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Getting Pregnant On A Budget

by Chastity Marie
(South Carolina)

I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months by my husband but nothing has happened... before i start my period i get really sick tho. what can i do to increase the chances without having to spend much money bc i dont have alot of money...


Hi Chastity Marie,

I understand that the road to having a baby can be a very expensive one, but I hope the following advice will be able to help you increase your fertility and stay on budget.

1. Learn how to chart your cycle.

To get all the most effective knowledge on this topic download my FREE Guide To Fertility Charting And Natural Conception.

Read it carefully and apply what I teach there. This will give you 50% of the knowledge you need to conceive and target intercourse effectively to increase your chances each month.

2. Eat Well

Consider following the guidelines on the Fertility Diet and really make an effort in changing your diet as much as possible.

3. Boost Your Fertility

Do invest in fertility vitamins like FertilAid form women and for Men. This investment will pay for itself when you will get pregnant.

Fertilaid vitamins are all natural formulated to provide a complete pre-conception vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant and herbal support for couples who are trying to conceive. They are doctor-designed to achieve pregnancy faster and very affordable.

1 in 6 will experience difficulty in becoming pregnant. As part of a healthy lifestyle, FertilAid is designed to optimize your chances of conceiving, by
bringing together select herbal ingredients and key vitamins in an all natural, non-prescription formula.

FertilAid for Women promotes the restoration and balance of hormones that play a central role in regular ovulation cycles, supporting a woman’s reproductive system. The reason why many fertility experts recommend FertiAid vitamins is because it contain Vitex agnus castus, an herbal remedy studied clinically for its effectiveness in nourish the female reproductive organs, balance the hormones and address common fertility disorders, like irregular periods, PCOS, short luteal phase, recurrent miscarriage, and poor ovulatory cycles.

When trying to conceive you also need to have lots of fertile cervical mucus that looks like raw egg white. If you lack this, right at ovulation your fertility will decrease as this mucus maintains the sperm healthy longer in your reproductive tract just before the egg is released, giving you increased chance of conception each month. FertileCM will help your body increase the quality and quantity of fertile cervical mucus and assist embryo implantation preventing miscarriages.

FertilAid for Men help men who are trying to conceive increase the quality and quantity of healthy sperm. If sperm quality id decreased the sperm do not have enough strength to swim and reach the egg during fertilization.

FertilAid for men is designed to support the healthy formation of sperm and increase both sperm motility and sperm count. Results from an independent clinical study on FertilAid for Men indicate significant improvements in sperm health, with marked increases in the "total number of motile sperm".

I hope this helps you!

Fertility Blessings!

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