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I Want To Get Pregnant Fast

by Shanon Charles

I am 35 years and my is 38. After 2 months of being married I did not conceive so I went to the clinic and they ran some hormonal text on me which says I have very high prolactin and was placed on brimocriptine after which I was placed on clomid.

The second circle of taking clomid I became pregnant but unfortunately I had still birth on the 37th week and 3 days.

Now I want to be fast, then I was 34years old and now am 35. I am still lactating and I started brimocriptine 6 days ago to stop the breast milk which comes out but only when I press breast. I am hoping to take clomid in this cycle which is in the next 13 to 14day time. Am I doing the right thing?

Please help me because worried I really want to get pregnant as fast as I can by the grace of GOD. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO.


Hi Shanon,

Since you got pregnant before, your chances of getting pregnant again are good. My advice is to make sure to have lots of fertile cervical mucus as Clomid may dry up cervical mucus in some cases.

Make sure to follow the fertility diet and to relax. Stress can decrease fertility in couples who want to conceive fast, so my advice is to follow your doctor's advice and listen to a mind-body fertility program to help you in this journey.

I would recommend to listen to Circle And Bloom meditation daily while trying to conceive.

This program is designed for any type of fertility situation and can complement any type of treatment that you may be undergoing.

You will gain a deep sense of calm and increased hormonal balance.

Fertility Blessings!

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I Have an Uterine Fibroid. How to Go About It?
by: Anonymous

Please, I want to know if one can get pregnant while having an uterine fibroid. I have gone for testing and every other reproductive organ is fine, except this.
Please, how can I cure uterine fibroid.


It is possible to get pregnant with uterine fibroid. The size and location of the fibroid is important because it will affect or prevent a pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about your specific case.

If during pregnancy, the fibroid is in close contact with the placenta, you will be at higher risk of bleeding.

In most cases, fibroids don' t change in size during the pregnancy, even if there is an increased risk that the fibroid will grow in size during the first trimester.

Unfurfortunally, uterine fibroids are associated with an increased rate of the following (Rev Obstet Gynecol. 2010 Winter; 3(1): 20–27):

1. Placenta abruption
2. Pregnancy loss
3. Early labor
4. Baby malpresentation
5. Postpartum emorrhage

When the fibroid is really large the doctor will recommend excision or cauterization. But it is possible to treat fibroids naturally and decrease their size when are no longer an issue during a pregnancy.

The main cause of fibroid formation is low progesterone and high estrogen. Xenoestrogens are the main cause of fibroid growth as synthetic estrogens are known to stimulate that growth of a fibroid. Supplementing with natural progesterone cream to increase progesterone levels and taking DIM, a natural product containing a substance extracted from cruciferous vegetables, to decreases excess estrogen will help.

Doing self-fertility massage with castor oil will support the uterus and help shrink fibroids naturally.

I would recommend the Uterine Wise Kit for 3-6 months.

Many blessing

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