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How to Get Pregnant Naturally With High FSH

by Anjan Kumar Paul
(Bhadrak, Orissa, India)

My wife is 30 years old. We have been married for 5 yrs. Her period became irregular after 6 month of our marriage due very high level

FSH- 57.11 mlU/ml FSH- 83.37mlU/ml LH- 29.43 mlU/ml LH-19.91 mlU/ml
Now, for 2 years her period completely stopped. But when she take Premarin tablets & Deviry tablet then after 3-4 days my period starts. Her uterus is also Mildly Hypoplastic uterus (5.4 x 3.2 x 1.9 cm). We are trying to be pregnant naturally but did not success. Pls suggest me what will we do. My Semen Analysis is OK.

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Irregular Periods
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Many women who have have FSH present an hormonal imbalance related to delayed ovulation or anovulatory cycles.
If the doctor does not diagnosed any specific condition that is at the root cause of irregular periods there are many natural therapies that can help regulate the cycle, re-establish ovulation in order to conceive.

These therapies include following a fertility cleanse that helps the liver and reproductive organs release toxins that can be affecting hormonal regulation.

Sometimes irregular periods are related to a lack of important fertility minerals and vitamins.

Many women are capable of regulating their cycle and lowering high FSH by taking fertility herbs like Vitex. The benefits of herbal supplementation to enhance fertility are very promissing. Vitex is a fertility-promoting herb that has been used for centuries to increase conception, as well as to treat symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance and PMS.

Vitex has been shown in clinical studies to help regulate the reproductive hormones for ovulation and menstrual imbalance. These studies also show a significant increase in fertility among women using vitex when compaired to the control groups using a placebo.

Vitex is present in fertility tea because it helps increase LH and decrease high levels of FSH by activating the action of the pituitary gland thus stimulating ovulation and leading to a more regular cycle. This herb is slow acting and in order to see the effects in sever cases several month of treatment are often required, but once achieved, hormonal balance will be maintained leading to enhanced fertility and increased chances of healthy pregnancy and baby.

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