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High FSH and low AMH

by Hazel
(Atlanta, Georgia)

I am 41 years old and recently my endocrinologist told me that I am not a candidate for ivf because my FSH level is 23.6 and my AMH reserve is less than 0.16.

She suggested that we get a donor egg. Can natural supplements help me? We really want to have our baby using my own eggs. I've never been pregnant before. I exercise and otherwise am healthy.

Please help.


Hi Hazel,

Having high FSH and low AMH gets you the label of not been a good candidate for IVF treatments because the quantity and quantity of your eggs will not be good enough.

IVF treatments provide a solution to infertility but they do not provide a cure. Most fertility clinics care more about their success rates and not your fertility. Unfortunately conventional medicine does not have a solution for poor egg quality because there is no drug that can substitute your body release toxins, improve your diet, help you release stress and increase blood flow to your ovaries.

AMH is just one measure of ovarian reserve. You have to take it in context many other factors that are affecting your hormonal levels. The most important one is your level of toxicity and your body's ability to fend off oxidation. Your body needs support to make healthy eggs not drugs!

"An elevated basal FSH reflects a quantitative rather than a qualitative decline of the ovarian reserve." Human Reproduction, 19(4): 893-898

Both FSH and AMH do fluctuate from month to month. In my opinion it is worth following a natural approach for a couple of months and then test again. It's perfectly reasonable to expect an improvement if you do something about it now.

A natural approach involves the following steps:

1. Doing A Fertility Detox

2. Taking Antioxidants like CoQ10, Royal Jelly & Maca.

3. Support ovulation with herbal remedies.

4. Increase circulation to the ovaries with fertility massage.

Remember too that AMH and FSH aren't necessary indicators of egg quality, just quantity and IVF success rate.

At 41 you have some time, but not a huge amount of time, so it is important to work quickly.

Please, find out more about how to The Health Eggs Kit, which is specifically designed to improve egg quality naturally.

Fertility Blessings!

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Reply to High FSH and low AMH
by: Tracy

I'm 38 and my FSH is 21, and my AMH is .15 I too was told that I wasn't a candidate for IVF. It was very hard to hear. Specific supplements to help lower FSH. DHEA is recommended as is wheat grass. Fresh wheat grass shots are best but hard to come by where I live so I buy the powder or the tablets. I also found a book called Inconceivable that was written by a women with a high FSH who successfully conceived when Dr's told her it wasn't possible. I found the book to be really inspiring. I then found the online community called Fertile Heart. The women are incredibly supportive and kind. Most are trying to achieve natural pregnancy. Here are a few links that may offer you hope.

High FSH and Remedies
by: Hazel

Thanks for that info Tracey,

I have been reading about DHEA and wheatgrass.

Have you also heard of Vitex(Agnus-castus)? I hear Vitex has no side effects and lowers FSH.

I wonder if i can take them all.

Best of luck!


Hi Hazel,

DHEA is the hormone Dehydrepiandosterone, produced by the adrenal glands. It is transformed into male hormones (androgens) and estrogens (female hormones) in your cells. Whether it is converted into male hormones or female hormones depends on the person?s own sex, age, individual condition and other individual factors. It can cause

This is why it is not recommended unless under the supervision of an expert physician. Most doctors who use bio-identical hormonal treatments will prescribe a saliva hormonal test to determine the need.

Vitex and wheatgrass, on the other hand, can be taken at the same time and a pretty safe in a self-prescribing situation.

Vitex is definitely a better choice as it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce LH, which as it increases will balance high FSH levels as a result. Wheat grass is considered a fertility food that stimulates ovarian health and improves egg quality.

Fertility Blessings!

High FSH, Low AMH, and supplements
by: Anonymous

I was measured at FSH of 12.9 and AMH <.16 at age 42. The fertility clinic I am working with (CNYFC in Latham NY) went ahead and did IVF. With Bravelle and Menopur stiumulation I had 4 follicles develop, 3 fertilize, 2 implant, and both of these fail to develop after implantation. However it took 12 days of stimulation to get these follicles and none of them were above 20 mm which the doctor was hoping to see.

After this failed pregnancy I began supplementing with Vitex, DHEA, CoQ10, and in general attempting to improve my nutrition. I'm doing injections with timed intercourse this cycle. I stopped the Vitex when starting the fertility meds (I have read there is a possibility of interaction which can actually harm fertility if both are taken at once). At day 9 I had 4 good sized follicles, 2 of these at 20 mm, and 2 more follicles developing. I don't know if the supplements improved my follicle development, but it has definitely been a better cycle. I did my HcG tigger shot yesterday and desperately hoping one of these little guys develops with some help from my partner!

All I can say at this point is the high FSH and low AMH does NOT mean there are no follicles left. Only time will tell at this point if the supplementation improved the quality of my eggs.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It is true that high FSH and low AMH levels does not mean that a woman will not be able to make any more healthy follicles and eggs. It simply means that she will need some additional help and supplements can really make a huge difference like in your case.

I truly believe that taking supplements that improve egg quality makes a huge difference in the results of fertility treatments.

Maca, Royal Jelly, antioxidants like COQ10 definitely speed up the time of conception and increase fertility treatments success.

You did really well and it is true that you should stop Vitex once you begin fertility medications.

Wishing you all the best! I hope you get pregnant soon!

Many Blessings!

Which Supplemnts Are Good For Low AMH
by: Lori

Hi Maria,

I have very low AMH levels (0.6). My doctor told us that we are not good candidates for using our own eggs and told us that egg donor is our only option. I am 33 and my hysband is 35. I am really devasteted by this news. I thought I was still young and capable of making healthy eggs.
By reading this posts on your site, I am starting to gain some hope that maybe we can help my body make more eggs naturally.
Please, Maria can you recommend good supplements that can help me. If there is a little hope that natural vitamins can help I want to try it.

PS: my husband's sperm count and motility are really good.


Hi Lori,

The OvaWise Kit has been designed to improve egg quality. It can be used by women who are trying to conceive naturally or preparing for IVF.

It will support your body in improving your egg quality naturally. If you are going through IVF make sure to follow this protocol for at least 3-4 months as it takes this long for your body to produce new mature eggs.

Fertility Blessings!

Pregnant with low amh and high fsh
by: shereej

I am 40. Myself and my husband has been trying for over 6 months to get pregnant so I started doing some tests. I had a HSG and told my tubes were clear. I was then diagnosed with low AMH (2.5), told it should be 14 or above. My FSH was 19, with 20 being at the start of the 'bad range'. I was devastated. I cried for a week.

Now I had started 3 months prior on traditional Chinese medicine, so I thought that wasn't working either. After my bad test results I went to my Chinese doctor crying I didn't think I could get pregnant and after reading about the success of acupuncture before IVF decided to do some acupuncture that very day. Long story short, 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant and I am now a healthy 12 weeks. When I was crying to my Chinese doctor I was already pregnant. I believe that starting the acupuncture when I did even though the practitioner was trying to help me get pregnant, I believed she helped the baby implant and get through my really fragile weeks. So there you go ladies....please do not give up hope.

I believe what I once read from a random doctor who believed eggs did not get old, but the body around it did, so when they got released they were getting released into spaces that were not healthy and that's why they lost their viability.

So I started imagining my womb as a tomato plant, the little tomatoes as my eggs. I know that if you don't provide adequate water, nutrients (food) and have good soil (body) for the plant, the plant will still strive to make a tomato but the tomato will come out cracked and dry and while it will grow it will not be nice to eat.

So I truly believe the Chinese medicine got my blood right, my liver and kidneys working efficiently and pretty much was THE reason I got pregnant. Funnily my Chinese doctor has already started the process of trying to get me pregnant by improving my health, while the Western doctors were still just prescribing tests and being worried.

Just wanted to let you girls know that there is absolutely hope, and please try ACUPUNCTURE AND CHINESE MEDICINE before you try other avenues. I absolutely swear by it. Western medicine was hopeless.

However saying all of that I have read that getting a HSG improves your chances because it cleans out your tubes and at 40, my tubes probably needed a good cleaning out, and yes it was the 2nd cycle after this that I got pregnant.

So I would advise doing that as well. Bearing in my I had already been on Chinese medicine for at least 2 months by the time I had my HSG. Please please please try it.

It was my little miracle.


Hi Shereej,

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story! You have demonstrated that natural health has a lot to offer to those who are TTC even if they are told by their doctors that they have poor egg quality. Your life style can make a big difference when it comes to improving your overall health and fertility.

Many Blessings!

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