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Getting Pregnant On Clomid and One Fallopian Tube

by Louise

Hi, I am just wondering if I can still get pregnant the doctor says I can and has put me on clomid! It all started 2 yrs ago ago when I had ovarian cyst an had a op to remove it ( they found it as I went to my doctor because I wasn’t getting pregnant).

Then I got caught pregnant but had a miscarriage. I got caught pregnant again on my next cycle but had a ectopic! ;(. Basically what I am asking is cause I have got no right tube and had my cyst on my left ovary ( which the did NOT remove) what is my chances of getting caught. I am still on clomid as wel!!.

Any feedback wud be gud??? X


Hi Louise,

Even after one tube has been removed and bothovaries are functioning, you can get pregnant. Clomid is a fertility drug that will stimulate your ovaries to produce more eggs and this is supposed to help you get pregnant.

So, I believe that you can get pregnant even if your right tube has been removed and your left ovary had a cyst. Once the cyst has been removed, your left ovary will begin to ovulate as normal.

One thing you should do while on Clomid: make sure you are producing enough fertile cervical mucus in order to conceive. Many women on Clomid seem to have decreased fertile mucus as result of taking this drug and fail to conceive, not because they don’t ovulate but because the sperm does not have enough fertile mucus to survive within the vaginal canal long enough to fertilize the egg.

In order to overcome this situation, I would recommend using Pre-seed. This is really the only natural and sperm friendly lubricant on the market that has helped many women with poor fertile cervical mucus conceive.

Learn more about natural ways to increase fertile mucus.

Alos, make sure to chart your cyle to maximize your ability to conceive each month. This fertility guide will be very helpful.

Fertility Blessings!

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by: Agnes

How many days does a woman ovulate?


Hi Agnes,

Once the egg is released by the ovary, it will remain viable for 12-24 hours.

Many Blessings!

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