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Guidance for IVF surrogacy cycle

by Karine
(New Zealand)

After five failed IVF cycles, both tubes removed, four ectopic pregnancies, we turned to IVF surrogacy treatment. Sadly, our gestational surrogate miscarried at six weeks. I read with great attention your website: in order to improve the quality of my eggs for our next cycle, what would you recommend? Which yoga DVD? Which homeopathic support? I will start drinking smoothies as recommended. Any advise to give us hope and help manage this emotional and physical rollercoaster would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your website and support, best wishes.

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Homeopathic Fertility Program for IVF
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Homeopathic medicine and natural health can certainly help you increase the quality of your eggs for your next IVF surrogacy cycle. This program consists of 120 days preconception treatment before IVF. It is very important to follow a homeopathic protocol for this time because this is the time that it takes for a follicle to mature into a ready to be released healthy egg. Some women though, notice better ovarian response and overall improvement after just 60 days. You will be monitored by your fertility doctor at this stage. How each woman responds depends on the level of health at the starting point. This program is based on the principle that fertility drugs and birth control pill either hyper stimulate or suppress ovulation leading to imbalance that ultimately creates poor ovarian response. The homeopathic portion of this fertility program consists on taking specific homeopathic remedies during the menstrual cycle to stimulate ovulation, produce healthier eggs, balance the hormones and detoxify the body. The homeopathic remedies are part of a specific protocol designed for each woman and each case individually after taking an online questionnaire. The natural health portion of this program is based on fertility nutrition, which includes specific vitamins and fertility foods that are meant to increase ovarian function, healthy egg production, and successful implantation. The program also teaches fertility awareness method to learn when ovulation is approaching for natural conception.

If you would like to participate in the homeopathic fertility program, simply complete the online questionnaire as accurately as possible. The cost is only $65.00 which includes ongoing email support with me to guide you in any specific circumstance you might be experiencing at each stage. I will be happy to assist you. Please note that the homeopathic remedies are not included and the cost will depend on each case. A typical protocol may include 6-7 remedies. These remedies can be purchased through your local health food store or through online or mail order homeopathic pharmacies in your country. Please, learn more about the homeopathic fertility program and how it can help you.

Other important things you can do are relaxation, yoga and following a fertility diet rich in fertility food like Maca, Royal Jelly and CoQ10 all necessary for healthy egg production. The yoga for fertility DVD I recommend is called bend breathe and conceive and it is excellent in helping release stress and increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

Wishing you all the best,

Maria Gioia Atzori,
BSc Hons, MS, DSHomMed Hons, DWH Hom
Fertility Coach and Homeopathic Practitioner

PS: If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me again.

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