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Hemp Oil During IVF Cycle

by Ada

Hi,I'm in my mid thirties and have started my first ivf cycle after ttc for a few years. I was pregnant four yrs ago after two months of ttc but had a miscarriage at 16 wks. Unfortunately i haven’t been pregnant since then. I'm really hoping that this time i have success.

I've recently started taking hemp oil after reading about it's health benefits. My question is this: is it safe to take hemp oil while taking the hormonal injections? I took them while taking the supressant injection and it was ok as my ovaries are now suppressed. An urgent answer will be much appreciated.


Hi Ada,

There are very few studies done to assess the safety of hemp seed oil during pregnancy or embryo transfer, just to be sure ask your fertility doctor.

Hemp oil is considered to have the most balanced oil for human nutrition. It provides all the Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) requirements: it has 3 parts of Linoleic acid (LA) to 1 part of Alpha Linolenic acid (LNA). Flax seed oil has 55% LNA, while Help seed oil has only 35%.

Help oil helps infertility as it supports ovulation and decreases pelvic inflammation. Some sources consider help oil easily digestible and suited for pregnant women, while others link alpha linolenic acid in Flax seed oil to increased uterine contraction during early pregnancy possible causing miscarriage. Of course Flax seed oil has a higher concentration of LNA than Hemp seed oil.

It is all related to the amount as well. If your doctor tells you that it is Ok to take it, stick to recommended daily dose.

I have personally taken help seed oil during my pregnancies with no side effects, but each person is different.

Most fertility doctors recommend stop taking any natural supplements until after the embryo transfer as there is the risk of interaction with the suppressive medication you are now doing.

I am sorry I cannot give you a clear answer, but there simply not enough studies done on this topic.

Many Blessings!

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