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Getting Pregnant in Late Age

by Nana
(Egypt, Cairo)

My sister is 46 years old, she want to be a Mum Again, the doctor told her she can by IVF only. For good eggs what she should do as her hormone level is good but she want go through IVF with a good eggs.

How To Get Pregnant In Late Age

In order to produce healthy eggs and prepare for IVF it is important to consider three important aspects:

1. Increased Toxicity
2. Lack of Antioxidants
3. High Stress Levels

In order to support the IVF treatment it is important to:

1.Eliminate Toxicity

This aspect of egg quality is very important for every woman who is trying to conceive, but especially for those who are in their late fertility years. Toxic overload increase is one of the factors of reduced egg quality and increased hormonal imbalance. Doing a fertility cleanse before conception, especially when preparing for IVF is always recommended.

The fertility cleanse kit can help women who are preparing for IVF eliminate harmful toxins that can affect egg quality.

2.Increase Antioxidants

Antioxidants help keep the eggs genetically intact, healthy and ready to be fertilized. Increasing antioxidants, helps increase the quality of the eggs. Taking key supplements like Maca, Royal Jelly, L-Arginine and especially the antioxidant CoQ10 helps increase the production of healthy eggs and stimulates ovulation.

Here you can find natural supplements in a kit designed for women who are prepare for IVF.

3. Release Stress

For every woman who is going through IVF being relaxed and capable of releasing stress is so important. New studies have shown how guided meditation is an excellent way to increase success of IFV fertility cycles.
I strongly recommend learning more about using Circle & Bloom IVF CD for the purpose of relaxing, releasing stress and have mental and emotional support during IVF treatments.

All the best!

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