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Healthy Cycles At 45

by Barb

I'm trying to get help regarding my periods and general reproductive health, I'm over 45, (not much over) and keep getting turned down or off against trying to keep my periods and keep them regular even if I don't plan on conceiving.

And if so, is there something specific you can recommend? Thank you.



Hi Barb,

I am not sure why someone would tell you otherwise, but in my opinion it is very important that you keep your period regular at 45. There should not be any discrimination about your age as your age is perfectly fine. You are still in your fertile years even if you might be entering the stage of perimenopause. During this stage you are still fertile, but your periods become irregular as a result of hormonal imbalance. This is often related to low estrogen and or low progesterone.

You may be experiencing specific symptoms like irregular periods, shorter periods, hot flashes, anovulatory bleeding, etc.

As I do not know your case specifically, I would recommend consulting with a homeopath, herbalist or naturopath closer to you that can take your complete case. This is important if you are experiencing any bothersome symptoms related to your periods.

If what you are looking for is a natural tonic to support your hormonal balance and natural menstrual cycles, I would recommend FertileXX. This herbal remedy helps:

1. Support the female reproductive health

2. Help maintain menstrual cycle regularity

3. Support healthy, regular ovulation and egg production

4. Maintain hormonal balance

5. Promote healthy libido

6. Maintains balanced mood

I would also recommend supplementing with Essential Fatty Acids and multivitamins for women.

These nutrients are essential to support healthy hormones, promote healthy bones, prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can lead to poor endocrine function.

I hope this helps you.

Many Blessings!

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