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Irregular Period and Hormonal Imbalance

by mrs sandhu
(San Jose, CA)

Hi there, I just turned 37 a few days back and is trying to get pregnant. I have hypothyroid for more than 7 years and been taking medication. My period have always been irregular and my doctors are pushing me to get on fertility drugs.

As I am writing this email, I am having my period after being absent for about 4 months, yipee.
Your help and advise will be greatly appreciated...



There are a number of steps you can try naturally before resorting to fertility drugs. It is always best to follow a natural approach before resorting to drugs that pose increased risks for both mother and child and have side effects. It is best to avoid them if possible. Since the thyroid gland needs to achieve a very delicate balance, fertility drugs may cause more imbalance in some cases, so it is good that you are interested in a more gentle natural approach first.

Make sure to continue taking your thyroid medication and that you keep monitoring your thyroid hormones as they do affect your fertility. Most doctor will change the dosage in case of poor fertility.

In order to conceive naturally you need to be able to ovulate regularly.

These are the steps that I would recommend
considering doing to bring back your cycle.

1. Do a fertility cleanse to reduce excess estrogen levels often related to poor ovulation and poor egg quality.

2. Make Maca root extract to help support hormonal balance. This is a more of a fertility food that an herb and it is a vegetable that is widely eaten in Peru high mountains. It helps help increase progesterone production and support healthy ovulation. It lowers high FSH and balances the hormones. It works as a tonic in the endocrine system. It is used for poor egg quality, recurrent miscarriages, high stress levels causing infertility, PCOS and even endometriosis. Most fertility expert recommend Maca for those who are preparing for IVF.

3. Drink a fertility smoothie every day. A fertility smoothie is the best was to ad all the nutrients your body needs to increase your fertility naturally.

4. Do self fertility massage to help bring blood circulation to your reproductive organs and stimulate regular menstrual cycles. This type of therapy is so easy to do and everybody that does self fertility massage will notice a big difference in how they feel right away. I recommend Hethir Rodriguez, popular Fertility massage DVD.

You can find all these fertility products here.

I hope this helps you!

Fertility Blessings!

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