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LH Change While TTC

by Cat
(St Louis, MO. US)

My ovulation test showed two dark strips for three days been yesterday the last one. I had sex during this period. Today only one strip showed dark. Can I be pregnant or is my ovulation starting?


Hi Cat,

Luteinizing hormone (LH) increases before your most fertile days. The LH hormone is always present in your urine, but it increases in concentration 24-48 hours before the egg is released.

Detecting the LH surge is important when trying to conceive because it tells you when to have sex. You should have sex the days you see that the LH surge is at the highest peak.

In the ovulation strips this is shown as a darker line. In your ovulation test you have two lines: the control, which should be always the same shade of darkness and the test line, which increases in darkness reaching the peak value just before ovulation and then decreasing again to look like the control.

If you had sex when the test line was darker than the control line, you will have increased your chances of conception. Once your LH test shows a very faint line, you are no longer fertile. Changes in the LH do not indicate pregnancy. To test for pregnancy, you need to wait until the day after your period is due and test the hCG hormone with a home pregnancy test.

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