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Heavy Periods with Lots of Clotting

by AMS
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I'm 33 years old & I am suffering from secondary infertility. I had laparscopic surgery a year ago for mild endometriosis. I've been using natural progesterone cream from day 8-22 of my cycle for the past 2 months to try to extend my luteal phase. I usually get light brown discharge for 3-4 days before my normal period starts. And then my normal period usually comes around day 26 of my cycle.

My period has been very heavy with lots of clotting.

I thought that by using the progesterone cream from day 8-22 it would suppress my ovulation. (I was going to do that for 2-3 months) & then try to conceive the following month & start the progesterone cream after ovulation. I have also been doing castor oil packs and fertility massage just about every day until my period comes.

I exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. I take a multivitamin, fish oil, vitex, magnesium, evening primrose oil, and milk thistle daily.

Could the natural progesterone cream be causing heavy periods with lots of clots? Shouldn't natural progesterone cream be extending my luteal phase? (My luteal phase is always about 9-10 days & then I get 3-4 days of light brown discharge & then my period always comes on day 26 of my cycle).

It doesn't seem like the progesterone cream is helping at all.

I don't know if the endometriosis is back or if I have fibroids. Have you ever heard of a supplement called FibroVera AHS----it's supposed to be good for estrogen dominance & hormonal balance?


Vitex and natural progesterone cream should not be taken at the same time. It is possible to take Vitex and natural progesterone cream during the same cycle but not on the same days.

Vitex should be taken after your period until ovulation and natural progesterone cream after ovulation for 14 days.

If you want to supress ovulation, do not take Vitex, just apply progesterone cream during that month. My advice is to try one more month of natural progesterone cream from day 8-26 and no Vitex.

Then stop natural progesterone cream and switch to Vitex from after your periods until your period come naturally. Vitex takes longer to provide effects in your body, but it can be taken for long periods of time safely.

Progesterone cream can be taken safely for 3 months, but you should have a break of 1-2 months before doing another 3-month cycle. It is not meant to be taken long term unless you are regularly monitoring your saliva hormonal levels.

Having clots during periods can be
a sign of detoxification and cleansing, which shows that the body is eliminating internal debris caused by stagnant blood, endometrial tissue, etc. This can be the case when natural therapies are implemented for the first time.

This is not necessarily a bad thing unless you have high loss of blood with severe abdominal cramps. In that case you should see your doctor. Natural progesterone cream should not cause these symptoms as far as I know. If in doubt, call your doctor.

Having 2-3 months of cleansing-type periods is expected when you begin a natural therapy, especially if you are doing castor oil packs and self-fertility massage. Ease off on the frequency of the castor oil packs. Do them only 3 times a week. I think that the castor oil therapy is causing you to release and break down all the scar tissue in your uterus. So, you may need to do it less often.

The natural progesterone cream may increase “estrogen dominance” symptoms the first 1-2 cycles of use because it can stimulate the estrogen receptors.

So it is possible to experience and temporary aggravation of estrogen-like symptoms initially. This depends on your level of imbalance. These symptoms should go away, but initially it does feel like the cream is doing the opposite of what it is supposed to do. The best way to avoid this is to follow a fertility cleanse first. The cleanse helps eliminate excess estrogen form the body.

Makes sure to check the ingredients of your cream and that your cream does not contain any parabens or other estrogenic cosmetics ingredients. Which brand are you using? Not all progesterone creams are created equal. I would recommend using Fertilica Progesterone cream as this one is very safe and contains all natural ingredients and botanical formulated to help women who are trying to conceive.

FibroVera AHS is formulated in such a way that helps women with fibroids and estrogen dominance eliminates excess estrogen and fibrin which builds up during fibroid growth. I like this formula as it supports hormonal balance and has really good key ingredients, but I would not necessarily recommend to every woman because it contains DHEA, Dehydroepiandrosterone.
DHEA is a precursor of natural progesterone but too much can cause masculinizing effects on women. I think that natural progesterone cream is a safer alternative. Before taking this product talk to your doctor and have saliva testing done to assess the need and the necessary amount of DHEA.

If you know for sure that you have fibroids because your doctor has diagnosed them, then consider using the FibroWise Remedy Kit.

Fertility Blessings!

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