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Herbal tea and Castor oil pack remedy?

by Mary
(New York, NY, USA)

Hi, I am 36 years old female, who had pretty severe history of endometriosis.

I was diagnosed back in April 2006, had myomectomy to remove 1 fibroid and 1 endometriosis, both in size 12cm. Then fall 2007 to March 2008, I had 3 very severe pain and breathing complication due to endometriosis and Ovairan Abscess and was taken to ER. Finally on March 2008 I had another surgery by Laparoscopy and my left tube was removed.

I think this all came from the stress from an unhappy marriage and bitter divorce, relocating myself and other personal problems all at the same time. Since then I have met a wonderful man and we are now trying to get pregnant. We tried IVF back in Feb 2009,

I was pregnant but I lost in the very early stage. Now, I started doing yoga (Hatha), Castor Oil pack and herbal teas (I mix myself of chaste tree berry, Dong Quai, Burdock, Dandelion and other herbs). I will start my IVF cycle again from March 24th 2010 and I just started all these except yoga, so I am not sure if it's too late to start. I guess my question is if I am doing things correctly and effectively? I do Yoga 5 times a week, Castor oil 6 days a week and tea every day for 2-3 cups. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or any other suggestions
I should do.

I really want this IVF cycle to work and I feel great about it so far.
Just for more info, I have new 2 endometriosis on the right side of ovary, in 2 and 3cm each.

Thank you very much!


You have done a great job on preparing for your in vitro cycle.

During your in IVF cycle it is best not to take any
herbal remedies because you will be under the influence of drugs that literally manipulate your hormonal system and the effect of the herbs will be overpowered.

Also avoid castor oil packs because they can affect the embryo transfer.

Yoga will have a great positive effect on your parasympathetic nervous system and it will definitely help you release all the negative emotions and fears that you have accumulated in your body as a result of your life events. Talk to your doctor about doing any physical exercise during IVF. If he/she says that it is Ok, just do very gentle relaxation Yoga. It is really important to really relax during this time. If you can, follow a meditation program as well.

What I would recommend is to eat fertility foods, foods that will help your eggs be strong and healthy. These are: maca, royal jelly (make sure you are not allergic to bee products), gonji juice, and wheat grass.

Also it would help taking anti oxidants like CoQ10, L-arginine, vitamin C, natural vitamin E, Zinc, and beta carotene (better from freshly squeezed carrots). Learn how to make a fertility smoothie and drink one each morning during your entire IVF treatment.

Avoid soy products, peas, dairy, too much meat, and wheat from your diet.

Fertility Acupuncture at this time can help you relax and aid in the process of implantation.

If you feel stressed out over this process (I can sense that you are), a great Bach Flower Remedy is Rescue Remedy. This remedy can be taken before a doctor's appointments, testing, IVF procedures, etc. The recommended dose is 4 drops 4 times a day to help you relax and give you mental and emotional support while you go your in vitro cycle. Read more about Bach Flower Therapy.

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia Atzori,
BSc Hons, MS, DSHomMed Hons, DWH Hom

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Preparing for In vitro
by: Mary


Thank you very much for your reply Maria. I have a couple of follow up questions. When should I stop the herbal tea remedy and Castor oil pack? My IVF cycle starts next week on March 24th, but I am on Lupron injection to suppress Endometriosis so I am not sure if the herbal tea works at this point. Is Caster Oil safe until the time of transfer, or I should finish before the cycle start?

Also Soy products. You said I should avoid soy. I rarely eat meat and my diet rely on soy products and occasional fish/egg so what would be the alternative if I avoid soy? I've also read as long as soy is fermented (like Tempeh or Natto) it's OK. Is that true?

How about Yogurt? Since that's fermented, is that OK to do also?

Bach flower remedy. Do you recommend 1 cup water, 4 drops as a drink and do it 4 times a day? (total of 16 drops a day) or make one drink with 4 drops and drink it throughout the day 4 times?

It all sounds very good and effective, so I would like to prepare doing it! Thank you very much again, and this website is so helpful!!!

All the best,

Preparing for In vitro with natural health
by: Maria

Hi Mary,

It is best to stop Castor oil packs and the tea when you start your IVF cycle. Fermented soy products and yogurt are fine. Non-fermented soy products have estrogenic effect and can cause a miscarriage. During your in vitro cycle you have two main goals:
1. Produce healthy eggs by taking fertility foods like royal jelly, coQ10, L-arginine, Maca, and wheat grass, etc.

2. Nourish the embryo to facilitate implantation. That's why acupuncture is often used to increase the success rate of IVF because it draws blood supply to the uterus. Something that you can do is to soak your feet every night for about 20 minutes in hot water in order to improve your circulation (starting now). Staying warm is very important. Do not eat cold foods or drinks during your cycle, make sure they you have warm foods that nourish your female energy. If you have a fertility smoothie make sure to use room temperature ingredients. Also, avoid saunas and hot bath during embryo transfer and the first trimester. You need to be warm not hot. High temperatures are dangerous to growing babies.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy helps you stay in balance, stay focussed and create positive energy to assist your physical body. You can either do the 4 drops in a glass of water 4 times a day or put 16 drops in your drinking water and sip as you go through your day. This will be especially useful the day of the transfer, which you will be spending relaxing, and resting in bed.

Remember to trust your body, release your fears and negative emotions, allow new beginnings to enter your life.

Visualize your eggs being very healthy. With your inner vision, see them developing and maturing just as nature intended it. Then, visualize blood flow going to your uterus and nourishing your implanted little embryo. Visualize the embryo happy, healthy and growing.

All the best!


Goji Berry?
by: Mary

Hi Maria,

Thank you very much for your quick response! I am so happy to know there is somebody like you I can ask questions about the natural remedies. I would like to follow your direction, and bought some things for fertility smoothie today! One thing I was concerned was the use of Goji berry. I know that it has the effect of blood thinning. In my IVF cycle doctor will be using baby aspirin for me to avoid blood clotting. (based on my history and blood test)Can this berry safe to use for the smoothie, or should I choose different berry? Goji seemed the best berry for fertility, but I would like your opinion.

I am also taking prenatal vitamin and folic acid. Are all food and fertility smoothie you recommended safe to use with Prenatal vitamin?

Thank you very much!
Best wishes,

Gonju Berry and Aspirin
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Much like the common aspirin, the Goji berry is also a blood-thinner. A small amount of Gonji berry in your smoothie one in a while is probably OK, but you should avoid it while taking aspirin just to be on the safe side. It is true that Goji has great potential for fertility because it is a good antioxidant, but you can take others in the mean while.

You can add to your smoothie other berries like blueberries, strawberries, etc. Also Maca, Royal Jelly and Spirulina can help increase your fertility.

The remedies and vitamins I talk about on the website are suited for women who are trying to conceive. If you tell me which one you are referring to I can give you more specific info.

Take care,


Gonji berry and fertility smoothie
by: Mary


I am going to try making your fertility smoothie, the recipe included fruits, 75ml liquid beverage, 2 scoop of whole food antioxidant powder, 2scoop of green, 2 bananas, yogurt, bee pollen, honey, almond butter and flax seed oil. I will be taking prenatal vitamin, Folic acid and cranberry pill my fertility doctor prescribed me along with fertility smoothie. I do cranberry because I have very frequent Urinary Tract (every 3 months or so). My IVF cycle will start in a few days!!

Any suggestion you will have about this combination of vitamin and food will be greatly appreciated.

Also, can fertility smoothie safe to continue after the transfer?

Thank you very much for all.
Best wishes,

Fertility Smoothie and IVF
by: Anonymous

The fertility smoothie recipe sounds great and you can definitely continue after the transfer.

You are doing great, just continue this way.
Remember to relax, relax, relax. Your body responds to your emotions. At this time this is the most important thing you need to do.

Everything will be fine. I hope your cycle will be successful!

Thank you!
by: Mary

Thank you very much for your great suggestions and replies. I will stay positive and go through this IVF!

All the best,

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