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I am 43 years old and TTC After Failed IVF and IUI

by Herlin

I am 43 years old, my hb one year older, we ttc 9 years. My last lab, fsh 7.5, amh 0.95 and estradiol 99, hsg partial blocked fallopian tubes and partial adhesion of uterine cavity. I have taken improved health eggs for one month, and want to get fertility cleanse and fallopian wise. I failed from ivf twice and iui one time. Give me advice!


Hi Herlin,

The Improve Egg Health Kit is excellent in supporting your body in making healthy eggs. When the AMH test is really low, this kit should be continued until pregnancy is achieved as your body needs constant support in this area.

Do the fertility cleanse first for at least 1-2 month and then continue with the FallopianWise Kit for a minimum of 3-4 months or until the fallopian tubes are cleared.

During this time, I would also recommend supplementing with DIM to help decrease high estrogen levels.

DIM is a supplement made from cruciferous vegetables and has the property of breaking down excess estrogen and remove it from the body.

Estrogen dominance is often responsible for having poor egg reserves in women over 40. Your age here can also be a factor, so make sure to follow these protocols as diligently as you can by eating healthy and avoiding stress. What you eat can literally change your body response to poor ovarian quality reversing this condition.

The FallopianWise kit includes the self-fertility massage DVD. This is an excellent way to increase blood circulation to the ovaries and deliver oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood to the ovarian tissue.

If you have uterine adhesions, make sure to perform castor oil packs before the self-fertility massage as described in the DVD.
Castor oil packs and massage help break down scar tissue and unblock fallopian tubes naturally.

Fertility Blessings!

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