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Irregular Menstrual Cycle

by Regina

Good day, I'm a lady of 27yrs, married. I am hoping to get pregnant, but my irregular menstrual cycle is troubling me. I can't even figure my ovulation days. And another thing that annoys me is my low cervical mucus, it all started 12months ago. I want to see my doctor who told me to go for lower abdominal scan which I did, and later place me on daily pill for 3moths, but I am not regular yet. Please, I really need advice and help.



Answer: Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Hi Ragina,

I do understand your situation even if I do not have enough information. What was the result of the ultrasound or lower abdominal scan and why did the doctor put you on birth control? Did he made any diagnosis regarding your situation? Low cervical mucus and irregular periods are in most cases related to estrogen dominance. This is condition caused by the presence endocrine disruptors, which are toxins present in your foods, water and environment.

Make sure to avoid chemicals in your life, as they cause hormonal imbalance. Here are some tips to help you reduce chemicals in your life in order to increase fertility:

Don't eat processed foods
Don't apply herbicides or pesticides in your lawn or in your home
Don't drink water in plastic bottles
Don't use a microwave oven to warm or cook your food
Don't dry clean your clothes
Do not use chemicals to clean your house, make sure to choose "green" products
Absolutely don't use air fresheners, chemical perfumes and fabric softeners

In more and more young women now we see conditions related to endocrine disruptors that cause menstrual cycle irregularities like:

1. Delayed ovulation
2. Short luteal phase
3. Painful menses irregular menses
4. Irritability and moodiness
5. Pre menstrual syndrome
6. Poor cervical mucus discharge
7. Increased urinary tract infections
8. Recurrent yeast infections
9. Weak immunity and allergies
10. Inability to conceive and recurrent miscarriages

Conditions Connected to Irregular Menstrual Cycles
When these hormonal disruptors are present in your water, food and in your environment, they cause your estrogen levels to rise. As a result of this progesterone levels decrease.
In fact, estrogen dominance is a condition always associated with progesterone deficiency. In some cases other females hormones may also get out of balance. These are FSH and prolactin that increase, while LH decreases.

Estrogen dominance is a condition that affects women of any age these days including newly menstruating girls. They suffer through difficult periods, which are routinely treated by doctors by birth control pill, like in your case. The problem is not solved, it is just a temporary solution, that may cause side effects and more hormonal dysfunction that over the year causes infertility among other conditions.

Other women develop estrogen dominance conditions later in life (30s and 40s), especially has their body levels of toxicity increase and the liver is no longer able to excrete the excess estrogen.
These is a list of other conditions related to women's health and caused by estrogen dominance:

Ovarian cysts
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Fibrocystic breast disease
Weight gain
Inability to lose weight
Insulin resistance
Breast tumours
Blocked fallopian tubes

Diet And Irregular Menstrual Cycles
Estrogen dominance syndrome can be counteracted by a diet that is high in fiber because fibers are capable of binding with body toxins that overload the function of the liver.

When the liver in under-functioning, fibers assist the body in eliminating excess estrogens that can be eliminated through the bowels.
Women who suffer from constipation are more at risk of developing estrogen dominance.
have shown that circuiting estrogen decreases in women who eat a diet that is high in fibers.

Xenoestrogens And Irregular Menstrual Cycle
Xenoestrogens are hormonal disruptors responsible for estrogen dominance conditions, that are now reaching epidemic levels. They are everywhere in our modern life style. Nobody can avoid them, we can only try to reduce and limit exposure, but ultimately everyone will need to detox.

Xenoestrogens are in young women like yourself most likely the main cause of irregular menstrual cycles. They are PCBs, DDT, phthalates, and pesticides. The sad news is that even if most of these compounds have been banned in North America and In Europe, they are still widely used in third-world countries and thus continue to pollute our planet.

The next sad news is that men are now also affected by these xenoestrogens and suffer more than before from reproductive disorders like:

Erectile dysfunction
Poor sperm count
Low sperm motility
Mood swings
Male menopause
Weight gain and insulin resistance

Alternative Medicine For Irregular Cycle
1. Fertility Detox
The first step in addressing irregular menstrual cycles includes supporting the liver through a fertility cleanse. The main function of the liver is to detoxify the body from harmful toxins including excess estrogen. The liver is the largest organ in the human body and from time to time becomes engorged or sluggish. Herbal remedy can stimulate the liver to eliminate excess toxins and resume normal functioning.

If you suffer from some of the problems I mention earlier, it is very possible that toxins may be causing estrogen dominance and ultimately irregular menstrual cycle. You may want to talk to a naturopath or homeopath regarding doing a fertility cleanse.
The next step after doing a fertility detox is to stimulate the body to produce a healthy egg every month and regulate your periods.

2. Fertility Supplements
It is important to address irregular cycles from many angles. Most women lack very important minerals (zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium) and vitamins (vitamin B6, B12, folic acid, vitamin C, A and E) that affect their menstrual cycle. If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, you will benefit from taking fertility vitamins. Some products also include specific fertility herbs like Vitex and Red Clover. Vitex agnus castus is the herb mostly recommended by alternative practitioners to regulate the cycles and stimulate ovulatory cycles.

Studies have shown that Vitex increases progesterone production and decreases estrogen dominance by stimulating the pituitary gland in producing luteinizing hormone (LH). LH surge is responsible for ovulation and for stimulating the production of progesterone. Women who take Vitex are capable of regulating their menstrual cycle after 3-6 months because their levels of progesterone production increase counteracting high estrogen levels.

Red Clover is used in western herbal tradition to balance estrogen levels and to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Low cervical mucus sis also an indication of low progesterone. By taking Vitex and Red Clover this problem can also be resolved. There are some supplements that can help speed up cervical mucus production to increase conception. These supplements that like evening primrose oil can make a huge difference in the quality and quantity if the fertile mucus a woman can produce.

A natural approach to irregular periods is always the best way to go, especially if you want to have a baby. But they shouldn't be used in conjunction with birth control pill. Talk to your doctor about a more natural approach to your problem.

To improve your situation, I would recommend taking evening primrose oil and FertilCM with fertility vitamins.

Visit this site to find these and other very useful fertility products.

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for Irregular Menstrual Cycle

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Ovulation Days
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

I almost forgot about your comment on detecting your ovulation days.

To learn when you ovulate and to greatly increase your chances of conceiving a baby, you need to chart your menstrual cycle.

Charting your cycle will tell you so much about your hormones and your ovulation.

For example you will learn if your luteal phase is long enough. If your luteal phase is less than 10 days you may be very well be experiencing low progesterone due to estrogen dominance.

On this case your chart will show a long follicular phase with possible delayed ovulation and irregular menses. You will also have very little cervical mucus during your time of ovulation or the mucus discharge will not match the ovulation time.

To learn more about fertility charting, don't forget to download my Free Guide.

Many Blessings!

PS: I was born in Milan. I love Italy!

Test Results
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for your respond, and your free E-BOOK. I forgot to email you my lower abdominal result. It goes like this=FSH 11,2. LH 28,8. PROLATTINA 17,0. ESTRADIOLO 152. TESTOSTERONE 89. But concerning what you email me it means I have being doing it all wrongly, for example I have being eating process foods, I use pesticides in my home, I use microwave on daily bases to warm my food and coffee. I use chemical to clean my house, I use air fresher even chemical perfumes. And I also use saliva to lubricate my vaginal whenever having sex and I douche a lot. I will be very grateful when this email gets a reply.


Hormonal Imbalance
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Regina,

Thanks for providing more information.
Testosterone and LH are higher than normal levels. Talk to your doctor about adrenal and thyroid testing. Also, if there is address in your life you absolutely need to decrease any source of stress, which could be the culprit if everything else is fine. In many cases high testosterone levels is associated with polycystic ovaries, irregular periods and hirsutism.

The lab test results regarding hormonal levels are difficult to interpret because there are different measuring standards and scale adopted by each laboratory. The next thing is that the hormones do not work within the body in a single way, they interact with each other and are meant to balance each other.

For example your LH is over twice as much as your FSH, this indicates an imbalance. This imbalance can be corrected with the right therapy and the test should be repeated in 2-3 months as they change according to many factors like diet, life sty and stress levels.

My advice is to clean up your diet and get rid of all the chemical in your house and in your personal products. Do not douche and do not use saliva to lubricate as this can kill sperm and prevent conception. Douching causes the vaginal environment to change and the pH to become hostile to sperm.

Purchase powder acidophilus capsules at your local health food store or pharmacy and insert them in your vagina overnight, each day except when you have your periods. This will repopulate a healthy vaginal flora and prevent yeast infections. Also take acidophilus capsules orally 1/2 hour before your meals with a big glass of water. This protocol should be followed 3 times a day for two months.

Also, use Pre-see vaginal lubricants, these are the only one I know to be absolutely safe for trying to conceive couples.

I would recommend drinking FertileTea, taking FertilAid Vitamins And FertileCM supplement during these two months. The teat and the vitamins provide a hormonal balancing bland of herbs that will support your conception.

In two months repeat your testing to see what has improved.
If you chose to take you basal body temperature (BBT) and chart your cycle, your should notice an improvement in your ovulation pattern.

Fertility Blessings!

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