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Irregular Cycle And TTC

by Geselle

Hi, my period comes every second month I hate it why?? I have 3 kids they told me that after the baby was born it might go back to normal, but it hasn’t. Anything would help to get monthly cycles. My doctor told me to go on the pill to regulate it, but I don’t want to because I want to have another baby.

I have no PCOS and I have had my tubes checked and currently all is good.

I have an Ovacue to help me with ovulation. My first 2 kids were easy to have months, the 3rd was 1 year with Clomid, but I was very stressed out because I was thinking if I was going to get pregnant or not. I have done all. I am 32, my husband is 32 and my kids are 9, 5, 8 months.



Hi Giselle,

Since you have a Ovacue you should know if you are ovulating.

Make sure to use the vaginal sensor to confirm ovulation. The vaginal sensor measure the shift from estrogen to progesterone dominance. This is what you really need to know. If this shift is delayed you will ovulate late.

Irregular and long cycles 8 months after giving birth can be normal. Consider that your body has done a huge amount of work to make a new baby.

I would recommend taking fertility vitamins like FertilAid for women to support your ovulation cycles and help regulate your cycles. A lack of important fertility vitamins can cause poor hormonal balance.

FertilAid contains all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs your body needs to prepare for conception.

“Vitex (vitex agnus-castus), a central ingredient in FertilAid for Women, is a medicinal herb that has been shown in clinical studies to support fertility and treat common fertility disorders, particularly those associated with cycle irregularity and hormonal imbalance.”
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I hope this helps you,

Fertility Blessings!

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Subject: irregular cycles, high prolactin levels? Chemical pregnancies
by: Lourdes

I did two home pregnancies both had two very light blue lines and a week later went to my doctor and said I am not pregnant through a urine test. What can I do to avoid this. Apparently I had the same ting happen to me last year. I am a reflexologist and reiki practitiner.

I have done reiki, weekly acupunctures, fertility cleanse, sauna detox, now on standard process supplements, mayan abdominal massages, yoga, removed caffeine, sodas, bread, dairy, and eating only warm foods, acording to TCM.

Eliminated most chemicals in the home, I don't use nail polish, or heavy makeup, deodorants,toothpaste all natural from healthfood stores, eating more greens and the list goes on. I had a hair analysis and saliva test and waiting for results. Anything you can add?



Hi Lourdes,

You are doing a lot of good things to help you conceive. Keep going in this direction.

I am thinking that your progesterone levels may be low. Your saliva testing will most likely tell you.

If your progesterone levels are low, it could be wise to supplement with natural progesterone cream to prevent miscarriages and to lengthen your luteal phase. Often when a woman has low progesterone, the menstrual cycle becomes shorter and the menstrual flow becomes scanty. The fact that your are having a menstrual bleeding does not tell you if you are ovulating, it simply tells you that your estrogen levels are most likely adequate. A shorter cycle points to progesterone imbalance.

Premenopausal woman can use natural progesterone cream approximately two weeks per month, between day 15 and day 26. If you are TTC make sure to begin applying natural progesterone cream after ovulation.

You need to be able to detect ovulation to know if you are indeed ovulating and when. The fact that you have a menstrual period does not necessary tell you that you are ovulating because estrogen drops and triggers the shedding of the uterus. This are called anovulatory cycles and are very common in women your age.

I would recommend using Ovacue to monitor your cycle and be able to achieve conception faster.

Fertility Blessings!

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