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Hormone Levels: LH, FSH & PRL Are They Normal?

by Suganya

I did the blood test for my hormonal levels:

Is it normal or not?

I am trying to concieve but my doctors says LH is high what are natural remides to balance my harmone?


Hi Suganya,

The following is a brief summary of what you would expect to see in normal hormanl levels for:


Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is often used to assess ovarian reserve. It is measured on day 3 of the menstrual cycle and the normal values range between 3-20 mIU/ml. In general, under 6 is very good, 6-9 is good, 9-10 poor, 10-13 indicates diminished ovarian reserve.

If FSH is really high like over 13, it is very to obtain ovarian stimulation for the purpose of fertility treatment.

Women who have LH levels that are higher than the FSH amny need further testing to rule out PCOS.


Luteinizing Hormone (LH) is also measured on Day 3 and the levels should be similar to FSH. Their ration should be 1:1. Youe doctor woul dlike to see LH levels less than 7 mIU/ml to be considered in the normal range. An LH that is higher than FSH is one indication of PCOS possibly.


Prolactine hormone is also measured on day 3 and normal levels should be less than 24 ng/m.
Increased prolactin levels can interfere with the process of ovulation and can possibly ndicate further testing like MRI to rule out a pituitary tumor. Some women with PCOS also have hyperprolactinemia, or high levels of prolactin.

Naturally it is possible to address these types of hormanal imbalance with herbal remedies like vitex Agnus castus mother tincture. This is the leading herbal ingredient in many excellent fertility herbal remedeis like FertileXX.

Vitex agnus-castus stimulates proper balance and production of the hormone progesterone by stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete luteinizing hormone (LH) in the correct amounts.

Vitex stimulates ovulation and regulates the length of the luteal phase addressing luteal phase defect and poor egg quality. In western herbal medicine it has been used for centuries to treat sterility, recurrent miscarriages and polycystic ovaries.

All the best!

Comments for Hormone Levels: LH, FSH & PRL Are They Normal?

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Normal LH, FSH, and Prolactin
by: favour

pls i want to know what cause me not to get pregnant over 18 month now,the result of the test is that my LH 6 FSH 4 and prolactin 15.


Your hormones levels are fine, if your husband's sperm levels are optimal and you produce lots of healthy fertile mucus during ovulation, you will get pregnant, don' t worry! Make sure to follow a healthy diet and use a fertility monitor. Ovacue is a very good one, because it helps you determine your most fertile days early on during your monthly cycle, increasing your chances of conception.

To boost your fertile mucus, you can use FertileCM. This is natural supplements that helps increase cervical mucus that is important to increase your chances of getting pregnant each month. The cervical mucus has a very important job: nourish, protect and transport the sperm to the Fallopian tubes where conception takes.
Also, if you conceive, FertileCM also helps implantation by supporting the health of the lining of the uterus by increasing blood flow to this area. It is also helpful in preventing miscarriages.

Many Blessing!

profile of lh,fshand prl
by: Anonymous

Hi,I did my hormonal profile and the results shows lh 2.9, fsh 2.2, prl 29.5 .please is this normal because I was told my prolactin is high so I had to take a drug called bromocriptin to bring the value down. Please what's Your own view?


Yes, you prolactin level seem a bit high. Are you ovulating now that you are taking the medication?
If your treatment is working you should know by monitoring your cycle with basal body charting or best by using a fertility monitor like Ovacue.

Many Blessings!

My Levels are Confusing Me!!
by: Anonymous

Hi there, doctor ordered me to get my blood drawn. Results are:
Prolactin - 8.7
LH - 3.6
FSH - 4.1
Estradiol - 32
TSH - 1.4
I am confused because I have read somewhere that when one level is low and the other is high, could mean one has ??? I am 40 years old and my period over the last year has been very irregular. I am most concerned with Estradiol and if that level is low?

Thank you!


Hi There,

FSH is less than 9 and it is good. FSH and LH have a ration of 1:1 and that is also good.
TSH is also within normal range for fertility.
Estradiol should be 25 - 75 pg/ml so it should be fine with 32 pg/ml.

Estradiol levels do tend to decrease in women over 40 due to peri-menopause. In this case natural herbal remedies can help. Red clover and don Quai are excellent herbs to help maintain estrogen levels normal during the menstrual cycle.

I would recommend looking into Harmonize Phase 1 and 2 to help balance estrogen metabolism and keep all the other hormones in balance.

Many Blessings!

Fertility Hormonal Profile Results
by: Dani

Please explain my results. All the hormones are in range, but Prolactin and LH are in the lower levels and the ratio is not 1:1.
Prolactin - 5.1 ref. 4.8-23.3 ng/ml
LH - 2.7 miu/ml
FSH - 6.4 miu/ml
TSH - 1.480 miu/ml

Thanks in advance!


Hi Dani,

All your hormonal levels are within normal range. It is very important that you talk to your doctor about your results. Please, do not try to come to conclusions on your own.

What I can tell you is that your FSH should be in this range 4.7 - 21.5 mIU/ml and yours is. The ratio FSH/LH is just an indication of poor ovarian response, but not a way to establish infertility. The time you took your test is also very important. Also, consider that FSH fluctuates every month.

Studies done on IVF success now consider a day 3 FSH/LH ration equal or >2 with FSH >15 mIU/ml as been not favorable for stimulation.

Do not concern yourself about your results, but talk to your doctor as he or she knows your case history, your age all other important information that can make a difference. There are many factors involved in diagnosing a problem with fertility.

In most cases an AMH test is recommended, but also repeating the test in two to three months can change the scenario.

Hormones do change from months to month. Ovarian health is due to many factors, including stress, and diet.

The OvaWise Healthy Egg kit is a good way to ensure healthy eggs in women who are planning to get pregnant.

Other natural therapies can also help decrease high levels of FSH. Herbal medicines like Vitex has been studies as capable of balancing female hormones and help establish regular cycles.

Vitex increases LH production while inhibiting the release of FSH, leading to an indirect increase in FSH/LH ratio.

You can learn more about Vitex here.

Fertility Blessings!

lh, fsh and prolactin
by: Qirat

I was having menstrual disorder some times and first time excessive bleeding during periods.

my LH: 3.65
FSH: 5.96
Prolactin: 10.5
TSH: 1.8

Please what disorder I am having I am totally confused.

Hi Qirat,

My task here is not to diagnose you but to help you better understand. The hormonal levels can be considered to be within normal range for fertility with a slightly high FHS/LH ration.

Menstrual disorders and heavy bleeding during periods should also be further evaluated with a ultrasound to exclude fibroids.

Please, talk to your doctor about your results and ask explanation to your doctor if you are confused with your situation. Your doctor knows you history and has the ability to ask you more specific questions about your symptoms.

For example your diet and life style are very important when it comes to hormones and menstrual issue. Please, make sure to follow a very healthy diet and avoid foods that can affect your hormones, especially hormonal disruptors found in commercially prepared foods. Try to eat organic fruits and vegetables, avoid dairy, red meat and limit coffee and sugary beverages. Juicing and taking smoothies is a very good idea. Lack of certain nutrients is known to affect menstrual regulation.

If there is something that you want to do on your own to support your fertility, the best way to start is with fertility charting. Learn how your menstrual cycle changes during the month and from one month to the next.

If you have not start charting your cycle, I would suggest you do as soon as possible.

Also, consider doing a fertility cleanse in conjunction with self fertility massage to help your body eliminate toxins, like bad estrogen that are often the root cause of many menstrual symptoms.

You can find more information on the fertility cleanse and self fertility massage here.

Many Blessings!

Test Results
by: Anum

The result of my test is following:
FSH 4.9
LH 12.34
Prolactin 16.72
I have irregular periods and I'm trying to conceive since last 3 months but no result. Are my reports normal?


Hi Anum,

Your LH levels are 3 times higher than your FSH. This two hormones should be in balance and have similar levels. Talk to your doctor about your test results. What time of the month was your test done as LH is high at mid cycle. If this is the case, it can be normal.

My advise is to talk to your doctor and ask for further explanation on your results.

What you can do on your own is chart your cycle. I would recommend using Ovacue.

This article will give you more information on all the methods you can use to track ovulation.

Many Blessings!

Concerned About Hormonal Balance
by: Anonymous

Hello I'm 23 years old and my doctor did a full panel blood test on me, I started to look up what some of them are, and realized they checked my follicle stimulating hormone, and lutenizing hormone, now I'm concerned, and my appointment is weeks away. Are these okay?
Fsh- 6.5 miu/ml
Lh- 2.5 miu/ml

Please help!



It is required that the ration between FSH and LH be less than 2, preferably 1.

If these is not the case, high FSH level is often diagnosed, but this does not mean that conception is not possible.f
Many Factor affect these results:

1. Age
2. Toxicity Levels
3. Other hormonal levels

Talk to your doctor and see what your doctor advises. Consider that hormonal balance can be achieved naturally using herbs and other natural therapies.

Many Blessings!

Fsh and LH levels
by: Anonymous

Below are my FSH and LH levels on Day 2.

FSH; 3.65 mIU/ml
LH: 5.59 mIU/ml

We are trying to get pregnant for the last 2 years. I am getting periods on almost 55 days. Please let us know if i have PCOS. What could be the cause for not getting pregnant. When we did follicular studies on Day 10, Day 13. Maximum follicle we can see one or two with the size of 13. Please advice.

Thanks for your help in advance



A diagnosis of PCOS must be made by your doctor. Nobody is authorized to diagnose anything online. My advise to you is to go back to your doctor and ask more questions about your case. Your doctor may prescribe other tests and therapies for you.

There are many natural approaches to hormonal imbalance. So, do not despair!

Many Blessings!

by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I'm concerned about my hormone levels. Though they seem to be In the normal parameters my doc has said lh is elevated and should be half of fsh. However that conflicts with everything I read. Are my day 3 levels normal?

PRL- 3


Most sources say that the FSH and LH ration should be 1:1 as is in your case.

Lutenizing Hormone (LH)and Folicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) fluctuate during the menstrual cycle. The FSH/LH ratio is 1:1 before ovulation. A higher ratio is indicative of a hormonal imbalance or high FSH levels often related to poor ovarian response.

In Polycystic Ovary Syndrome LH is higher than FSH when the FSH to LH ratio is equal to or greater than one to three.

The best advise I can give you right now is to chart your cycle to know if you are ovulating. Most fertility specialists recommend Ovacue because it helps detect hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle.

If you are confuse about your doctor's comment, make sure to ask for clarifications and a more in detailed explanation.

Many Blessings!

so confused...plz help
by: Maxwell

I have been having irregular periods all my life. i was on the mirena for 5 years after my daughter was born.

I had an extreme period for 10 days straight after 5 months of getting the mirena removed. which i been off of for a full year my period continues to be irregular.

My DR had done series of testing by checking my blood levels, ultra sound then alerted me about my uterus lining being above normal (7mm) I have an biospy done twice which both came out normal even my pap was normal.

My blood levels for FSH were 6 and my LH level was 9 but my prolactin was 5. My dr prescribed me an ultra low level of birth control pill which i'm having an hard time understanding why.

I have explained to the DR that I am trying to conceive not go back on birth control. The DR explained to me that I have to take them for a few months to regulate my period but im completely confused because doesn't birth control prevent the body to ovulate.

I'm so afraid that I'm completely broken. It took 4 years of trying to have my daughter and im afraid that she is just going to be my one and only.

Please help me!!!


Hi Maxwell,

If you do not understand why your doctor is putting your on birth control, you need to ask him or her. The physician who prescribes the drug should be the one to give you the answers you need. I am sure that your doctor will more than happy to review you case history with you and explain any details of your treatment plan.

If you feel you prefer a natural approach, you can also do so. Some physicians are more and more in tune with natural or bio-identical hormones like natural progesterone cream.

Birth control supresses ovulation allowing the ovaries to rest. The problem with birth control is than it can give side effects.

Normal level of LH and FSH when on contraceptive pill
by: Mitra


I am having my periods faster(every 2 weeks) and too strong since 6 month ago. 2 month After it started, I started contraceptive pill (to prevent blooding, since my doctor did not give any suggestions). Although I have taken the pills, my period still has got started every 2 weeks (it started before i stopped the pill). My doctor has finally written hormonal blood test for me. I have the test on 3rd day after the spotting started (I did not knew that the test should be done on 3rd day of the menstruation, it happened just by chance. Though this time I did not stop the pills, so I have not had a complete menstruation). The results I got are as follows: FSH=2.5, LH=2.7 .
Fist I though it is unnormal, because it is lower than 3, which is indicated as proper for prepubertal. But then I remembered that I have the pills so it can be their result. But I could not find any info about what is the normal level of the hormones for the time we are on pills. Could you give me any info on that please?
Aren't they high for a person on pill? and that could be the reason I got the blooding though I don't stop the pills. (I though pills should suppress them, and these levels is no close to 0).

(I am 38 years old. 2 years ago I had these tests and my results were FSH=6.3 and LH=7.4)

thanks a lot


Hi Mitra,

In order for you to have an accurate answer to your questions, you need to consult with your prescribing physician. He or she knows you medical history and symptomatology and the specificity of the results. Labs to measure differently depending on where this test was done. Also your doctor knows the hormonal dosage and composition of the pill prescribed to you.

Consider that the body needs tome to adjust to the hormonal changes.


FSH, LH Homonal Issues
by: Lubna

Hi there I got my blood report I can't figure out what is wrong I missed my three periods and getting hair's on chin and under lower lip I was very regular with my periods but I had pelvic ultrasound all was clear and my appointment with my gynaecologist is bit late can u help me with this result

S fsh is 2.8 Iu/L
S Lh is 7.8 Iu/L
S prolactin 308 miu/L
S testo 0.7 nmol/L
S shbg 85 nmol/l
Cfree testo 7 pmol/L
DHEAS 3.9 umol/L
I will be waiting for ir respons thanks.

Hi Lubna,

It is very important that you talk to your doctor about your test results. Only your doctor can make a diagnosis and the blood tests do have to correlate with ultrasound results. If the ultrasound was clear the hormonal imbalance can be corrected.

Often stress plays a role in missed periods that were once regular. Tell your doctor all your concerns, I am sure you will get the care and support you need.

Many Blessings!

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