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I Want To Conceive Faster

I am 30years old I have a 5yrs boy. Right from his birth I have start to take Femilon tablets for 3 yrs as birth control. After stopping that pill for 2 yrs, I am trying to conceive but yet doesn't get result.

I have taken Ovigen d tablet for 3 months but no result what’s the problem?


The fact that you have not been able to conceive yet doesn’t no necessary means that there is a problem. The most qualified person to answer that question is your doctor. Your doctor will be able to guide you in the best direction.

There are many things you can do to increase your chances of conception like following the fertility diet, supplements with fertility vitamins and track your ovulation cycles.

The single most important aspect of your fertility that you may want to consider is Toxicity.

Studies have shown how toxicity can lower fertility and even make a couple infertile. Not many people are aware of this very important fact.

It is often common to have high levels of toxicity in the body that may prevent regular ovulation cycles and may affect overall hormonal balance and prevent pregnancy.

Toxicity comes into your body from many sources:

Environmental pollution
Prescription medications
Over-the-counter medications
Birth control pill
High use of antibiotics

Many women find that following a fertility cleanse for a minimum of 2 months before trying to conceive helps them balance their hormones and increase conception rate.

Make sure to avoid trying to conceive while doing fertility cleanses as the toxins released by your body can affect the developing embryo and consult with your doctor if you are taking any medications.

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Fertility Blessings!

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