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Initial Symptoms Of Pregnancy Before Missed Periods

In this article I will go over the initial symptoms of pregnancy that you may experience before you notice your periods are missing. This is the time of your menstrual cycle that goes from day 14 ( ovulation ) until day 24.

During this time many initial symptoms of pregnancy occur because your body goes through important changes that involve fertilization and implantation.

The earliest symptoms of pregnancy may be hard to detect, but if you have been trying to conceive for a while and are charting you fertility signs, you will know what the initial symptoms of pregnancy are. Lets see...

Basal Body Temperature Rise

When you chart your basal body temperature ( BBT), you will notice a typical biphasic temperature chart that is used to detect ovulation. Your BBT is low during the follicular phase of your cycle and higher during the luteal phase of your cycle. If you ovulate around day 14 you will see that starting from day 15 your BBT increase and stay high until the day before your period comes.

If you are pregnant, you will be able to notice what is called a triphasic BBT chart. In this case, your BBT will begin to rise around day  21, when embryo implantation occurs.

When I was TTC my daughter, I noticed this triphasic BBT chart, I was so happy!  If you want to test at this time, make sure to use an early pregnancy test. I never recommend testing early like this because most of the time you will get disappointed.

Not all pregnant women have a triphasic BBT chart, only about 12% of pregnant women who are charting their BBT do experience a triphasic BBT.

Cervical Mucus Change

If you are accustom to chart your cervical mucus as part of you TTC plan, you know that your cervical mucus is dry after your periods, then it becomes creamy and moist around day 7.

As estrogen levels increase, your cervical mucus becomes very clear, slippery and stretchy just before ovulation around day 14.This is the fertile mucus you need in order to conceive. If you do no notice this type of mucus, I would recommend using FertileCM to help improve you fertile mucus.

After ovulation, your cervical mucus return creamy and then dry, just before your period comes.

If you get pregnant you will notice that from day 21 until your period is due, your cervical mucus becomes again very slippery and stretchy.

This is a sign that you are pregnant. Among all the initial symptoms of pregnancy this is the least noticed by women, but yet very reliable.

Implantation Spotting

One the initial symptoms of pregnancy most hoped for is implantation spotting. This happens one week to ten days after fertilization takes place and indicates that the embryo is implanting itself in the lining of the uterus.

If you have implantation spotting, you will notice brown, pink or bloody spotting around this time and lasting for about 24 hours. The amount of blood lost is very scanty. Some women mistake implantation spotting with their period.

Implantation Dip

You can detect implantation dip if you are charting your cycle by taking your morning BBT. Of all the initial pregnancy symptoms, this is hard to find, but possible in some cases. The implantation dip occurs about one week after fertilization and it is noticed as a drop of your BBT.

This happens for only one day. The next day the BBT is back high with post ovulatory values. This happens after ovulation during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, usually around day 21 to day 24 of your cycle. This sudden dip in BBT corresponds to implantation.

Implantation Cramping

Among all the initial symptoms of pregnancy, implantation cramping is the least reliable because it can be simply a sign of your period coming. Many women experience cramping without been pregnant and before their period. This is due to a natural increase of prostaglandins, which are released just before the mental period is due to arrive.

In fact most pregnant women feel these cramping and think that their periods will be coming soon, but indeed they are pregnant. I guess that this pregnancy sign work a bit backwards, if you have it, but don' t have a period, you might be pregnant!

I find this to be a more reliable early pregnancy symptoms in women who have very easy periods and never suffer from pre menstrual problems. If you do get PMS, this symptom may not be so reliable in your case.


Nausea during pregnancy is not per se a early pregnancy symptom unless it is present only around the time the period is due and then goes away only to return weeks later when you already know you are pregnant.

This type of nausea is often mistaken for a flu or a short lived illness, which turns out to be a pregnancy sign. What causes you to feel nauseous during early pregnancy is the increase of pregnancy hormone, hcg, or human chorionic gonadotropin. 

Change of Taste and Smell

Some women do not have nausea, but feel that the taste of food changes and smelly pungent foods or odours aggravate them. Everything seems more smelly and you feel uneasily about it. You may also notice a metallic taste in your mouth due to hormonal changes in early pregnancy or you may crave certain foods and be adverse to others.

Breast Tenderness

If you get tender breasts regularly before your periods, you may not know that this is a early pregnancy symptom, but if you never have breast tenderness pre-menstrually and now you do, your chances of been pregnant are a lot higher.

Positive Pregnancy Test

You can have a big fat positive (BFP) pregnancy test before your period is due, if you use a early pregnancy test that is very sensitive to the increasing hcg levels in your urine. These early pregnancy tests can be used as early as on day 23 or 24 of your cycle.

If you home pregnancy test (HPT) is negative, wait  at least two days before testing again. Remember, your hcg levels double every 72 hours during early pregnancy. I never advise to test before the menstrual period is due because it is possible that, even if you do get pregnant, the pregnancy is unable to establish itself. This happens more often than you think and you will get really disappointed and depressed.

It is best to wait testing until the day after your missed period. By this time the likelihood that the pregnancy will not end up in early miscarriage is much higher.

Many Blessings


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