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How to Conceive with Long Cycles and Delayed Ovulation

by Christine

Hi Maria, I have read your article on fertility charting and I have been now charting my cycle for 3 months. I have always had irregular cycles. Well, my cycles are long 35-40 days apart and I ovulated late (around day 20-22). I have very little fertile cervical mucus and the temperature does not rise sharply, so I do not know when I actually ovulate. What can I do? Can I still get pregnant?

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Getting Pregnant with Long Cycles
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Christine,
You can still get pregnant with a longer cycle. Some women do have longer cycles all the time. You should talk to your doctor about doing some testing to rule out thyroid issues and polycyclic ovary because these can affect the health of your eggs and lead to poor ovarian response.

You can certainly get pregnant having a long cycles but you need fertile mucus and a luteal phase that is more than 10 days long. If the temperature sises slowly within a few days it is OK. You are probably fertile, either the day day before the rise provided that you have enough fertile mucus.

If you do not have enough fertile mucus you should consider improving your diet and taking supplements that will help you increase your fertile mucus. Read my article on How To Improve Fertile Mucus Naturally.

by: Mercy

I have missed my period for 3 months now. I went for pregnancy test and it was negative. My doctor sent me for test and it reads Anovulation. What do I do?


If you are not ovulating, you need to investigate to understand why. I am sure your doctor will recommend the appropriate tests for you.

All the best!

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