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I Ovulated, Maybe I Be Pregnant?

by Rebecca
(Upper Coomera, Queensland, Australia)

Hi I am just wondering if I had my first day of last period on the 7th of January and is on a 28 day cycle and I worked out I ovulate on the 21st of Jan and had sex on the 18th and 19th of Jan and not been on pill for over 12 yrs what percentage is a chance I could be pregnant?

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Ovulation and Conception
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Provided that you did ovulate when you think you did and your male partner had a good supply of sperm and your cervical mucus was fertile, your changes of getting pregnant this month are high.

If you want me to give you a percentage, I can tell you that studies have shown that if a woman is under 35 years of age and she does everything right, she has 30% change of getting pregnant each month. After 3r years of age, the % will decrease to 20%. This are just number every woman and every case is different. Your biological age is often more important than your chronological age. I believe that your level of toxicity and your hormonal balance have more to do with your ability to conceive.

That fact that you have not been on the pill for over 12 years is great because your body will be free of synthetic hormones.

In order to accurately predict ovulation, it is a good idea to use a fertility monitor like Ovacue, which helps you detect ovulation days in advance.

For more information on tracking ovulation read my article on Understanding Ovulation Charts.

All the best!

Maria Gioia Atzori,
BSc Hons, MS, DSHomMed Hons, DWH Hom
Fertility Coach and Homeopathic Practitioner

PS: If you are pregnant let us know.

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