be able to do the trick.

Talk to your doctor about trying a natural remedy before resorting to drugs. You can choose to take a six month period to work on yourself naturally, it you do not get pregnant than you may be consider doing more testing.

Many blessings!

High Prolactin and Vitex FertileXX
by: Ifeoma

Hi,I did a d&c sometime 3 years ago. After a while I noticed breast milk and I did a hormonal assay at random without the proper producer and my progesterone and estrogen was low and I noticed my periods were not regulating so I took clomid and now my period is not regulating and I don't know if I ovulate anymore but as of January this year I was given primolut n and my period came and I was told to do an hormonal assay which I did and and the result showed high prolactin 45.
Please, what can I take to correct my hormones and possible know dat am fertile cause about to get married and he is really talkin about me gettin pregnant.

I want know if I can use vitex and FertileXX. Please, direct on how to get it and want to and how to take it.



I Ifeoma,

High prolactin levels can be corrected naturally with herbal remedies like Vitex. The remedy FertileXX contains Vitex as one of its main remedies. To know if you are ovulating you need to chart your cycle by taking your basal body temperature (bbt) or by using Ovacue fertility monitor.

Vitex should be taken 15 drops in a glass of water 3 times a day before eating. Please, consider that best results in obtaining hormnal balance using FertileXX is achieved after 6-12 months of regular use.

Many Blessigs!

Having galactorrhea for years
by: Anonymous

I havee been having high prolatin for 4years now and tried various types of herbs and drugs like parlodel for months but its not working. I need help please. milk still comes out of my breast when I suppress it and its so embarssing, my period was 5 days before but 3 or attimes 2 days now I want to have kids in the nearest future.


High prolactin levels (prolactinemia) and prolactin-producing pituitary tumours (prolactinemia) are on the rise and more and more studies are showing how petrochemical endocrine disrupters are the main culprit. Taking herbal remedies or conventional drugs will partially resolve the situation unless you work hard to avoid these endocrine disrupters from your diet. The are often referred to as xenostrogens and they are present virtually everywhere.

1. Avoid all pesticides in the house and in the garden.
2. Be aware of toxic chemicals in your work environment.
3. Check your cosmetics, including shampoos and creams.
4. Avoid commercially grown meat, eggs and milk.
5. Eat organic produce.
6. Avoid solvents, paints and cleaners.
7. Never drink from plastic bottles or heat your food in plastic containers using a microwave.

Once you have clean out your house and your life, do a Fertility Cleanse Kit to help your body eliminate these toxins. If you don' t, they stay in circulation.

After the fertility cleanse, consider support the monthly cycles with herbal remedies whose job is to cohordinate hormonal secretion, like Hermonize Phase 1 & 2 to help promote estrogen metabolism.

The most studied herb to help decrease high prolactin levels is Vitex. Vitex works together with other herbs to support the entire endocrine system for best results.
Not all women with high prolactinemia levels respond to herbal products, but it is worth trying. Talk to your doctor if you are taking any other medicine before beginning any herbal supplements to avoid herb-drug interaction.

Many Blessings!

My prolactin level is 22 do I have high prolactin
by: Anonymous

I went for an hormonal balance test and I have annovulatory cycle, low progesterone and my prolactin level is 22, so I want to know if my prolactin level is high?

Secondly, I took progesterone injection and primolut and tablet to regulate my problem but recently I have been having pregnancy symptoms like frequent urine, pelvic and back pains with heavy breast without ache, is it possible that am pregnant and uptil now there was no bleeding. Thank you!


You prolactin levels can be fine if they are between 2 and 29 ng/ml. There is another scale, so make sure your values were measured in ng/ml. Talk to your doctor about your prolactin level results, I am sure you will get a more detailed explanation based on your case.

Having had progesterone injection can in some cases simulate pregnancy symptoms. These injection are given to treat amenorrhea ( missed periods), anovulatory cycles and low progesterone levels to restor ovulatory and regular cycles.

If your doctor thinks you are not ovulating, it is unlikely that you are pregnant. Progesterone injection have side effects like breast tenderness, headaches, acne, nause, weight gain, etc.

On the other hand if you have been sexually active and if you think you might be pregnant take a pregnancy test.

Many Blessings!

will vitex work for my case?
by: Anonymous

Hello Maria,
Doing a great job.
I had my first child two years ago and since then I have been trying to conceive. My breast licks when I press thou especially the left breast. Did hormonal assay test and it showed I wasn't ovulating and also had high prolactin, my menses hasn't been regular for some time now but for two months now its been 28 days but my breast still licks pls help!!!



Vitex can be worth trying. Consider that Vitex needs to be taken for 6-12 months up to 18 months consecutively to see results. Do not take vitex if you are taking any other fertility drug to lower high prolactin.

Many Blessings!

High Prolactin
by: Mary bell

Hi, keep up the good job. I am 32yrs old never being pregnant before, I have tried but it never work, abt to get married.

I mestrate and ovulate according to my doctor.

I did an HSG test too the result was fine though it was difficult to access where sperm passes I was told it was blocked, but they tried and succeed to inject the dye in, after the second injection he told me he didn't like d result so he injected a third time which now showed a perfect pix...

Can these be responsible for my not getting pregnant... Am now on prolactin treatment...


Hi Mary Bell,

It is hard to say, but if the result states that all is fine, just relax.
If your doctor is telling you that you can conceive, I would recommend using Ovacue Fertility Monitor to increasing your chances of conception. With high prolactin levels ovulation may be difficult to detect. Ovacue monitor will help you know if the medication is working in lowering your prolactin levels.

High prolactin levels inhibit ovulation, so as your medication helps you lower prolactin, you should ovulate. With Ovacue you will know in advance when to conceive.

Many Blessings!

I haven't seen my period for 3years now
by: Anonymous

I haven't seen my period for 3yrs years now,I went to see my dr and he told me to do an ultra sound scan which I did,and he said everything is normal but am not ovulating,and there's also discharge from my breasts. Sometime ago I started noticing some kind of funny discharge from my vigina and I went for a test it was staph auerus, pls I want to know if the staph is the reason why my period stoped or is its because I have discharge in my breasts, and pls what can I do to get my period back, am ready to settle down and this is troubling me seriously, thanks.


The discharge from your breast can be due to many reasons. If it is milk-like, can be due to high prolactin levels and this can also be the cause of you not ovulating. You doctor can test for prolactin and other hormones to determine if hormonal imbalance is the cause of your not having your periods.

There are other cause that can cause that including your weight. Most women who are underweight stop ovulating.

Other reasons can be early menopause if you are over 40. This is also due to hormonal issues.

Staphylococcus aureus infection can cause absent menses or very scanty menses, by affecting your hormonal production and your immune system. Once the infection has been cleared and treated, everything should resume normal functioning.

My advise is to talk to your doctor to run more tests to better understand why you don't have regular menses.

To help yourself, eat a very healthy diet, drink lots of water and support your immune system with herbal remedies.

Many Blessings!

how can I conceive
by: Anonymous

Hi, thanks for your good work and I am sure I will get my answers here. In 2008 I got pregnant and abort, I was given an injection and inserted drugs into my private part I bled for 2wks, after that I didn't get pregnant again, even when I have sex I don't use contraceptive I still didn't get pregnant till last year Jan I got pregnant and aborted again cos I and my partner weren't ready then, 6 months after the abortion I went for a scan. And discovered I had uterine fibroid but its not large, I was told I could still conceive with it, now we are married, my marriage its just 8 months and have been trying to get pregnant but can't, was give a fertiliy drugs by my doctor but still didn't get pregnant.

My menses is irregular and I usually I have discharge immediately after my periods, please what can I do cause I want to conceive pls and pls what can I use. I have been taking a lot of vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid.

I ovulate and during my ovulation I do have tender and sore breast,cramps,temp and most time irritations...pls help me,pls


If you are syre that you are ovulating, you need to make sure you are having sex just before you ovulate, ideally 48 hours before the egg is released. In order to do this you need to have lots of fertile mucus.

This type of discharge is stretchy and very clear. It looks like the white part of the egg.

If you do not produce this type of mucus before ovulation, you can take a supplement called FertileCM that helps you increase the quantity and quality of this mucus.

Many Blessings!

About Vitex Agnus Castus
by: Naveed

Vitex agnus castus is what type of drug, whether it is herbal or homeopathy medicine and by what brand name it is available in pakistan.

Here we have homeopathy medicine by name of agnus castus, is it same or different.Vitex agnus castus is by what brand name it is available in pakistan.

What should be the dosage of vitex agnus castus for stopping galactorrhea and wants to get pregnant.



Vitex agnus castus is used in both herbal medicine and in homeopathy.

In herbal medicine is also known as Chasteberry and it can be taken as mother tincture (MT) or as dried herb in powder capsules. It is also sold in certain countries as a brand name like Agnotyl, Prefemin, Cyclodynon, or Femicur. To know what brand name is available in your country speak to your local pharmacist. In some countries a prescription is required and in other it is sold as over the counter drug or natural health product.

I recommend the natural herbal tincture form as this contains not additional and unnecessary ingredients. I found that the organic Vitex tincture in is always the most effective for cases of infertility especially when it comes to balance the hormones. In this case the recommended dosage is 90 drops in water upon waking.

Agnus castus is also used in homeopathic medicine to treat scanty menses, aversion to sexual intercourse, depression and lack of milk after childbirth, infertility and supressed menses, leucorrhea staining yellow, retained placenta, swelling of the uterus and drawing pain in the abdomen. In homeopathy it is used in potency of 3X either dry dose (sugar pellets) or liquid.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body to heal itself and restore balance. Do not take agnus castus homeopathic at the same time as the herbal remedy mother tincture.

When it comes to help balance the production of prolactin, the herbal remedy mother tincture is the best option. Herbalists have used this herb in this fashion for a very long time. I am sure that you can find it in Pakistan, otherwise you can get Orgainc Vitex Tincture online store. I am sure that they ship to your country.

Many Blessings!

High prolatin
by: Hannah

Can I use carbergoline and fertility aid together to reduce prolactin?


Hi Hannah,

Cabergoline is a potent dopamine receptor agonist and it cannot be taken with Fertility herbs like Vitex agnus castus. FertilAid for women does contain Vitex agnus castus. So, the answer is No. It is best not to take the two together.
For more information talk to your doctor or pharmacist about herb drug interactions.

Many Blessings!

What to do to become pregnant with high prolactin levels
by: Simone

Hi have been trying to get pregnant for the past 4yrs, when to the doctor when they take me off of birth control pill, & found out that I have high prolactin, they have been changing medication from bromorcriptine to norprolac, they say there is nothing else to take for this, but I ask for some one who want to get pregnant want should they do, Thank you!


It is possible to lower high prolactin levels naturally with herbal remedies, but you cannot do this while on this drugs.

It you want to help yourself, I would consider acupuncture. This type of natural treatment will not interact with the drug you are taking and acupuncture has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat hormonal imbalance. Talk to a licensed acupuncturist near you to find out more.

Many Blessings!

hyperprolactinaemia, low FSH, Anovulatory cycle
by: Peggy


I was tested Hyperprolactinaemia, Low FSH, Anovulatory Cycle and am ask to take Dostinex weekly for 8 weeks. Can I combine this table with Fertility Blend? Can this drugs normalise the hormones if not recommend the one suitable for this challenge.

Am waiting for your response, thanks.


Hi Peggy,

It is best not to take products containing Vitex or other herbs while on prescription medication for high prolactin levels. Talk to your doctor and ask which supplements you can take while on Dostinex.

It would be beneficial to take folic acid, L-arginine, CoQ10, Maca to help make healthy eggs.

Learn how to do a fertility smoothie every day to support your fertility. Once you are off the Dostinex, you could introduce natural products containing Vitex and see if they work best for you. It is hard to say what would work for you. Each woman responds differently and some need more time than others.

Many Blessings!

I want to conceive
by: Beauty

I noticed milky discharge from my breast. The doctor prescribed bromocriptine which I took. I later noticed that the discharge is no longer milky but like clear water. I have noticed this discharge for 2 years now and up till date and the doctor told me to keep taking bromocriptine. Some time ago the doctor said I had cyst. I have taken fertilAid and currently taking Well Woman. could the bromocriptine be the cause of the cyst? I really want to get pregnant.


No, the bromocriptine is prescribed to treat a benign cyst called prolactinoma, which is responsible for the production of breast milk due to high prolactin hormone levels.

Do not take natural products containing herbal remedies including Vitex at the same time as bromocriptine. There could be interactions or the effect of the drug can be diminished.

If you have a prolactinoma your doctor should have told you. Go back to your doctor and ask for more information on your state of health. If you ask, your doctor might agree on stopping bromocriptine while you explore a more natural approach. You have the right to do so, but do not mix the two together.

Once you are off bromocriptine, Vitex may be a good alternative for you. I would recommend seeking help from a professional natuopath.

Many Blessings!

High prolactin level,high fsh and lh
by: Anonymous

I am over 40, I have two kids but have been unable to have the third baby for 3 yrs now. I am currently taking FertilAid for women, Ovaboost and FertileCM. My circle is not regular like before and I am experiencing in btwn heavy periods of 14 days apart now. Do I continue taking the supplements trusting for my hormones to balance soon or do I stop taking them. My FSH result is 13.22 and my LH is 9.66MIU /.ML. Pls I need ur advice.


You need to report your symptoms to your doctor. Women who have spotting around day 14 experience ovulation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is experienced as light bleeding like spotting a week before the period is due.

During perimenopause (the period that goes approximately 10 years before menopause) it is normal to have shorter cycles, spotting and heavy bleeding, especially when hormonal issues are in place.

A 23 days cycle is still normal. Anything heavy and shorter than this needs to me medically evaluated.

Stopping taking FertilAid will help.

In some cases it is possible to have a detox effect or healing crisis associated with the herbs stimulating an early period. Menses are a natural way for the body to detox.

If your doctor does not find anything of concern than you can continue with FertilAid. Consider that it may take a few cycles to get your cycles more regular.

Many Blessings!

Please I need your advice
by: Peace

This is my 7 months in marriage I am yet to conceive. I went to see doctor and I was told to go for HVS and Homone profile tests. It was discovered that I have staph aureus and some drugs were prescibed which I will start soon.

Could it be the staph aureus that is responsible for the discharge from my private part. Is the water like discharge from my breast. Do I still really need to run the homone profile test?


Staphylococcus aureus causes bacterial vaginitis and needs to be treated before you get pregnancy. Also, it may be the cause of why you cannot achieve pregnancy because it changes the vaginal environment making it hard for sperm to survive.

Yes, you still need the hormonal profile, especially if you are TTC. Breast discharge can signify high prolactin levels. The hormonal profile will be able to tell you that. The hormonal profile will also tell you many important aspects of your fertility, which is important to know if you want to conceive.

Many Blessings!

by: Anonymous

I have been married for 2 years. My husbands penis is really very small and I dont have a problem with that but any time we make love, the sperm drips down. could it be that the sperm is not properly deposited inside due to the size of the penis. pls could the size of penis affect fertility.


The size of the penis makes no difference, if your husband has good sperm quality and motility, you will get pregnant. It is more about the sperm count and volume of semen that makes the difference in fertility.

Having semen dripping out after intercourse is an indication that there is lots of it and the extra comes out. This is normal. The sperm will not all stay inside.

If you there is reason for you do be concerned, have a home sperm check to see if your husband's sperm count.

This will give you an indication on your husband's sperm count and if he should have a sperm analysis done at the doctor's office.

Another thing you can do is to lay on your back for 15 or 20 minutes after intercourse to make sure most sperm will reach the fallopian tubes for fertilization.

Many Blessings!

hyperprolactinamia and Anuovulatory
by: Anonymous

Good job !! I saw my period last febuary this year and it flow normally and I haven't seen it again.I am trying to conceive and I was asked to go for hormonal profiling which I did...I was diagosed Anovulation and hyperprolactinamia,I am presently taking parlodel and still haven't seen my periods.

I usually don't discharge but have started discharging ,I really want my period to start and I am scared because I really want a baby!!! Can I get pregnant now even without seeing my period?


If you are on Parodel, your prolactin levels will diminish and you will ovulate. The discharge could be an indication of this. I would recommend learning more about fertile mucus and begin charting your cycle.

Using a fertility monitor like ovacue may help you get pregnant.

The OvaCue is a monitor that measures changes in the electrolyte levels in your saliva and cervical mucus that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. By using this monitor you will not way in advance if you are going to ovulate and when to maximize your chance of conception. It also tells you if your treatment is working as you should be able to ovulate more frequently from now on.

Many Blessings!

by: Anonymous

I want to say a big thanks to you for the good job you are doing. God bless you.

I want to know if it is safe and healthy to have sex with my husband during my period. I have been told that some women ovulate during their periods and two of my friends confirmed taking in after meeting their husbands during their period. So I want to find out if their is truth in this thought because i have been advised to do so.

Thank you!


I would not recommend having sex with your husband during your period, just to find out if what you have been told works.

The best way to know if and when you are ovulating is to chart your cycle period.

Those who ovulate early will ovulate just as the period is ending, not during the period.

If you can chart your cycle by taking you basal body temperature each morning, it will be best for you. Also, I would recommend using Ovacue fertility monitor to help you plan your pregnancy accurately.

Many Blessing!

High Prolactin
by: Olesya

I have been trying to conceive for 10 years without any results. I have a high prolactin level with my period and ovulation being regular on the dot. I have been taking Cabergoline to normalize my prolactin level but still no conception. I would really prefer a natural proven method of normalizing prolactin. Please advise.

Thank you.


Hi Olesya,

There are no natural "proven methods" because each women responds to each treatment differently. If you are willing to try Vitex is the herb that has been researched the most in its ability to regulate prolactin because of its action on the pituitary gland.

If you are ovulating maybe your problem is more on other factors like too much stress, lack of fertile cervical mucus, missed fertile window, male factor infertility, lack of nutrients in the diet.

make sure to chart your cycle and use FertileCM, if you do not detect fertile cervical mucus.

Many Blessings!

Hyperprolactinemia and ttc
by: CS from Borneo

I am so pleased to stumble upon your website. I was diagnosed having hyperprolactinemia due to prolactinoma since 2011 and since then I am still on Carbegoline. Been taking 4mg per week for a year now and still have elevated prolactin level but at least lower than before. Got BFP in Dec 2012 but it was empty sac and miscarried at suppose 8 weeks. Since then unable to get pregnant. Just two months ago my Gunnar put me on clomid treatment 100mg for 5 days and had only one follicle and had trigger shot but no pregnancy. The next cycle I was on gonal-f injections with iui but no promising follicles and the treatment was cancelled. I am thinking of talking to my Endo about stopping medication for a while to try Vitex. If my Endo allows it, how soon can I start taking Vitex? Btw, I did fertility cleansing in last year in August 2013. Appreciate your advice.


Hi CS,

Before starting Vitex make sure your Doctor takes you off any fertility drugs that you are taking as there can be interactions.

Once you get your Doctor's OK, you can begin taking Vitex right after your period.

Here you can find more info on Vitex.

Many Blessings!

Prolactine Levels
by: Kumari

I have hypothyroidism.....i am taking 50m.g from last 4 months. I noticed that my prolactine is 33.6 i used a my prolactine is went down to 1.
I want to conceive...what I have to there any problem with my prolactine levels...please tell me.


Hi Kumari,

As you prolactin levels goes down, you should be able to ovulate. Make sure to chart you cycle to be able to detect ovulation in advance and not miss you chance to get pregnant. I would recommend using Ovacue to monitor your ovulation cycle.

Many Blessings!

Small concern
by: Anonymous

Before I decide to give FertileXX a go, I do have a concern. I have high prolactin levels. Although, I remain to have regular menstrual cycles & experience no lactation.

Also, my thyroid levels have been mildly high in the past. I have been taking a natural supplement by Gaia herbs for thyroid support that has worked very well. Last time I checked (4 months ago) my levels were normal. I continue to take the supplement anyway. Can I continue the supplement with the FertileXX?

Thank you.


Before taking FertileXX, you need to know if you are ovulating. Since you say that your cycle is regular.

If you are ovulating, you can still get pregnant with imbalanced prolactin levels. Please, know that prolactin fluctuates each month, so you may be fine.

Use Ovacue or take you BBT to make sure you are ovulating. If you miss ovulation, the FertileXX would be indicated.

Many Blessings!

Hyperprolactine and Yeast Infection
by: Charity

I had ectopic pregnancy. 24 march and was operated after 2 month I got pregnant. Again but loss it, but was not properly flushed. i visited my gynac. doc which he ask me to run a text Hsg, hormone profile swab culture indicstiom hyperprolactine and few yeast candidiasis, also pelvic scan it indicate mild cloud blood in my ovary. Evacuation was done amd place me on parlodel or bromergon, gent inj. cream and insertion. No sign of pregnancy yet.

What do I do? Pls help me. How csn I run sperm count at home. Thanks


Are you charting your cycle? You need to know if the meds you are on are working for you. The best way to know is to chart your cycle. You should be able to ovulate now. Use Ovacue to chart your cycle and to detect early signs of ovulation to be able to plan your pregnancy.

The yeast infection needs to be cleared before you get pregnant. In fact, yeast may prevent you from getting pregnant because it changes the pH in your vaginal tract affecting the sperm.

I would recommend doing a Candida detox and using Yeast Arrest Suppositories.

Yeast is common during early pregnancy due to hormonal changes, but having yeast during pregnancy can affect your blood sugar levels and your cravings, plus taking conventional medication during pregnancy is not advised. So, work now to completely clear your yeast and also make sure to avoid cross-contamination with your partner. He may be symptoms free but be infected by you and then re-infect you. So use a condom until the yeast is gone.

If you want to test sperm count at home the Sperm Test is the easiest way to go.

Please, know that this test is only able to tell you if the sperm count is sufficient for pregnancy. If there are other issues like sperm motility and morphology, you will need to see to do a sperm analysis prescribed by a fertility specialist.

Many Blessings!

Shpould I test for High Prolactin?
by: Anonymous

If I have regular menstrual periods, always Positive OPKs at around the same time of each month, is there still any chance I have high prolactin and inhibited ovulation? Im not able to get pregnant for the last 1.5 years. All other hormones (fsh, lh, amh, estradiol) are in norms. Prolactin and TTH never tested. Husbands tests are very good.



If I have regular menstrual periods, always Positive OPKs at around the same time of each month, is there still any chance I have high prolactin and inhibited ovulation? Im not able to get pregnant for the last 1.5 years. All other hormones (fsh, lh, amh, estradiol) are in norms. Prolactin and TTH never tested. Husbands tests are very good.


You do not appear to have any symptoms that would make suspect high prolactin levels. If this is of concern to you, just talk to your doctor for more advice on your need to be tested.

I am thinking that maybe you need to consider adding another (different) way to test your ovulation because maybe you are just missing the right time. It is very common for women to see a positive OPK and missing the egg altogether. My advise is to use a fertility monitor like Ovacue and BBT.

Ovacue will help find out when you are fertile with a lot more advance and accuracy than OPK and if you use the vaginal sensor you will be able to confirm ovulation with much more accuracy than with the OPK. The OPK only measures the surge of LH, which is always present in the body. LH has a spike 24-48 hours before the egg is released. Ovacue measure the levels of estrogen and progesterone (if you use the vaginal sensor) during the menstrual cycle, giving you more information about you fertility.

If you want you can also use the BBT method to help you correlate everything with your basal body temperature.

This article on charting to detect ovulation will help you.

Fertility Blessings!

milk discharge and absence of menses
by: Adebola

Tnks a lot for advice here. Am single,not ready for babies but how can I reduce my prolactin level? The test shows that my prolactin is 6500. Is it not too high? My doctor recommended bromergon which I used for a month, my menses came the following month. Since then it hasn't come. Can I try parlodel? Where can I get vitex n how? Thanks


It is not recommended to take Vitex in conjunction with regular drugs like Bromergon or Parodel.

Since you are not TTC right now, it would be a good idea to look into more natural and alternative options that may be able to support your body.

Vitex is a herbal remedy that may be able to help regulate the female hormones, including prolactin.

Talk to your doctor about taking a break from allopathic drugs and look into a natural approach.

The best way to start is by doing a fertility cleanse to help eliminate the toxins in your body that may affect your hormones.

Many Blessings!

re: detecting ovulation, BBT , etc.
by: Anonymous

Just want to reply to the answer to one question above. Thanks, for answering by the way ( that is about need or no need to test for prolactin)
I tried BBT charting before, and it always came to the same date as the OPKs predict, so after one year of trying i stopped. Besides, we have regular bed dance anyway, every 2-3 days, so I think with this I should have cought ovulation at some point.
It is frustrating not knowing the problem, but we will keep on searching for answers..

Thanks, and good chance for everyone!


Thanks so much for posting your comment and your experience. You are right, it is possible to do everything right each month and still not be able to get pregnant because the factors involved can be many.

Often OPK and BBT are good methods of detecting ovulation, but not necessary the best for every couple. Each one has to find what works best for them. I find that Ovacue is often a good alternative.

Many Blessings!

high prolactine
by: Anonymous

I been diagnosed high prolactin level 2006. my prolactin level is 55. I have normal periods every month. I have milk production from my breast
I want to take care this problem naturally.


High prolactin levels are often associated with prolactinoma, a benign tumor that grows on the pituitary gland. This is the cause of many symptoms like hormonal imbalance causing to impaired ovulation.

Madication can be successful in decreasing high prolactin levels, but not in all cases.

A natural approach can be very helpful. I would recommend seeking help from a naturopath or acupuncture practitioner near you.

Herbs that support pituitary function like Vitex and Maca may be an option if you do not want to take allopathic medication like bromocriptine.

Vitex helps support progesterone levels and stimulates the pituitary gland in producing LH at ovulation.

Maca nourishes the entire endocrine system and supports hormonal production in the body.

DIM helps support estrogen metabolism.

If the high prolactin levels are associated with poor thyroid function ThyroFem may a good option. This is a natural remedy that contains herbs and nutrients designed to support the function of the thyroid gland and it is safe to be used with thyroid medication.

Many Blessings!

Primolut N
by: Dia


I am 23 and I am married for 2years and 10 months. I have always had a regular period but since I am married and have been engaged in sexual activities I have notice that I am missing my period very often and I went to my doc and he prescribed Primolut N and I used it and got my period but now when i am waiting the other following month for my period it never comes.
What could be the cause and should I discontinue the use of Primolut N?


Before discontinuing Primolut N, you need to talk to your doctor. This medicine should not be stopped suddenly, you may need to finish your cycle. Your doctor will be able to guide you.

This drug may not be what your body needs. If you are willing to follow natural approach you might be able to regulate your cycle naturally.

Stress can often affect the menstrual cycle and often when people get married seem to have more stress. If this is what you are experiencing, consider getting help by a homeopath or naturopath.

Many Blessings!

Can vitex lower LH levels??
by: Anonymous

My prolactin level is 40.54 ng/ml , fsh is 4.16 mIU/ml , lh is 22.08 miu/ml..Is it ok if i take vitex?? I haven't had my period in over 10 months. Can vitex normalize my LH level too??
Please help.. Thanks


Vitex is known to help balance the hormones. If you have not had a period in 10 months, I would recommend working with a naturopath or qualified herbalist to help normalize your cycle as Vitex alone may not ne sufficient.

Other imbalances may be present like emotional stress, lack of vitamins, nutrients or other nutrients or other.

Many Blessings!

FertileXX or Vitex?
by: Anonymous

I miscarried my twin pregnancy at 23 weeks in May. Had 2 rounds of clomid in august and September without result. Now having Hyperprolactinemia, which herb will be appropriate for me Vitex or Fertile xx? I need to have my baby please!


Fertile XX contains Vitex and other herbs to support hormonal balance and maintain ovulation.
When TTC make sure to chart your cycle to know if you are ovulating.
With high Hyperprolactinemia, ovulation is less common.

Taking FerileXX for a few months is required before seeing results with ovulation within the menstrual cycles.

Many Blessings!

high prolatin and low progestrone
by: Anonymous

Tnx for gud work!trying to conceive and prolatin level is 28, 0.3 level of progestrone, LH 5,FSH 7.My hubby sperm motility 60percent and dead sperm 40percent!tnx


Low progesterone can be helped in many ways. I would recommend talking to your doctor about natural progesterone cream. This is a natural and easy way to help increase your progesterone levels. Your doctor will be able to tell you if this is suitable for your situation. It is often recommended to apply natural progesterone for a three months period and re-test to see if improvement has been achieved.

Other options are herbal remedies like Vitex. This herb is known for its many properties in helping women achieve conception naturally as it balances many female hormones by stimulating the pituitary gland in secreting LH. As a consequence Vitex is capable of boosting progesterone and support the corpus luteum during the second half of the menstrual cycle. It is also able is some cases to decrease high prolactin levels.

If your husband has poor sperm quality, consider a natural approach like FertilAid for men, which has been studied for its ability to help improve sperm count and motility.

This clinical study was published in the American Society of Andrology's Annual Proceedings. The results of this study revealed a "significant improvement" in the number of motile sperm, or "total normal sperm motility" in the group of men that took FertilAid for men when compared to the control group.

Other products like FertilAid Count Boost and FertilAid Motility Boost can be taken in combination and are very helpful in providing a total sperm health support.

Many Blessings!

High Prolactin
by: Anonymous

Hi i have been on bromocriptine for two months due to high prolactin levels, it was prescribed my my doctor after he told me i have hyperprolactemia, my periods are very regular, am considering taking Maca to lower my prolactin levels and balance my hormones, i don't want to take vitex for fear of the side effects since my periods are regular. pls do you think i should take the Maca or go for the Vitex.


If you are still taking bromocriptine, talk to your doctor before taking either Vitex or Maca.

If your period are regular, your body may not need additional support. If you are charting your cycle and are ovulating, then you will be fine on your own.

Other things you can do, that do not involve hormones are:

Yoga, Relaxation, acupuncture, and juicing.

All the Best!

irregular menses
by: teco

I am 33 and for the past 15years my period has been must be induced with drugs before it will come out and am married now and I have not being able to conceive for d past 7years,please what do I do?


Talk to your doctor about having a fertility evaluation to understand why you are not regular. The reasons for having irregular cycles can be many, including stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of minerals and vitamins that support fertility, toxicity, etc.

Look at your life style and see if there is something you can do improve it and do not forget to chart your cycle. This will give you a lot of info about your fertility. I would recommend Ovacue.

Many Blessings!

Getting Pregnant
by: Yve

I am glad to find this site. Although I have conceived more than once, which were terminated, have been having problems conceiving now.
I visited a fertility doctor and my prolactin level was found to be high. Also, my menstrual cycle has reduced from 5 to 7 days to 3 to 4 days and I don't see the ovulation signs anymore.

My doctor prescribed dostinex (cabergoline) tablets to reduce prolactin and also clomid to induce ovulation.

I have been on the medication for 3 months now but still haven't conceived. My doctor advised that I continue with the Dostinex until get pregnant.

I am very worried about this situation and will appreciate your advise on this.


My advise is to chart your cycle. This is very important if you are taking Dostinex. This drug has a direct inhibitory effect on pituitary gland and it should decrease your prolactin levels and help you ovulate.

I prolactin levels are known to affect ovulation and prevent pregnancy.

SO, you need to know if this drug is doing its job. The best way to know is to chart your cycle. I do recommend doing BBT and Ovacue at the same time. Fertility charting will also help you conceive faster.

When you chart your cycle, make sure to determine the level of fertile mucus as some medications including Clomid do decrease the very much needed fertile mucus at ovulation. You can learn more about this here.

Another natural approach that you can easily implement is fertility yoga. Yoga is known to help decrease stress and balance the entire endocrine system.

Many Blessings!

May i use vitex with brotin?
by: Faiza

I am married for more than 2 year but unable to conceive. Dr. Told me that I have high prolactin and recommended Brotin tablet twice a day, I used it for six month and now when I stop using this drug I again notice watery discharge from my right Breast. I want to ask you may I use brotin n vitex together? I also have endometriatic cyst and I am using duphastan for it.

Looking forward for your response.



Hi Faiza,

It is not recommended to take Vitex with other prescription medication.

many Blessings!

Herbal Remedy Vitex.
by: Esther

Pls I started having low menstralflow sometimes last year n I had ovulation profile test last year August which the result say my prolactin was 30 while my progesterone was 7 and Bromogen and Duphaston was prescribe which 've used but up till now 've not been able to get pregnant what do I do to get pregnant. Pls where can I get this vitex agnus castus herbal remedies.

Hi Esther,

Before switching over to an herbal program after been on conventional medicines, talk to your doctor. You can read more about Vitex here.

All The Best!

by: Aisha

I have multiple intramural fibroids, the largest. is 34 by 35mm at the posterior. Lower segment, blood consolidation of size 63mm by 41 in the uterine cavity. Also have low LH, clear fluid comes out from my nipple when I press. Bilateral tubal blockage. Pls help with advice I prefer. Natural cure.


Hi Aisha,

Consulting with an holistic practitioner would be a good idea. Natural therapies can provide a supportive complementary approach to fibroids. For example, castor oil therapy with self-fertility massage are things you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Your diet is also very important, especially avoiding any kind of commercially prepared food, dairy products, red meat and pesticides containing fruits and vegetables.

These chemical compounds, known as xenoestrogens fuel the formation of endometriosis and fibroids.

The Uterine Wise Kit is a great way to help support the uterus using a natural approach.

This kit contains FibroDense herbal remedy containing a blended formula specific for hormonal balance and prevent uterine tissue growth. It also contains DIM to help balance estrogen levels and self-fertility massage and castor oil instructions.

All the best!

Anovulation and high prolactin
by: Pat

I'm Pat.I was diagnosed having Anovulation,I lactate when I'm not nursing and my period has been so irregular..I was placed on Metformin, since I'm not married yet..I read about Vitex and started taking it.. 2weeks before I started the vitex, I had a scanty flow that lasted for 5days, Now 3days into taking the Vitex, my flow started started out with a brown discharge, then I started flowing normally.

I'm still on d Vitex, but I'm worried if its having a side effect or if its working out well? Should I go on with it, because I'll be getting married in months, want to get Pregnant.


Vitex is not suited to every woman and if you feel Vitex is affecting your menstrual cycle consider stopping it. Your body may not need it.

If you feel like you need a boost to your fertility or want to prepare for pregnancy, I would consulting with a homeopath or a naturopath instead.

Many Blessings!

How to take angnus castus
by: A

I sadly lost a baby at 35 weeks pregnant,7 months ago and despite taking a tablet to prevent lactation I lactated 2 months post partum and 5 months, and have just been told by the doctor that my prolactin level is high - 900.
We have been trying for another baby for 5 months but with no result (I got pregnant straight away last time).

I have a regular 28 day cycle, and my progesterone level is fine, however my luteal phase seems to be too short, as I am ovulating on day 20 so its only an 8 day luteal phase (before I got pregnant I used ovulate on day 15).

So the high prolactin is probably responsible for this, but doctor said she is a bit puzzled because my progesterone is fine, so how come my luteal phase is so short?

I am waiting for an NHS referral to an endocrinologist, but in the meantime have started taking agnus castus to try and reduce the prolactin.

I have heard that although it can help fertility, there is a tenuous link to this herb and miscarriage so many people take this only up until ovulation each month to protect any possible developing featus, however I wondered what your thoughts were on this as then is the medication being withdrawn just at the time when progesterone needs to rise.

Thanks A


Vitex is very helpful in supporting the corpus luteum during the luteal phase and it is all right to take it during the entire month, especially during the luteal phase.

It is best to stop once pregnancy is well established.

In fact, some practitioners recommend Vitex up to the third month of pregnancy or substitute vitex with natural progesterone cream is necessary.

When the switch happens at the third month mark when the placenta takes over in making the progesterone.

In your specific situation, it important to investigate deeper, as you are already planning to do.

Fertility Blessings!

Many Blessings!

Question about Prolactinoma
by: Megan

I have a micro-adenoma, which elevates my prolactin levels normally. I was lactating for no reason, which is how we found out. After a year or so on Bromocryptin, I had to increase my dosage because the lactation and breast swelling had returned out of nowhere. Prior to increasing my medicine I had been trying to conceive with my husband and my doctor told me that my levels were probably too high to let me ovulate and get pregnant, although I was still having periods. After increasing the medicine, it only took 1 month and I was pregnant.

My question is this: when I have the baby, if I were to not resume taking the Bromocriptine (I stopped while pregnant and plan to be off during breastfeeding) would my body naturally make it's own "birth control" and keep me from getting pregnant?


Hi Megan,

After giving birth, your body will produce prolactin during lactation, but it does not necessary provide birth control effect.

Also, it is possible that after birth your hormonal levels will normalize themselves.

Many Blessings!

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