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I'm 33 and struggling to fall pregnant

by Nomah
(South Africa, Johannesbury)

My husband is 50 years old and I am 33 years old. Two years back I fell pregnant so easy and I aborted as I was not ready yet. Now we are married and trying again for a year now but we are struggling. Is it because he has reached 50 years and the sperm is poor or is it me? I really don't know what the problem is but I want a baby so bad. I have 1 child from previous relationship and he also has 1 child from a previous relationship. I don't know what the problem is?


Hi Nomah,

There is so much you can do to increase your chances of conception naturally.

The first step is to chart your cycle to know if you are ovulating regularly.

Your husband can do a home sperm check to see if his sperm count is over 20 million.

You can also supplement with fertility vitamins for men and for women in order to support your ability to conceive.

To know if there is a problem you need to have fertility testing done at your doctor’s office. This medical evaluation will be able to tell you if you or your husband have lowered fertility. You may be fine and just need to try a little longer.

Fertility Blessings!

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