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I Conceived With Homeopathy!

by Sana

Hi all! After taking homeopathy medicines for 4 months I conceived, I am 35 years old, but my gynecologist doctor gave me Cyclogest suppository and baby aspirin to support the pregnancy, should I take these medicines?

I am worried if I don't take these are there chances that I may miscarry I am 8 weeks pregnant, seen the heart beat last week, everything is normal.

Thanks for the reply in advance.

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Making The Right Decision
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

My recommendation is to follow your doctor's advice. It is very important to do so.

Cyclogest is Progesterone suppositories, which is especially important to support the pregnancy when there is a history of miscarriage.

Baby aspirin is recommended in cases of abnormal hCG levels (non increasing accordingly to the chart) either in the current pregnancy or in the past with a history of miscarriage. This is done for precautionary reasons and it is uswually only recommended for the first trimester.

If he prescribed these medicines it is for a specific reason so ask him for more detains in regards to your case.

I understand your concerns and if you have them you should talk to your doctor that will explain everything in more details.

Ultimately no one can make that decision for you, you should follow what you think is best and you should also follow your motherly instinct, but not after having talk to your doctor.

All The best ...and Congratulations!

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