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How to Unblocked My Fallopian Tubes?

Hi. I'm 42 years old, a year and a half ago I had a molar pregnancy, and had a DNC done. After the DNC we have been trying to get pregnant, and unfortunately have no luck.

I only have one child (18 year old girl) which was a perfectly normal pregnancy.

I have regular periods, and I have had 2 miscarriages about 15 years ago. We went to the doctor and after many tests, the doctor told us that both of my fallopian tubes were blocked, and that I had 3 fibroids.

I have tried Chinese herbs, and herbal tampons for the blockage and nothing has worked.

I am not interested in having a surgery done. I was wondering if there was a chance that I could get my tubes unblocked and become pregnant.

Thank you!


Your ability to unblock your fallopian tubes depends on the cause and location of the blockage. A natural approach that targets this issue in more than one way is more likely to produce results.

Blocked fallopian tubes are cause by toxins, endometriosis causing scar tissue and adhesions, low immunity, poor blood flow to the reproductive organs, pelvic inflammation and infections, fibrin accumulation.

I would recommend following the protocol of the FallopianWise Remedy Kit, which
has been designed to help women unblock their fallopian tubes naturally by using 5 major natural therapies:

1. Fertility cleanse to support the liver clear out toxins and support the endometrium to clear out stagnate blood that cause infection and endometrial growth.

2. Enzymatic therapy to support the body's natural inflammation response and break down fibrin in fibroid tissue.

3. Herbal therapy to support normal reproductive and fallopian tube health. These herbs work to aid the body's natural ability to clear out infections within the reproductive system.

It also contains herbs which encourage the body's natural inflammation response, discouraging scar tissue production. Blocked fallopian tubes are often associated with chlamydia infections.

4. Self-Fertility massage to support reproductive, fallopian tube, ovarian and uterine health. Self-Fertility Massage assists the body in breaking up adhesions located in the fallopian tubes and increase blood circulation assisting the body's natural ability to eliminate excess tissue.

5. Castor oil therapy to encourage circulation and support to the pelvic organs and tissues. Castor oil packs are applied on the abdomen before doing Self Fertility Massage to help soften the tissues and increase circulation. The Self Fertility Massage DVD includes in the kit provides all the instruction you need to do castor oil packs.

Learn more about this protocolhere.

Fertility Blessings!

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