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IVF Treatment Help

I have just had ivf treatment which failed as I started my periods on Friday, it was the 12th day after having 2 embryos implanted, I just want to know what went wrong as it's really stressing me,

I haven't seen the specialist yet, it's all sinking in.(I can't conceive naturally as I've had both fallopian tubes taken out due to ectopics)

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IVF Failure
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

It is very hard to know "what went wrong"

There are many aspects to having a successful IVF cycle:

The health of the eggs
The health of the uterus
The health of the embryo at implantation.
Your level of stress

There are many things you can do naturally if you decide to try another cycle.

In order to increase your IVF Success, these is what it is veryimportant to consider:

1. Make sure your eggs are as healthy as they can be by eating a healthy diet and by eating fertility foods like Maca, Royal Jelly, CoQ 10. Making healthy eggs is key to having a successful IVF cyle.

2. Make sure your body is free of toxins. This can be accomplished by following a fertility clease before trying the IVF cycles.

3. Making sure your uterus has increased blood circulation and oxygenation by practicing fertility yoga and doing acupuncture, especially after embryo tranfer.

4. Relax, relax, relax! If you cannot relax on your own, I would strongly recommend listeining to this CD recording, specifically designed for women who are going through IVF cycles.

All the best!

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