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Herbs for Pregnancy

Herbs for pregnancy are very useful to provide additional nutrition to your prenatal vitamins and to treat common pregnancy discomforts like morning sickness, fatigue, and to prevent miscarriages.

Herbs for pregnancy also have a nourishing power containing high concentrations of Vitamin A, B, C, and E and the easy to absorb iron and calcium, and other minerals like potassium and phosphorus, very much needed during pregnancy. 

How to Use Herbs Safely During Pregnancy

I would recommend that once you become pregnant you begin switching from FertiliTea to Tea For Two. This herbal bland has been specifically designed for pregnant women to help have a problem free pregnancy and delivery.

Among all the herbs for pregnancy, Red Raspberry tea is one of the safest and used as a tonic to strengthen the uterus. It also helps prevent hemorrhages and miscarriages while supporting healthy digestion and preventing morning sickness.

A tea made from Red Raspberry provides extra calcium needed for the baby's growing skeleton. This herb also helps you sleep better and relax, helping you reduce stress.

Ginger is another great herb for pregnancy, especially for those who experience morning sickness. You can get fresh ginger at your grocery store and slice it up into small pieces, boiled them and then sip the water as a tea during the entire day.

Herbs That Can Be Used In Pregnancy

Herb for pregnancy formula to prevent habitual miscarriage:

False unicorn root

Back haw root/bark

Cramp bark

Raspberry leaf

Squaw vine

Herbs for pregnancy formula for threatened miscarriage with cramps and bleeding:

Wild yam root


False unicorn


Shepherd's purse

The following herbs are safe during pregnancy:

Alfalfa to provide nutritional support of minerals and vitamins

Black Haw

German Chamomile to soother your nerves and bring tranquillity

Cramp bark to prevent miscarriage

Echinacea to support the immune system (take only for short periods of time like 15 days cycles)

Dandelion leaf to support the kidneys and the liver

Ginger root to prevent and ease morning sickness

Lemon verbena


Peppermint to help digestion and soothe migraines

Red Raspberry leaf to strengthen the uterine muscles and prepare for labor

Strawberry leaf

Vitex (first trimester only) to support corpus luteum production of progesterone levels

Partridge berry

Herbs Not Safe During Pregnancy



Arnica (safe in homeopathic preparation)

Bach cohosh (unsafe during last trimester)

Blessed Thistle


Blue Cohosh (safe in homeopathic preparation)





Don Quai










Prickly ash

Red Clover




Vitex (second and third trimester)



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