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Hirsutism, Infertility & Pregnancy

by Ammu
(Hassan )

Am 21 yrs old girl married for past 1 and half yr. My husband is 29 yrs old. Am suffering from hirsutism since 6 yrs. I had regular periods after my marriage. But this month I have not got my periods on 6th November. I did pregnancy urine test on d 40th day of my missed period it showed negative. I am suffering from lower back ache and vomiting sensation. What to do pls suggest me?

Answer To Hirsutism, Infertility & Pregnancy:

I would consider seen your medical doctor and ask for a pregnancy blood test, as this is more accurate and more reliable. It is possible for home pregnancy tests to give false negatives if the pregnancy hormones are not high enough.

If you are not pregnant, ask your doctor for a fertility hormonal testing to see what is happening.

Hirsutism is caused by an increased level of male hormones or androgens. Even if women do normally produce male hormones, when this level increases, hirsultism is the result.

It does not indicate that there is a problem, but it could signify an underling hormonal imbalance that can be corrected in order to conceive.

There are a few possible reason that can cause hirsutism. The most important one as it relates to infertility is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Women with PCOS often - but not necessarily- have hirsutism in combination with acne, male pattern hair loss, PCOS, delayed ovulation and irregular periods. PCOS is a chronic condition, that can be managed naturally with diet and natural therapies.

PCOS is also associated with other medical problems like obesity, blood glucose issues, and high cholesterol levels. But don't be concerned! There are many very effective effective treatments for PCOS.

Please, learn more about PCOS and Natural Health.

Also, hirsutism may not have anything to do with infertility and PCOS and simply be related to your heritage. Your ethnicity plays a very important role in hair distribution and growth.

For example, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean women tend to have larger amounts of body hair, while Asian and Native American women tend to have little body hair. So, these is an important factor to keep in mind.

Fertility Blessings!

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Natural Treatment For Hirsutism
by: ammu

Thanx a lot... Can you please suggest a permanent facial hair removal method as am suffering from hirsutism. As am fed of taking tabs for 6 to 7yrs for hirsutism. Tab namely aldactone, fincar and all...

Natural Treatment For Hirsutism
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

In order hirsutism naturally, it's important to address PCOS first. Since hirsutism is caused by excess testosterone, taking specific natural remedies like Vitex until ovulation and then natural progesterone cream after ovulation, as part of the PCOS Fertility Kit, will help.

These natural kit for PCOS helps balance the hormonal system by supporting progesterone production. When progesterone increase it can counteract the negative effects of high testosterone levels.

Also you follow a life style and a diet that reduces insulin resistance.

Exercising on a regular bases and eating food with low Glycemic index can bring both insulin and testosterone production to a more balance level.

Cleansing is also very important because when you follow the fertility cleanse you help your liver eliminate excess hormones creating hormonal balance within the body.

Another herb that has anti-androgenic effect is spearmint, drinking one cup twice a day may help. Studies have revealed drinking spearmint tea can lower free testosterone levels in the blood of women with PCOS.

For a permanent method of removing facial hair, I do recommend electrolysis. Laser hair removal is becoming very popular but it is not recommend in women with hormonal problems, in some cases it can cause brown discoloration on the skin.

Many Blessings!

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