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In Vitro Fertilization Success

In vitro fertilization treatments can be stressful to most couples, but they don't have to!

What if you could go through your IVF Cycle with ease with confidence knowing that the first time you try it will work? Well, you can!

With the help of specific natural health therapies you can significantly increase your in vitro treatments success.

There are two main aspects of in vitro treatments success that can be helped naturally:

1. Stimulating your ovaries to release lots of healthy eggs

2. Preparing your endometrium for successful implantation

3. Releasing healthy forward swimming sperm

Prepare For In Vitro Fertilization Treatments (IVF)
With Natural Health To Ensure Success!

The job of your fertility clinic is to assist conception, your job is to make good eggs that can produce healthy embryos who will develop into healthy babies!

Making Healthy Eggs!

Healthy follicles are grown in your ovaries through a very long process. The ovulatory follicle originates from a group of premature follicles 85 days earlier. During growth the number of follicles decreases due to a process that naturally selects the best one by size.

Their growth rate is regulated by hormonal factors. At the end of the luteal phase (after ovulation), 15-20 days before ovulation, the next ovulatory follicle is recruited among a follicle population of 2-5 mm in diameter.

At the beginning of the next menstrual cycle it can be detected only by its size. This follicle is the dominant follicle that will begin to mature.

This entire process has to happen in your body before your fertility doctor can extract the eggs he or she needs to begin the in vitro procedure.

"If you do not make healthy follicles that have the correct size, your will not make good egg and you will not have a successful cycle."

Prepare For In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) With Natural Health To Ensure Success!

Reduce the cost of your in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment by making sure it will work as fast as possible. Natural health can help you!

Conceiving a baby naturally is a stressful enough time for most couples, but going through an infertility diagnose and having to resort to in vitro fertility treatment is even more stressful.

Before you begin your vitro cycle, you should know that it can be an emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting experience, BUT with the right natural health support you will have a memorable experience that you will treasure for years to come. 

A natural Health Approach To In Vitro Treatments Preparation will:

1. Save you money

2. Avoid more IVF cycles

3. Prevent miscarriage

4. Have a healthy pregnancy

5. Give birth to a healthy baby

6. Avoid postpartum issues

7. Be a better parent

"...couples that chose to follow a natural health protocol before starting the in vitro fertilization process are more likely to have a successful IVF cycle the first time they try."

Case Study IVF Natural Preparation

This is an actual case study. Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

A client named Jenny came to consult with me regarding preparing for in vitro fertilization. Due to her age (36) and high FSH levels the doctors recommended doing in vitro fertilization.

"She wanted to improve her egg quality with homeopathy and natural health."

After taking her case, I recommend a number of homeopathic remedies over the course of a two month period.

She also practiced yoga and self-fertility massage. She also took anti-oxidants and specific vitamins to help her make healthy eggs.

"When the time came to begin her in vitro cycle she was very concerned, but to everybody's amazement, she had lots of good follicle developing and a good number of eggs were collected."

2 healthy embryos grew into healthy babies. She was so happy because her fist IVF cycle was successful!

There are many cases similar to this one and I think that if Jenny had waited a couple more cycles, she could has conceived naturally.

Natural Therapies Before IVF Was So Beneficial To Her Success!

Natural therapies also minimize the side effects of the fertility drugs and help your body recover afterwards. Do not forget that in vitro fertilization treatments can be invasive.

There are a number of tests before, during and after that you have to go through and your body's biochemistry is manipulated with various drugs in order to achieve a pregnancy.

After the in vitro fertilization cycle, the risk of miscarrying is higher than natural pregnancies.  

Getting Started

The best time to begin preparing for in vitro fertilization treatment is 12 week before your IVF cycle is scheduled to happen. This gives you enough time to produce healthy eggs.

The program for IVF preparation that I like to recommend is OvaWise Kit, which contains all the nutrients your body needs to make healthy eggs in preparation for IVF cycles. 

Prenatal Multivitamin

To increase egg health and to prepare the lining of the uterus for implantation after embryo transfer your body needs all the minerals and vitamin necessary for your baby to grow healthy. 100% whole food multivitamin provide all your pregnancy needs!


CoQ10 is an anti-oxidant and helps to protect your eggs from free radicals damage. Your egg need to be as healthy as possible because they will be handled outside of their natural environment. DNA damage is always a risk, but this can be prevented by supplementing with anti-oxidants like CoQ10.


L-arginine is an amino acid that has been shown to help the ovaries make good eggs and help the endometrium to prepare for implantation after embryo transfer. Most importantly, L-arginine has been shown to increase pregnancy rates in IVF patients.


Maca is the most important fertility super food needed for health eggs and follicles. It helps to balance the hormones, without containing plant hormones. It is able to do this by nourishing and balancing the endocrine system.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is a fertility food which increases the quality & quantity of your eggs. Royal jelly is the food that of the queen bee. A queen bee's job is to make eggs all her life. Each day the queen bee lays 2000 eggs. Royal jelly should be taken for at least two months before beginning the IVF cycle. Do not take Royal Jelly if you are allergic or think you are allergic to bee products or pollen.

Note: This program should be completed before you begin your medications. Ideally, give yourself at least 90 days to prepare with these supplements and the fertility diet before beginning your IVF medications or treatments for best effect.

Additional Therapies


Eat only organic fruits and vegetables. These are rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Also they offer a wide range of anti-oxidants which will protect the eggs and sperm from damage. You can supplement with the following minerals and vitamins which have great anti-oxidant properties and also aid in fertility.


Doing a fertility cleanse is important for every couple who want to prepare for a baby, but especially for those going through in vitro fertilization treatments. By releasing the toxic overload your body has acquired during your life, you will be exposing your baby to less toxicity. Fertility drugs do have side effects and they unfortunately do pose risks of toxicity.

A fertility cleanse will eliminate toxins from your body before and in between IVF cycles. If you had failed IVF cycle you need a detox even more in order to help your body rid itself from the fertility medications. If you get pregnant avoid cleansing until after you stop nursing.


Acupuncture has been used for a very long time to treat women's health conditions. Today, it is gaining popularity very rapidly as an effective natural health therapy to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine for the treatment of infertility.

I do recommend having acupuncture during IVF to ensure healthy blood flow to the uterus, successful implantation and prevents miscarriage. Acupuncture helps reduce the side-effects of fertility medications.

Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga helps you relax and increases calmness to assist you when dealing with the stress of invasive in vitro fertilization treatments. If you are new to yoga either take a beginner's class or follow a fertility yoga DVD that teaches simple relaxing poses with meditation and visualization. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Certain yoga poses create hormonal balance and are especially designed to increase fertility. Also, make sure the pose you are executing is not contraindicated during pregnancy and menstruation. Do not do poses that can compromise implantation like inverted poses.

Talk to a qualified yoga therapist or to your fertility health care specialist. Learn the yoga breathing and practice it every day!

Self Fertility Massage

Massage helps to alleviate the tension caused by stress through touch and pressure by sending positive impulses to the spinal cord.

Self-fertility massage contributes to increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs stimulating the body's natural ability to ovulate.

IVF Mind-Body Program

Every woman going through in vitro fertilization cycles needs mental & emotional support. That's way, I strongly recommend following a IVF mind-body program that has been specifically designed to support you through this journey.

The reason why I love and recommend this program so much is because it was created with you in mind to support and care for you each day of your IVF cycle. It includes 18 unique sessions that correspond to the procedures associated with IVF cycle.

Each session will leave you feeling empowered, confident and loved. You will feel amazing! Each session focuses on the fertility cycle day, hormones administration, timing of each fertility step, and medical fertility procedures like trigger shot, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, insemination, etc.

Every woman that goes through in vitro fertilization knows how hard it is to go through THE TWO WEEK WAIT. This is the most stressful time for a woman who undergoes IVF and also the most delicate time for the embryo development.

High stress levels during this time can lead to miscarriage. That's why I love this program so much! It takes you through this time with love and care. It is like giving a supporting friend next to you each day of your two week wait.

"...this program is based on extensive research that shows the power of visualization, along with the brain-body connection, can play a key role in health, including fertility. By allowing your mind to communicate directly with your body through guided visualization, you instruct your reproductive system to function in a certain way."

By using this program your chances of having a successful cycle will greatly increase saving you time, money and unnecessary stress.

One thing you can control and do for yourself during a medicated IVF cycle is to follow this amazing mind-body IVF success program.

Fertility Blessings!

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