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Getting Pregnant Protocol

by Brittany H
(Wichita Falls, TX)

I have a healthy 5yr old little girl, who I had an awesome and easy pregnancy and labor. My husband and I are ready for another child and got pregnant 2 yrs ago, but sadly had a miscarriage at 8wks. Since this we haven't had any luck getting pregnant and we don't have the money for all the expensive doctors to check for fertility problems or get fertility help. I' m scared and want another baby, what should we do?


Hi Brittany,

Having had a miscarriage at 8 weeks is a sad event, but normally it is not an indication that something is wrong with your fertility. Having an early miscarriage can indicate poor hormonal balance, though. This can be solved with natural health by following a healthy diet and taking fertility vitamins.

The fact that you had a healthy pregnancy with your daughter is very encouraging because your body can do it again.

Having a medical fertility evaluation would be a good idea because this will tell you if all your reproductive organs are functioning well. Your doctor will check for ovarian reserves, hormonal levels, blockage of the fallopian tube, endometriosis, etc.

If this is not an option for you, I would recommend trying for 6 more month naturally with the help of natural supplements this time.

Fertility Protocol:

Follow this fertility protocol to enhance your fertility:

1. Fertility Cleanse

I recommend doing the fertility cleanse for women because it helps you detoxifying the liver and cleanse the uterus.
In some women the uterus is not able to empty its entire contents every menstrual cycle. If this is the case you will experience symptoms like PMS, cramps during your period, dark blood during menstruation, clots, endometriosis, PCOS, absence periods, spotting, long cycles, and irregular menstrual flow.

If the uterus is not completely cleansed every month, old stagnant blood will remain. This may create a toxic environment for the devoting embryo.

Note: follow this cleanse for at least a month before trying to conceive. It is best not to try to conceive while on this cleanse.

2. Self Fertility Massage

Doing self fertility massage is the best way to increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs and enhance your fertility. The Self-fertility massage DVD teaches how to do
fertility massage to yourself at home. Make sure to do self-fertility massage together with Castor oil therapy as this helps for endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

While trying to conceive follow the self-fertility massage and castor oil therapy only up until ovulation. Once you know you have ovulated discontinue these treatments until the next month.

3. Fertility Herbs

Taking pregnancy preparation herbs will help normalize progesterone levels, improve ovulation, support embryo implantation, tone the uterus and promote overall female fertility while trying to conceive, dramatically increasing your chances of becoming pregnant each month.

Detecting Fertility Issues

Male Sperm Count

The best way to know if there are any fertility issue sis of course to see a doctor, but there are home sperm tests available that can give an indication if male sperm count are high enough for pregnancy.

Female Hormonal Imbalance

One way to know if your hormonal level sand ovulation patterns are normal is by monitor your cycle using Ovacue fertility monitor.

OvaCue works by measuring changes to electrolyte levels in your saliva that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. This method of predicting ovulation is over 98% accurate and is FDA approved. You will know 5-7 days in advance when you are about to ovulate giving lots of time to plan intercourse and make sure you use all your possible chances to conceive each month.

For added functionality and accuracy, Ovacue should be used with both the oral sensor and the vaginal sensor. The vaginal sensor is indispensible for women with fertility issues like irregular periods, endometriosis and PCOS because it confirms ovulation by detecting the change from estrogen to progesterone.

Fertile Cervical Mucus

Having fertile cervical mucus that looks like raw egg white just before ovulation is very important. If you do not have fertile cervical mucus. Some women may have regular ovulation and periods, but lack fertile cervical mucus at the time of ovulation. If you do not produce fertile cervical mucus you will not be able to get pregnant.

By taking FertileCM natural supplement together with your fertility vitamins, you can dramatically increase your chances of conception.

I hope this protocol gives you some guidelines to conceive your second child soon. If you need more advice, do not hesitate to ask.

Fertility Blessings!

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