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Getting Pregnant with no Thyroid

by Andi

What can you do to help if I have no thyroid and I am trying to get pregnant. I am on medication for that.

Andi Walser


Hi Andi,

When you don't have a thyroid, it is as if you were hypothyroid because your gland is not capable of sufficient thyroid hormone. The level of your thyroid hormone is very important in trying to conceive because it is strictly related to ovulation and the production of reproductive hormones.

You have to be on hormone replacement therapy at all times and should be followed by your doctor to make sure your thyroid hormonal levels stay stable.

I am not sure which kind of hormone replacement therapy you are currently on but you should continue with it as per your doctor recommendations. Getting pregnant without a thyroid becomes a problem when your hormonal levels are not within the normal range. This should be addressed by monitoring a by choosing the best type of thyroid hormone for you. Many alternative practitioner recommend natural source like Armour Thyroid rather than synthetic ones.

Many women who have thyroid issues, have difficulty ovulating or the quality of the eggs is poor. A natural health program can support your ovulation to facilitate conception.

I would recommend the Improve Egg Health Kit to improve the quality of your eggs and to stimulate healthy ovulation.

Fertility Blessings!

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