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How To Get Pregnant With Hypothyroidism and PCO

I am 22yrs old and my husband is 27yrs. We are trying for baby from 2 yrs . I have hypothyroidism and pco conditions and I was following Dr. Prescriptions till last month. Even my menstrual cycle has become irregular. What to do.


It is very important that you keep your thyroid under balance and in some cases medication is required. Your doctor should measure your hormonal levels and decide if medication is required and adjust the dosage frequently if necessary. If the thyroid is under-functioning, ovulation can be compromised. Working in partnership with your physical is very important.

What you can do naturally is to help your body maintain hormonal balance and help decrease the symptoms of PCOS.

Consider following the protocol of the PCOS Fertility Kit which contain all the necessary natural remedies your body need to support healthy ovulatory cycles.

Many studies have now produced congruent information of the positive effects of Vitex agnus castus herbal remedy for the management of PCOS and ovulatory disorders. Vitex regulates the hormonal communication between the pituitary gland and the ovaries.

Another important aspect in the treatment of PCOS is having enough progesterone to support the second half of the menstrual cycle, this is called luteal phase defect. In women with PCOS, the cycles become irregular because ovulation does not occur as it should. This causes delayed or anovulatory cycles which are too long.
By supplementing with natural (bio-identical) progesterone cream during the second half of the cycle, the follicular phase becomes shorter and the luteal phase become longer leading to a normal length cycle.

Also, having excess estrogen contributes to the formation of polycystic ovaries. Excess estrogen comes from toxicity in the environment that ends up in your food and water. In order to be successful, you need to avoid this chemical by eliminating excess estrogens from your diet.

Fertility Blessings!

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Low tsh but normal t3 and t4
by: Anonymous

I had a total thyroidectomy 2years ago but despite using levothyroxine, my TSH is 0.05, even though my t3 and t4 is within range. Will this affect conception and getting pregnant.


You should be able to conceive. The best way is to follow your doctor's advice and chart your cycle. Thyroid issues affect ovulation. If you are ovulating, you will have not problem getting pregnant.

Also, once you get pregnant, make sure you have excellent prenatal care and all will be well.

Many Blessings!

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