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Homeopathic Fertility Program

The homeopathic fertility program offers a comprehensive and natural approach to male and female infertility. Homeopathic remedies help to support the body in creating the necessary conditions to achieve conception.

This homeopathic approach to fertility supports healthy ovulation, fertile mucus production, and endometrial lining in women while helping increase sperm count and improve sperm motility in men.

Homeopathic Fertility Program For Couples

When it comes to infertility or difficulty in achieving conception, both male and female partners should be follow a natural approach during pre-conception. The new baby is made by the union of egg and sperm. Healthy sperm production as well as healthy ovulation is required in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The Homeopathic Approach To Infertility

Your body retains a memory of all preceding conditions like emotional, physical injuries, shock, past bacterial and viral infections, drug suppression, drug toxicity, food intolerance, and inherited weaknesses.

The role of the homeopathic remedy is to assist the body in the process of healing and repairing at every level: mental, emotional, and physical. The time necessary to promote healing and establish optimum health depends on the level of health at the starting point. This is why not everyone will respond the same way, but eventually everybody will improve and get well.

The Homeopathic Fertility Protocol

The homeopathic fertility protocol is based on each individual person's level of health and health issues. It involves taking one or two remedies each day, morning or night, on specific days of the menstrual cycle. Day 1 is the first day of the menstrual cycle. Please note that any spotting before the period belongs to the previous menstrual cycle.

What to Expect

Homeopathic medicine treats the entire person mind, body and soul. You should notice not only improvement in your physical symptoms, but also your overall health and mental wellbeing will improve. Your cycle will become more regular, you will experience less pre-menstrual tension, and your period will be less painful.

When taking homeopathic remedies, initially you may experience detox symptoms like increased bowel movements, sinus congestion, flu-like symptoms, desire to cry or increased desire to talk (mental release), nausea, headaches, insomnia, and fatigue.

This occurs because your body is releasing toxins that had built up after years of taking medical drugs, eating foods with additive, being exposed to pollution, etc. This period is transient and should only last for a short period of time. Not everyone experiences this, but if you do, do not be alarmed because it is normal and it will pass.

Not all fertility treatments are the same. Homeopathy is the most comprehensive and holistic system of healing available especially when used in conjunction with fertility charting and natural health. This is why many couple are choosing it over medical fertility treatments with successful results.

In general, it is always best to chose a natural approach first and avoid resorting to fertility drugs and assisted conception treatments too soon in the journey to pregnancy. If a couple is willing to take the time to research what natural and alternative medicine has to offer, will save time, money, and avoid painful procedures.

Dangers Of IVF

Not everyone is aware of the dangerous side effects that fertility drugs can pose on the mother and baby. Research studies conducted in Sweden and published in the journal of the American academy of paediatrics, show that children conceived using IFV have a higher risk of developing cancer.

For women, high doses of hormones used to help produce eggs could harm their health. In fact, IVF has higher risk of miscarrying, uterine cancer, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, secondary infertility, and other complications.

Homeopathic Fertility Program
For Women

This homeopathic protocol was initially developed by Melbourne homeopath Liz Lalor in 1998. It has a success rate of over 80%. This fertility program has become internationally renowned with hundreds of homeopaths all over the world using this method with the same success rate.

This program should be followed for at least 4 months and you can try to get pregnant while on it. Your homeopath will be able to adjust this program based on your individual situation.

Dosage of remedies: One dose means one pellet size #25. Some pharmacies sell poppy seed size pellets. Those a good, but you need to take more. 

References: Links, Spring, 2005, Fertility Success using Homeopathy and the Vannier Method.

On Day 7 Of The Menstrual Cycle:

Carcinosin 200C at night on day 7 (after period) Once only (month 1)

This remedy is used to undo the negative effects of personal or hereditary cases of tumours and cancers. It is particularly indicate in women who have abnormal pap smears, PCOD, endometriosis, fibroids or miscarried. 


Syphilinum 200C at night on day 7 (after period) Once only (month 1)

This remedy has an affinity for the mucous membranes, glands, bones and nervous system. It addresses painful breast before and during menses, sharp ovarian pain, which may be worse during penetration. Dysmenorrhea with shooting pains in the uterus. Profuse leucorrhea that is watery, often itchy and acidic. Ovarian congestion, ovarian cysts and inflammation and uterine problems in the past.

On Day 10 Of The Menstrual Cycle:

Folliculinum 200C one dose on day 10 of the menstrual cycle (month 1,2,3,4)

This remedy stimulates ovulation and it is particularly important in those who have PCOS, have delayed or absent ovulation, and potentially poor ovarian function. It is very important while preparing for IVF cycle to stimulate healthy egg production.

On Day 14 Of The Menstrual Cycle:

Thuja 200C on day 14 of the menstrual cycle (month 1,2,3,4)

This remedy helps those who have scanty menses, ovarian polyps, no or poor ovulation after the birth control pill , and that have had ovulation suppression or hyper-stimulation from fertility drugs. Thuja is often prescribed as a constitutional remedy for cases of sterility.

It helps for bearing down pains during menses, ovarian pain, chronic ovaritis, venereal warts, polyps, tendency to abortion on the third month, menses every two weeks or lasting too long. Vaginal discharge that may be thick, greenish, and hostile to sperm. 


Medorrhinum 200C on day 14 of the menstrual cycle (month 1,2,3,4)

This remedy is very useful when the fertile mucus is compromised by Candida or other inflammatory condition of the genital organs and pelvic cavity. Breasts sore between periods and drawing pain in the ovaries often made better by pressure and massage. Menses are profuse, dark, clotted and often offensive.

Leucorrhea with brine or fishy odour. Itchy vagina due to yeast infection. It has helped in many cases of sterility and metrorrhagia (bleeding between periods).

Weekly Remedy:

Natrum Muriaticun 30CH one dose once a week (month 1,2,3,4)

This remedy is indicated in cases of pregnancy loss, grief, loss of not being pregnant, poor quality mucus, and suppression. It helps improve cervical mucus.

It helps in cases of bearing down pain in the uterus during menses with pain in the lower back going down the thighs. Menses preceded or followed by migraines headaches. Menses are either too late and copious or too early and scanty. Leocorrhea white then yellow, or green.

Daily Remedies:

Borax 30CH one dose once a day in the morning (month 1,2,3,4)

This remedy is often associated with vaginal Candida and unhealthy mucus discharges that make sperm's environment too acidic and hostile. It also helps in cases of membranous dysmenorrhea. Manses can be too early and profuse often accompanied by nausea.


Sepia 6CH one dose once a day at night (month 1,2,3,4)

Sepia is one of the most prescribed constitutional remedies for women's problems from infertility to pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. It acts especially on the portal system, and on venous congestion often related to toxicity leading to hormonal imbalance.

The woman is weak and sluggish, tired and overwhelmed and very chilly all the time (cold hands and feet). She suffers from bearing down pain during her menses.

There is a tendency to miscarry frequently. It is one of the most important uterine remedies for prolapsus, anteversion, retroversion, fibroids, endometriosis, etc. and it has a strong tonic effect on the uterus preparing for a healthy pregnancy.


Pulsatilla 12CH one dose once a day in the morning (30 minutes away from other remedies) (month 1,2,3,4)

Pulsatilla is also a woman's remedy because it helps with moodiness due to hormonal shift, premenstrual problems and difficult menstruation.

Absent menses due to nervous debility. The menses are too late, scanty, thick, dark, clotty, changeable, intermittent.

It helps women who have cysts, polyps and indurate underdeveloped uterus. Very emotional and weepy. Warm-blooded women who prefer fresh air and are aggravated by fatty foods.

Using The Homeopathic Fertility Program

This program should be applied under the supervision of a trained homeopath, which will help you select the best remedies for your case. This program is very effective and can help re-establish ovulation in women with PCOS and help decrease endometriosis in women with moderate endometrial tissue.

The homeopathic fertility program can be simplified as follows:

Folliculinum 200CH on day 10 of the menstrual cycle

Borax 30CH from day 8 to 16

Pulsatilla 12CH every morning

Sepia 6CH every evening

Natrum muriaticum 30CH on day 7, 14, 21, 28

Other Homeopathic Remedies For Fertility

These remedies are not from The Homeopathic Fertility Program, but they can be very effective in addressing infertility and can be used to adjust the homeopathic fertility program to suit the needs of each women. These remedies can be taken past the 4 months of the program to address any issue underlying the infertility (scar tissue, heavy menses, PCOS, fibroids, etc.)

Nux Vomica 30C

This remedy should be taken one dose on the 4th day of the menstrual cycle in cases where the menses are too heavy, prolonged (over 7 days) and last too long. This remedy is a great constitutional remedy that has detox effect. It is not part of the fertility program but I have use it many times to support the liver and help rebalance the hormones after the menses. It also helps those who suffer from heavy menses due to PCOS, fibroids and endometriosis.

Thiosinaminum 6X and Silica or Silicea 6X

Both these remedies are for scarring. Twice daily for at least 6 months in women who have scarred fallopian tubes, has had a previous tubal pregnancy, had a laparoscopy or any type of abdominal surgery in the past. These remedies are known to dissolve scars. Thiosinaminum for internal scars and Silica for external scars. Silica tissue salt is also important in those women who have poor immune response. Silica is known to stimulate and support the immune system. If you are deficient of this tissue salt you will notice increased wrinkles around your eyes and vertical parallel wrinkles in front of your ears. Other signs of deficiency include brittle nails and skin problems.

Calc Fluor 6X (tissue salts preparation)

This remedy should be taken 4 tablets twice a day and is indicated in cases of fibroids, hypothyroid, PCOS, displacement of the uterus, and tendency to develop relaxed conditions like varicose veins. It is a great remedy to take during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks, support healthy gums and teeth. Many women are deficient of this mineral salt. If you have darkness under your eyes near the corner of the eye with raised wrinkles. This remedy helps prepare the uterus for those who are going through IVF cycles and it should be taken 4 times a day during embryo transfer to assist implantation.

Viburnum Opulus 12X

Often used to prevent miscarriages and aids in false labor-pains. This is a remedy for cramps and colicky pains in the pelvic region. Menses are too late and when they come they are scanty and last for a few hours. Bearing down pains before menses. Ovarian region feels heavy and congested. Aching in sacral area extending to the front of the thighs. Frequent miscarriage early on during a pregnancy may be due to luteal phase defect. This remedy can help restore fertility in some cases.

Aurum Muriaticum Metallicum 4X

This remedy is a specific remedy for tumors and growths in the uterus. Hardened cervix and uterus, chronic inflammation of the uterus, and enlarged uterus. The main remedy to dissolve uterine fibroids.

Other Homeopathic Fertility Protocols

You can really create any protocol you need to support fertility. There is another homeopathic fertility protocol whose aim is to support ovulation and conception at each stage of the cycle by administering:

Hypophysinum (day 1)

Folliculinum (day 8)

Ovarinum (day 15)

Luteinum (day 22)

This protocol can have different variations based on the patient's needs and menstrual cycle characteristics. Work with a homeopathic practitioner for guidance on how to use the remedies.

Homeopathic Remedies to Improve Sperm Quality

The following are important homeopathic remedies that can support the production of healthy male sperm. Talk to a qualified homeopathic practitioner to help you select the best remedies for your specific case.

Zincum Met

Zinc is one of the most important mineral needed for male fertility. This remedy helps the body absorb Zinc and increases the volume of prostatic fluid. This remedy is usually used in very low potency like 3x or 6X and taken daily for a number of months.


Vanadium is an oxygen carrier and a catalyzer, which increases haemoglobin improving arterial health. It is indicated in liver detox from fatty accumulation in the circulation. This remedy is usually used in very low potency like 3x or 6X and taken daily for a number of months.


Increases sexual male power and desire. This remedy helps the body absorb the mineral selenium needed by the body to produce healthy sperm cells and spermatic fluids. This remedy is usually used in very low potency like 3x or 6X and taken daily for a number of months.


This remedies balances male sexual powers and increases sexual health if weak. If a man had previous infections that affected his fertility, this deep acting remedy will help heal the past infection and prevent sequel. This remedy also helps in men who have a history of gonorrhea and who have white mucus discharges from the penis. It addresses infertility in men because it helps improve the quality of the seminal fluid where it is thick incapable of sustaining healthy sperm. This remedy is often taken in higher potencies like 30CH or 200CH weekly or monthly depending on the case.


Increases sexual stamina, impotence, and poor seminal emissions. This remedy is usually used in very medium potency like 6C and taken daily for a number of months.

Using Homeopathy With Natural Therapies

Homeopathic Fertility Program & Vitamins

The homeopathic fertility program should be used in conjunction with important key vitamins like folic acid, vitamin B 6 and vitamin B12.

Other important minerals should be also present like zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Supplements for fertility are meant to integrate a healthy diet and counteract the negative effects of environmental pollution on egg and sperm production by supplying nutrients with anti-oxidants properties.

Homeopathic Fertility Program & Herbal Support

The homeopathic fertility program works well with herbal remedies that support the uterus and the production of female hormones.

The herbs are: Cimicifuga racemosa, Caulophyllum thalictroides, Vitex angus-castus, Viburnum opulus, Anemone pulsatilla, Capsella bursa-pastoris, Dioscorea villosa. Other herbs can be used depending on each women's individual needs.

Homeopathic Fertility Program & Ovulation Charting

When trying to conceive is important to have sex at the right time. The best days to have sex is when you are most fertility. Charting your cycle is the best way to know when you are about to ovulate.

It is moat important to have sex from day 10 to day 18, every other day. Also there should be no ejaculation 3 days before day 10 to help increase healthy fresh sperm. It is a good idea to use a fertility monitor like Ovacue if you have irregular cycles.

Fertility Blessings!

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