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Herbal Tampons for Bloked Tubes

Hi! I have been diagnosed of distal blocked fallopian tubes (both tubes). HSG showed it and my last follicular monitoring showed hydrosalphinx.

What natural methods could I do to unblock it? I have heard about herbal tampons but I want to know if it will work for me and when to start and end use? Should I douche every time I remove it?




Herbal Tampons for Bloked Tubes

Herbal tampons are really useful in helping unblock the fallopian tubes. The fluid builds up inside your fallopian tubes for many reasons, but in many cases it may contain toxins that need to be removed in order to allow a healthy pregnancy as these toxins can affect the developing baby.

Consider doing the fertility cleanse in conjunction with doing herbal tampons. The fertility cleanse helps clear the uterus and the liver from toxins while the herbal tampons help clear your pelvic organs from infections that can be causing blockage in the fallopian tubes and fluid build-up.

When the fluid builds up inside your fallopian tubes, they swell up and may become twisted often moving away from their location, just slightly, but enough to cause infertility. In fact, the egg cannot be caught by the fallopian tubes, the sperm cannot reach the egg due to the blockage and the risk of tubal pregnancy increases dramatically.

The process of unblocking your fallopian tubes due to hydrosalphinx is really easy and very effective in most cases, you need to persevere and do
this as many months are necessary until your tubes are completely patent.

It usually takes 10-20 minutes a day to apply the tampon and do the douching. In average, most women need a minimum of 2-3 months to successfully unblock their fallopian tubes.

You need to start the day after your periods are over.

Insert the tampon with the herbs inside your vagina before going to bed.

Leave it inside for 24 hours.

The next day remove the old tampon.

Douche with Chamomile tea.

After the douche insert a new tampon.

Continue each day of your menstrual cycle, except during your periods.

Make sure to over a pan so that you can check the presence of debris. To douche boil 8 cups of water and 1-2 bags of chamomile tea. The tea should be warm, never hot or cold.

When the flashes are clear for 5-7 days consecutively, your fallopian tubes will be unblocked. Most women begin to see results during the first couple of weeks, but I do recommend continuing for at least an entire month to make sure all the blockage has been removed completely.

The time required really depends on each woman individually so do not lose hope and continue until your tubes are completely cleared.

Herbal tampons are also useful to prevent and treat any infections including yeast infections, endometriosis and to shrink fibroids naturally.

Herbal tampons for bloked tubes do work well for those who have hydrosalphinx, I hope it will work for you, too.

Fertility Blessings!

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Blocked tubes and HIV Positive
by: Anonymous

I am 37 and hiv+ with both tubes blocked I realy want a baby but the doctor say its impossible for me to get pregnant some thick simen coming out of my vagina pls help...


Being HIV positive and trying to conceive complicates things because you will need to plan your pregnancy and take medications throughout your pregnancy in order to protect your baby.

These medications have side effects and you need to be couched and supported in every way.

Having blocked fallopian tubes further complicates the entire situation, that's why your doctor are advising against your decision to conceive.

My advise is to seek care elsewhere if you strongly feel the need to become a mother.

The first step is to unblocked you fallopian tubes. This can be done using a natural approach. It is not successful in all cases, but it is definitely worth trying.

Other option is to use IVF.

Many Blessings!

trompes de fallope reparées il y avait 2 ans
by: Jenn

Bonjour, il y avait 2 ans qu'on a débouché mes 2 trompes, maintenant je ne sais pas si elles sont bouchés ou non.
J'ai lu que après la réparation des trompes, elles se bloquent après 2 ou 3 mois après.

J'ai des fibromes multiples et j'ai déjà fait 2 échecs de FIV. Le prochain FIV sera vers le mois novembre 2013; je suis vraiment très désespérée maintenant.

J'ai 41 ans. Puis-je faire en même temps utiliser le ovawise kit pour les œufs sains et le kit fallopewise et en même le uterinewise kit? je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps jusqu'à la prochaine FIV.
Merci de me répondre.


Salut Jen,

Mon français n'est pas très bon mais je pense que j'ai comprends votre question. Oui, vous pouvez prendre tous les kit Ovawise et UterineWise ensemble. Le FallopianWise kit contient des éléments similaires au kit UterineWise.
La meilleure solution est d'ajouter Wobenzym séparé.
Je suis heureux que vous avez choisi une approche naturelle.
Rappelez-vous: Ne prenez pas tout en faisant la FIV.

Meilleurs vœux!

How to preaper the tampons
by: Anonymous

How to preaper the tampons please. What kind of herbs to put and how to do it?


To learn more about herbal tampons, read this article here.

Many Blessings!

I have one follpain tube
by: Adina

Hi my left follapain tube is removed because of ectopic pregnancy and right one is effected with hydrosalpinx my doc is suggesting me to remove my right tube as well to have successful ivf pleas help me which natural treatment will best for me to use.


Hi Adina,

Natural methods can help in most cases. If you have hydrosalpinx, I would recommend herbal tampons and The Fallopian Wise Fertility Kit.

There are many types of herbal tampons, some you can make yourself using specific herbs or you can use The Felopio approach (, which can be very successful.

Many Blessings!

Castor oil & blocked tubes
by: rainbow child

I've had fibroid removal surgery (9). I've been diagnosed with hydrosalpinx. And I'm trying to get rid of a yeast infection. At the current time I'm using garlic glove (vaginally and orally). Will this with the use of castor oil patches help me conceive by cleaning /clearing my follopian tubes?


Castor Oil packs are very useful in helping shrink fibroids. Garlic and yogurt can help with yeast infection.

Candida balance herbal remedy can also be beneficial.

Candida and yeast can also affect the fallopian tubes. The best way to treat hydrosalpinx is by doing herbal tampons like

All the best!

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