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How to increase fertility

by Ann and Jim
(Toronto, Canada)

We have been trying to get pregnant for almost two years now and we both got tested and everything looks normal. Our doctor thinks we will get pregnant eventually because we are both 27 and my cycle is pretty regular. What can we do to increase our chances of getting pregnant?

Thanks for your your help.

Ann and Jim

Maria's Answer:
How To Increase Fertility?

The best way to start is to follow a fertility diet.

Makes sure to avoid process foods, food additives and foods that have been cooked in a microwave oven. They contain chemicals known to disrupt the normal functioning of the endocrine and reproductive system.

Avoid eating foods that contain too much gluten, as it can change the pH or spermatic fluids and make the female cervical mucus think and hostile to sperm.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetable every day in order to increase you daily mineral and vitamin intake. Fresh fruits and vegetable also contain enzymes that are very beneficial for hormonal production and balance.

Learn more about fertility vitamins. The most important vitamins are vitamin C, natural vitamin A and the B vitamins. Other nutrients for fertility include:
CoQ10, selenium, zinc and L-arginine.

Many couples also resort to fertility herbal medicine to help support the reproductive organs and find that that boosts their fertility significantly.
Herbal remedies for fertility have the main purpose to stimulate ovulation and prepare the lining of the endometrium in women, while supporting healthy sperm formation in men. When the balance of the hormones is out of synchrony, herbal remedies will help bring balance back into place enhancing both male and female fertility.

Also, you may want to start learning more about fertility charting. Sometimes, knowing when to "time intercourse" does the trick. Charting your cycle will also show you if there is anything unique about you that you should know. For example, you will be able to find out your ovulation day more accurately and also determine how fertile your cervical mucus is.

Doing fertility charting is a way to know if you are ovulating when you think you are and if the length of your luteal phase is long enough.
To stay pregnant and prevent miscarriage you need a luteal phase longer than 10 days.

I hope this answer your questions on how to increase fertility.

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Sep 08, 2009
How to increase fertility with natural health
by: Maria

Hi Ann and Jim,

This should help you get started and hopefully you will conceive soon.

Wishing you all the best,


Oct 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your answer! It is really encouraging to know that it is possible to enhance fertility naturally.


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