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How to increase sperms when the testicles are almost lost

by Deb

What are the natural remedies for my husband, who has lost his power to produce sperm due probable reasons like scrotum swelling due to mumps?

Is there anything that can be done naturally to help solve his case?


Mumps virus can cause inflammation of the salivary glands (specially the paratiroid glands) and other glands like the testicles called orchitis. Orchitis is experienced during mumps as painful swollen testicles. The consequence is a failure to produce healthy sperm.

Homeopathic remedies can be very helpful in helping both during infection with mumps and if the person has never been well since mumps.

There are a number of homeopathic remedies that can treat the side effects of mumps. Usually only one testicle is affected so fertility is rarely affected. I am not sure it this is your husband's case. But if it is so, he can still conceive.

Ask your doctor to perform more specific tests. For example, your doctor will recommend blood tests that show your husband's hormnal profile, like thyroid hormone, estrogen and testosterone levels. He will also prescibe sperm analysis testing. These tests are very important indeterming the extent of the damaged caused by mumps. Often only sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology are affected. Other parameters may also be off.

In most cases these can be reversed if only one
testicle was affected.

If both testicles are affected by mumps it is important to test for sperm presence. This is done through surgery. If the infection is still happening, it needs to be treated first. In most cases this can take a few weeks to a few months depending on the severity.

If sperm are still produced, it is in most cases possible to bring sperm count back to normal values and decrease swelling.

If no sperm is produced there is little alternative medicine can do.

If the testicle swelling is caused by mumps the main remedies are Pulsatilla 30CH and Rhus-tox 30CH, if the swelling is still occurring. Talk to a homeopath to help you with this.

Other remedies can be selected based on individual symptoms by your homeopath like Mercurius, Clematis, or Conium.

Also, one dose of Parotidinum 200CH can be taken to antidote the side effects of mumps.

My advice is to talk to a fertility expert and ask a more throughout examination of your husband's fertility and sperm quality.

In the meantime work with a qualified homeopath near you that will help naturally with homeopathic remedies.

In addition, it is beneficial to take fertility minerals, vitamins and herbs to stimulate healthy sperm production.

Learn about FertilAid for Men to support sperm production.

I hope this gets you started.

Many Blessings!

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