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Low AMH and IVF Success

by LB

I am 30 years old. My AMH Levels are low; will I become pregnant through IVF?

I god married 7 years ago, I had first rt ruptured ectopic followed with left laparoscopy ectopic, again I trice failed my IVF treatment.

After 2 yrs of break I have started IVF again, where my AMH Levels are low, will I become pregnant through IVF or should I go for DONOR EGGS??? OR should I go for the combination of DONOR AND MY OWN EGG??? PLZ SUGGEST ME...I am going mad.....


Answer :

Hi LB,

It is possible to improve the quality of your eggs naturally in order to ensure a successful IVF cycle. How well this will work really depends on your general state of health, your age and how low your AMH level really is. I think it’s worth trying a natural approach before resorting to egg donor.

Ovarian reserves naturally decline before menopause between age 35 and 46.
Because you are 30 years old, your chances of improving your egg quality naturally are definitely high.

Besides age, there are many other important factors that can contribute to low ovarian reserve like poor diet, smoking, hormonal imbalance, long term use of birth control pill, fertility drugs, toxicity, poor blood supply to the ovarian tissue, stress, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, etc.

Getting pregnant naturally with low AMH levels is easier than with IVF treatments because in order to get pregnant naturally you need to release only one egg per month, while for IVF you need to produce a high number of eggs. Going through IVF with low ovarian reserve may be risky as the hyper-stimulation of your ovaries (using fertility drugs) may further put your ovaries into a state if ovarian depletion and still not give you enough good eggs to have a successful IVF cycle.

It is wiser to take a period of at least 4-6 months to build the quality of your eggs naturally in order to be able to retrieve healthy eggs, which will be high in quality and quantity.

I would recommend using the Improve Egg Health Kit for 4-6 months before doing IVF to support your ovaries in making healthy eggs again. This kit contains important anti-oxidants that fight off free-radicles known to damage eggs. As part
of this protocol, you will also supply your body with key fertility vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fertility super-foods, and nutrients to help support the ovarian tissue to make good eggs.

While on this kit, you will notice that you will ovulate regularly every month. Your menstrual cycles will become more regular. You will also notice an increase in your fertile cervical mucus around ovulating indication that your body is getting ready to release the egg. All these are signs that your body is getting back into balance.

The reason why you need to follow this protocol for a minimum of 4 months is because this is the time that the body needs to make new healthy eggs from the maturation of new follicles.

Many studies support these findings.

L-arginine is a special amino acid that needs to be supplemented in the correct amounts in order to stimulate blood flow to the ovaries. A study showed very good results when L-arginine was given to help IVF success in women with poor ovarian reserves. This study also showed that L-arginine increases blood flow within the arteries that supply the ovaries. This increased blood circulation to the ovaries supplies hormones and nutrients to flow to the ovarian tissue, which may enhance IVF response.

For this reason the Improve Egg Health Kit should be taken in conjunctions with doing self-fertility massage.

Toxicity also plays a very important role in egg health. Toxins in your food and in your environment cause poor egg quality.

The main reason a woman's eggs decline in quality is because of oxidative damage which can damage the eggs. This can be the result of exposure to toxins from food, drink and the environment. It can also be due to stress and illness. The build-up of toxins can be addressed by doing a fertility cleanse.

Many doctors will tell you there is nothing that can be done about egg quality, but this is NOT TRUE. You can actually improve your egg quality before doing IVF treatments to ensure success.


Follow the fertility cleanse for 1-2 months.


Follow the Improve Egg Health Kit and the self-fertility massage for 4 months.


While doing your IVF treatments follow a mind-body relaxation program that supports you through your IVF journey.

Fertility Blessings!

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