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How to get pregnant with a baby boy?

by Veronica

I'm 32 years old and I have two daughters.

I am hopping to conceive a baby boy, but I can't detect my ovulation time because every mouth my cycle decrease by 2 or 3 days.

What shall I do?

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Conceiving A Baby Boy Naturally
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

The good news is that it is easier to try to conceive a boy than a girl, but since you already have girls there is an indication the environment in your vagina might be acidic. It is very important to make sure you are following the correct diet for conceiving a boy and that you have lots of fertile mucus that is stretchy and looks like egg white right at ovulation time.

This mucus supports the Y chromosome necessary to conceive a baby boy.

If you are having difficulty detecting ovulation and your cycle is getting shorter, there is a possibility that you may need to support progesterone production by taking fertility vitamins like FertilAid that also contain Vitex.
This herb supports ovulation, regulate your cycle and prevents miscarriage.

Another useful resource is using a fertility monitor like Ovacue. This useful gadget tells you with more acculturates when you should have intercourse in order to conceive the baby of your choice.

Ovacue can predict your ovulation date up to seven days in advance by measuring changes in the electrolyte concentration of your saliva. It is very useful for women with regular cycles or irregular cycles.

Fertility Blessing!

Conflicting test results, low ovarian reserve, possibility of being pregnant naturally ?
by: Hinnah

I m 38yrs old and my hubby is 40, we have been married a year ago and have been trying for babies. We saw about two different fertility specialists & each came with different results.

One diagnosed me of having a low anti mullerian hormone of 0.23, & suggested I try d IVF with donor eggs & diagnose my hubby of low sperm motility & was prescribed some medication.

The second doctor after all check ups said I was fine, my eggs were good, but had high prolactin levels of which parlodel was prescribed. My husband had no problem with his sperm motility & produced about 85 million.

I m confused with all these dignoses, whom to believe & also why I m still not pregnant. My womb they both say is excellent cos I had laparoscopy & another I can't remember done.

Pls advice me, what is the way forward & what can I do next, as I need children so bad but v no money for IVF & my hubby is also not supportive of it. Do u recommend insemination ? Also considering that I v low ovarian reserve ? Can I ever be pregnant naturally ?


Hi Hinnah,

I am not sure why you got two different diagnoses. If your husband sperm levels s 85 million he is fine and in your case if you have high prolactine levels and taking Parlodel you should be able to conceive naturally, I don't see why you would need IVF.

My advise is to chart your cycle using Ovacue to maximize your odds of conceiving.

You can learn more about the Ovacue fertility monitor here.

The problem with having high prolactine levels is that you may not ovulate each month. By taking Parlodel you should begin ovulating and with Ovucue you can determine your most fertile time of the month easily. If by using Ovacue you can keep your fertilit specilist informed on how you are doing on this medicine.

To increase the quality of your eggs naturally, follow the OvaWise Kit that has been designed to help women improve the quality of their eggs naturally.

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

to get baby
by: Laxman Patil

I am 36 year old person willing to get boy baby to next pregnanacy which will care taken before concecption to boy baby plsease guide me.


Natural methods to conceive a baby boy can be used to increase the odds of conceiving a boy, but there are no guarantees, I want to make this perfectly clear.

If your period is regular and you are able to detect your most fertile day, you can plan intercourse in such a way that the male sperm is the most likely to fertilize the egg. The best time to conceive a body is to make love as close as possible to ovulation.

Also, following a diet that makes you cervical mucus alkaline increases the chances of having a boy.

This article will help you learn more.

Fertility Blessings!

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