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Irregular Period and How to Chart your Cycle and Get Pregnant

You can get pregnant with an irregular period as long as you detect ovulation and your luteal phase is longer than 10 days. The best way to get pregnant with irregular periods is to chart your cycle to detect ovulation and target love making to your specific ovulation pattern.

To chart your menstrual cycle every month, you can take your morning basal body temperature (BBT) to help you see if you and when you are ovulating. Your BBT chart will tell you when you are most likely to ovulate each month.

If you have irregular period cycles, you may not ovulate always at the same time of the month or the length of your follicular phase a luteal phase my vary depending on the level of your hormonal balance.

Additionally to BBT charting, use a fertility monitor like Ovacue. Ovacue is great for women with irregular periods because it detects the estrogen levels in your saliva and tells you when you are about to ovulate. Ovacue is so accurate that tells you 7 days in advance when your ovulation day is coming.

Is Ovacue Accurate?

During the beginning of your cycle, right after your period is over, the pituitary gland produces the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). This hormone stimulates to growth of the follicles present on the surface of your ovary.

Around seven days before ovulation, only one follicle continues to grow while all the others degenerate. This follicle is called the dominant follicle and it has been selected by the ovary to release the egg.

At this stage the dominant follicle begins to secrete estrogen in high amounts. Ovacue detects this surge that occurs 7 days before the follicle ruptures and releases the egg.

Learn more about Ovacue Fertility Monitor.

How To Treat Irregular Peiods Naturally

To regulate your menstrual cycle, you can support your body with herbal remedies like Vitex that is known to help the body balance the menstrual cycle and help regular ovulatory cycles. 

Vitex has been used by traditional herbalist to treat many females conditions related to mentrusl irregularity. This herb is known for its ability to lengthen the luteal phase in women with luteal phase defect and support healthy production of progesterone.

FertileXX is an eccelent fertility formula that contains Vitex as main ingreadient. This remedy formula can support healthy ovulatory cycles.

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